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Am I the only one on the planet that can not land a Freewing Hawk ??

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tigerman03/03/2019 18:49:53
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I must be the only person on this planet that can not land the Freewing Hawk with out it bouncing all over the place .I have watch all the videos on U Tube and they all do perfect landings .I must be a worse flyer then I thought sad

Edited By tigerman on 03/03/2019 18:50:27

Chris Bott - Moderator03/03/2019 19:21:43
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Have a look at this thread tigerman

Percy Verance03/03/2019 20:54:13
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Not necessarily a worse flyer Tigerman, just not as profficient at landings as you need to be to land the Hawk! Other factors may come into play here though, such as the state of your field. Is it smooth, with a long/clear enough run in for a fast model? Any model Hawk is going to land fast and will doubtless bounce even if you get it a tiny bit wrong.

We all need to get landings right, as every flight ends in one. I've never owned a DF model, but I should imagine that unless you have a nice 150 metre long stretch of tarmac runway, it won't always be a smooth arrival. Still, any landing is a good one if the model can be flown again......

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Denis Watkins03/03/2019 21:02:51
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Trouble for all of us Tigerman, we fly 10 minutes, then the landing learning is about 20 seconds.

So on an average flying day, we put about 2 minutes into landing, which is never enough.

In the air, 100 ft up, put the model into the downwind leg, getting it under control and level into the final turn

Loosing speed and height to finals, then throttle up and do it again a number of times, at height, getting to know

What the model looks like at landing speed, how to keep this inline, before landing

SIMON CRAGG03/03/2019 21:35:40
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Posted by tigerman on 03/03/2019 18:49:53:

I must be the only person on this planet that can not land the Freewing Hawk with out it bouncing all over the place .I have watch all the videos on U Tube and they all do perfect landings .I must be a worse flyer then I thought sad

Edited By tigerman on 03/03/2019 18:50:27

We have got a small tarmac circle which we use for take off. I have the Freewing Hawk and a mate has the FMS version. After several attempts, the opinion was to leave the gear up and belly it in on the grass. We have come in with and without the flaps many times without any damage. OK, it looks a lot better landing on the gear, but unless you have a billiard table to land on, and pull off a greaser every time, there is a good chance of either bending or damageing the gear in some way. These are both fantastic models which really look the part. Good luck!.

tigerman03/03/2019 22:24:21
198 forum posts

Our flying field was a field full off crops last year .We have leveled it off and the grass has been down a year now but it still shows signs of where it has been ploughed for year so I suppose that does not help You are right it fly great and sometime it has landed OK but if things are not right it can get into a terrible bouncing mode which on two occasion has broke the nose off .I have now started to belly it in I suppose there is no shame in belly the Hawk in if it is going to preserve the model .It seems to belly in with no damage ( I have glued on 4 servo protecters on the bottom of the wing 2 aileron 2 flaps servo ) not that I use the flaps when I belly it in Think that is the answer ,Belly it in yes

SIMON CRAGG04/03/2019 02:46:47
529 forum posts
15 photos

No shame at all! At least you will be able to fly it again. I have tried the "servo slow" function on the flaps, which helps a lot on the approach. Set to the maximum, full flap is not achieved until the model is virtually on the ground. So no violent pitch change, just a gentle descent on to the belly at not much more than walking pace.

Andy G.04/03/2019 08:21:23
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Tigreman, Don't forget, all those folk that post those landing videos only post the good ones!!! I take a lot of photos down at our patch and and at comps meetings etc for our club newsletter.. people say to me " How is it you only take great pics?" The answer is of course that I don't! I only show you the good ones! Lol

Jon - Laser Engines04/03/2019 08:53:53
5104 forum posts
221 photos

As i recommend to anyone wanting a warbird its time to practice landing. Until you can do each one perfectly and exactly the same leave the spitfire at home!

While i have not seen your landings i suspect you are landing too fast and touching the nose wheel down first. If you land slower the nose will naturally be higher and should prevent this

tigerman04/03/2019 16:18:12
198 forum posts

Tried that Jon ad some times it works then you think you have crack it and on the next landing ,bouncy ,bouncy .I can land all the other EDF OK ( the Freewing 80mm Sabre lands fine every time no bouncing there ) I know I am not the best pilot in the world and I suspect it is my flying skills that are the problem .Unless anyone out there can restore my confidence and be brave and admit they have the same problem with the Freewing Hawk .No Then it is me .Do not get me wrong I am not knocking the Freewing Hawk in fact it is the opposite I love it and would recommend it ,it looks great and fly great sounds great but I just can not land it on it's wheel .It is not a problem it bellies in fine no problems there .Just frustrating

tigerman04/03/2019 16:30:26
198 forum posts

I have now decided it is bad pilot skills it not the model .Enough said

SIMON CRAGG04/03/2019 16:59:13
529 forum posts
15 photos
Posted by tigerman on 04/03/2019 16:30:26:

I have now decided it is bad pilot skills it not the model .Enough said

We thought exactly the same!

I have no hesitation in admitting that I have exactly the same issues, even with 40 years worth of stick time!".

Its NOT a warbird, so not sure where that came from.

Its a fairly quick and slippery jet, which has tiny wheels and an unforgiving undercarriage.

Unless it is judged 100% perfectly its not that easy to land.

Gear up.....s l i d e it onto the grass!

Safe flying and blue skies.

dan h04/03/2019 17:08:41
84 forum posts
23 photos

Hi guys

My freewing hawk was maidened last weekend a clubmate took it up then trimmed it out for me. This is my first edf jet so wasnt sure what to expect. Anyway it flew really well the sound is excellent. It flys like its on rails. When it came to the landing on our grass strip it slowed right up with full flaps for a gentle landing. Not once but twice. But i do have the upgraded oles fitted. And not the standard chicken wire legs.

Jon - Laser Engines04/03/2019 17:24:49
5104 forum posts
221 photos

Can you get a video of it? we might be able to suggest solutions.

One thing that happens on warbirds is a large trim change with gear/flaps down. Usually this is a nose down drag and it makes it very hard to make the approach stable. If your model has retracts and its out of trim with them down then a mix on the elevator may help you out.

Daniel's point about oleos is a good one as wire legs can cause all manor of bouncing where as oleos absorb the energy.

Dont give up Tigerman, im sure there is a solution

Paul Marsh04/03/2019 18:12:07
3816 forum posts
1102 photos

Landing an EDF is different, you need to keep power on and not shut it down, which causes excessive loss of height and multiple bounces. To land properly, drop the power off, get lower enough not to get too low and use the power to control the descent, so when touching down, it is a controlled landing, not a arrival.

Watch how full-size jets land. (notice how the pilot alters the power to stretch the glide and throttles off on touchdown.

Edited By Paul Marsh on 04/03/2019 18:14:45

tigerman18/03/2019 20:25:08
198 forum posts

Finally sorted out my problem landing the Freewing Hawk. Today I had 6 flights and all six landings where greasers ,no bouncing what so ever came in has straight has a die .Really pleased with my landings now .So what did I do to solve this problem ???? It was an easy fix in the end ,I brought a FMS Hawk ,fly brilliant so much more stable on the landings So in my case it was not me but the model .I now have no problem landing the Hawk now .Mined you it cost me £320 but worth it wink

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