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YAD (Yet Another Drone) and its idiot

Dublin airport closed for 30 minutes by another idiot with a drone

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john stones 122/02/2019 18:28:28
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Posted by SONNY MONKS on 22/02/2019 18:04:29:

supertigrefan,No not me pal,ive not been a public nuisance on any field,anywhere,you must have me mixed up with one of these drone flyers who may end up making it more difficult for us rc model plane flyers,and most of you will be moaning more if it does end up effecting us,Happy landings.

Pay attention Sonny, the last idiot was a FIXED WING flyer, be careful what you wish for.

SONNY MONKS22/02/2019 18:45:50
269 forum posts

mmmm there is a culture now of fake news isnt there,so dont believe everything you read,there,is that better,nothing will ever knock fixed wing off the top,no fixed wing,no fields,no hobby,Thats not fake news by the way,Thats fact guys,Happy flying this weekend,toodle pip hahahaha.

john stones 122/02/2019 18:51:38
11445 forum posts
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Yep, there's some odd stuff on tinternet, mind how you go.

SONNY MONKS22/02/2019 18:55:43
269 forum posts

yep sure will,they will have us all in bed for seven o clock,and drones will outsell fixed wing aircraft hahahahahaha,not in our lifetime!!

Former Member22/02/2019 19:02:21
724 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

SONNY MONKS22/02/2019 19:09:26
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hahahahahahahaha thats the whole idea supertigrefan,i try not to get carried away or get too serious on certain topics,make it a bit fun,well i do,scooby scooby dooooo,hahaha.

SONNY MONKS22/02/2019 19:11:24
269 forum posts

Take care shaggy hehehehe

Don Fry22/02/2019 19:31:25
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And so endeth the discussion.

Martin Dilly 122/02/2019 23:58:44
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Nurse, some more pills for Sonny please...

Glider Guider23/02/2019 04:56:37
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Posted by SONNY MONKS on 22/02/2019 18:45:50:

mmmm there is a culture now of fake news isnt there,so dont believe everything you read,there,is that better,nothing will ever knock fixed wing off the top,no fixed wing,no fields,no hobby,Thats not fake news by the way,Thats fact guys,Happy flying this weekend,toodle pip hahahaha.


GlidingGuy23/02/2019 07:41:15
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It's a real shame that there are people who ruin the hobby for the rest of us! There are those who mis-use drones but there are also people who use them correctly and safely. I agree with supertigrefan that both fixed wing and drone pilots have mis-used drones and planes, perhaps the media tends to focus more on drones because there are very few designated places to fly them. Fixed wing pilots tend to fly at model clubs which are obviously safe to fly at whereas drone pilots don't really have the same facilities. Perhaps if there were more drone clubs then we wouldn't hear about them as much?

I'm not sure but it would be a shame for anything else to happen on the drone side of the hobby which makes it more difficult for the average user to operate them.

Cuban823/02/2019 10:44:28
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Drones, i.e multirotors that are primarily used by individuals to place a camera or video at altitude to obtain shots of goodness knows what and little else, have been the primary cause of the problems, are of no interest to me and far as I'm concerned, have little to do with aeromodelling. Not just my view, an old argument - lets not go over all that again, we are where we are.

However, when one considers the huge number of these M/R devices that have been sold in the UK alone, quite apart from globally, the number of incidents have actually been miniscule, which suggests that these devices are in fact being deployed in a non-risky manner by their operators.

Whether or not they're being used in a way that follows the letter of the local law to the last comma and full stop, I wouldn't like to say, but the evidence would suggest that people are a little more sensible with their drones than we might assume. Yes, there's plenty of drone idiots on YouTube, but then take a look at a TV programme like 'You've been framed' and stupidity can be found in many other areas as well.

I just hope that any established model aeroplane or heli club that finds itself affected by the new restrictions around airports, will be treated as having 'grandfather rights' and will be able to carry on without hindrance. BMFA have done well to deflect a lot of junk away from us that's been generated by an activity that we've had very little to do with, and thankfully, I'll be able to go flying tomorow without worrying about breaking the law.

The point about drone clubs is interesting. Drone racing? yes, it would probably work and I'd guess many such clubs exist - they're not the problem. Filming the same bit of club land over and over again would put anyone to sleep, and wouldn't be using the technology to anywhere near its potential - hence the need for some to travel to different locations and make a pest of themselves.


Edited By Cuban8 on 23/02/2019 10:50:56

SONNY MONKS23/02/2019 15:33:46
269 forum posts

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,I did end this discussion,some people do go on a bit lol

SONNY MONKS23/02/2019 15:34:40
269 forum posts

Try make it a little fun,you know,a sense of humour,i which a lot of you lack.

Former Member23/02/2019 16:09:38

[This posting has been removed]

Tim Kearsley23/02/2019 17:15:53
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Posted by Ikura on 23/02/2019 16:09:38:
Posted by SONNY MONKS on 23/02/2019 15:33:46:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,I did end this discussion,some people do go on a bit lol

You don't get to say when a discussion is over. You need to be a moderator to close a thread.

Try learning how to use puctuation and grammar in your posts and maybe people will take you a little more seriously.

You come over as a wind up merchant who likes to start a thread with not much to contribute other than strange comments that very few can understand.

Couldn't agree more!

Geoff S23/02/2019 17:45:25
3584 forum posts
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I watched a BBC documentary about a village very near where we live (Cromford) last week and I'm quite sure a lot of the scene setting footage was taken using a MR borne camera. It was very effective and I'm sure disturbed the residents very much less than using a helicopter. I think they're used a lot for that. One of our club members is a famer and uses his MR to check his sheep and to see how his crops are faring.

I'm not very interested in MR or helicopters beyond small ones to fly indoors in the winter but they have their place in both the hobby/pastime and commercially.


ken anderson.23/02/2019 17:55:53
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the main runway in Malta was closed for 30mins today due to the close proximity of a flights were affected ..

ken dodgy drones dept.

Malcolm Fisher23/02/2019 19:10:00
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To me, the drone debate is puzzling. Technically fixed wing aircraft can be termed drones or UAVs. The reported distances which they can be flown from nearby airports seems to be much less than what used to be recommended. I used to fly on a field which was just over two miles from Leeds and Bradford Airport. I have a recollection that it was against CAA regulations to fly any closer than two miles from the end of an active runway. At the time we notified ATC when we were operational. In spite of this the senior controller at the time wanted us to move further away. Part of the problem was our proximity to a reservoir which was used as a visual reference point by light aircraft operating from L&B with trainee pilots returning to the airport. Some of these actually reduced height seemingly to get a better look at what we were doing. When this happened one of our members with a mobile phone contacted ATC and subsequent flights on those days were seen to fly round "our" space. We always kept a look out and anyone of us flying made a quick landing when such planes were seen or heard coming our way.


John Robertson 323/02/2019 20:52:15
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Yes - I too have been wondering at some of the strange comments and can't see WHY they have been posted.

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 24/02/2019 11:09:45

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