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Radiolink AT9.S Transmitter.

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Richard. W.22/03/2019 23:31:52
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Hi, all.

I have recently purchased the said transmitter and on the whole I'm very pleased with it. My problem and reason for this post is that the transmitter is far more advanced and capable than I am and trying to set things up, even after printing off the instruction book, is driving me mad.

What I understand about computers and similar technology could be written on the point of a pin and still leave room for the Lords Prayer. Anything much beyond a F.B.H. is out of my comfort zone.

All I'm trying to do is assign a two position auxiliary switch to work the optical kill switch on a petrol engine but without success.. I know it's me and not the equipment as I somehow managed to mix the kill switch with left aileron after an hour of button pushing.....Luckily a fellow club member at our field managed to knock that off for me.

I know for many, this sort of thing is second nature but I get so frustrated when what I know should be a two minute job takes me two hours and still isn't done.

The instructions do try to explain how to assign switches and they're quite well translated into English but the more I try to follow the steps, the less I seem to understand and my head explodes.

People have told me that it's just a matter of playing around until I find the right section or menu...And they're probably right but after the aileron incident I'm frightened to start pushing buttons as I then don't know how to undo a mistake I've made.

Short of hiring a teenager to come to the field with me, can anyone explain in VERY light and fluffy terms what I should be doing? I'm obviously missing something out during my attempts but apart from managing to hook it up to left aileron, everything else I've tried leaves the kill switch light glowing at me (maybe that should read "Mocking" or "Laughing" at me).

Sorry to have rambled on a bit. I can't be the only one to have these problems....Or maybe I am! embarrassed crying 2

Piers Bowlan23/03/2019 04:30:05
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Hi Richard, I have only read the review in RCM&E of the AT-9.S so far but the number of features and realistic Rx pricing makes it look like a tempting proposition. I am sure you are not alone in having problems figuring out a new computer radio, especially when it hasn't been on the market long. No doubt you have googled 'Radiolink AT-9 utube' and had a look at some of the many videos available. You may find some pearls of wisdom online on one of the other forums (RC Groups) or maybe a multi-rotor or FPV forum? On one of the videos I had a look at, the reviewer mentioned that the menu structure was similar to Futaba so perhaps googling a ten channel Futaba radio PDF instruction might help - or alternatively make you totally confused. I am sure that once you know how, it will seem simple but that doesn't help you now! Good luck.

Incidentally someone here had an issues with the throttle cut switch with his particular AT-9 but sadly he didn't tell you how he set it up. It might have helped if he had tried to assign a different switch to see if he still had the problem, might have at least identified it as a 'switch problem' or software issue. He had just updated the firmware so perhaps there was an issue with that?

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 23/03/2019 04:50:30

Ron Gray23/03/2019 07:33:55
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Looking at the destructions, pages 25 - 27 explain how to set throttle cuts and switch assigning.

Denis Watkins23/03/2019 08:01:57
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Stick with it Richard

The Instructions are very clear, Honestly

Just be clear in your mind on each part of what you want

For e.g. THR CUT shuts the
engine off completely
with the flip of a
switch.(Note: Do Not
assign IDLE DOWN and
THR CUT to both
position of a 2 position switch

Just to add

The Instructions on Airtek Hobbies sales page are very readable

Edited By Denis Watkins on 23/03/2019 08:10:24

Richard. W.23/03/2019 09:57:12
71 forum posts

Thanks for the comments, chaps. smiley

The last thing I want to do is start any kind of flame war about the various brands of radio out there. They all do the job and each to their own, etc... I used Futaba 35 meg but simply couldn't justify the cost of their 2.4 sets of similar spec to the AT9.S........ Before buying I spent a couple of days trawling all the reviews I could find and there wasn't one which rubbished Radiolink. The only niggle I've found is the screen is almost impossible to see in sunlight but for my needs as a club sports flyer (fixed wing only) I can live with that.

The throttle cut function you mention, I have found and it does work.. For glow engines it's perfect but the plane I'm setting up with a petrol engine has an optical kill switch which should simply cut off power to the ignition module so no spark at the plug and the engine stops, regardless of the throttle receiver setting..........I shall keep trying, lol... I know it's ME and not the equipment but that's what's so infuriating. It feels like I'm back in primary school when I need a degree in computer science, just to go flying.

Cuban823/03/2019 10:15:42
3090 forum posts
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Hi Richard.

I'm certainly no computer or software expert but I manage OK with domestic stuff and can usually sort out the family's tech issues with a bit of time and thought. After spending a lifetime in engineering, I've coped with seeing and dealing with the revolution that we are so used to now, gradually seep into areas that we could only dream of fifty years ago. Not everyone has a gift for dealing with complex (or even not so complex) systems, so don't beat yourself up over it, make sure that you take your time, don't get angry with what you're trying to do and above all, ask for assistance when you feel that you're lost. It's not you, but IMHO, a failing in the product or its documentation, if users have to resort to forums or YouTube for basic stuff. We've become so used to it though, that its become an accepted part of using many products.

I sometimes read the threads concerning the issues that many here encounter with their radios after firmware updates go wrong, or weird issues of incompatibilty between software versions lock them out of something or the other. The level of detail can become overwhelming for many of us (me) and TBH, I don't have any interest in all of that so I tend to steer clear of it as much as possible. However, I do take my hat off to those that relish the challenge of spending hours and hours sorting out abstruce and arcane faults with their gear - not for me though.

Enjoy your new gear and let us know how you find it after a bit of use.

BTW, the problem with seeing the screen in bright sunlight that you mention has been addressed by other on-line reviews, but was not mentioned in the mag article for some reason.


Edited By Cuban8 on 23/03/2019 10:28:09

Ron Gray23/03/2019 11:11:02
2427 forum posts
965 photos

Richard, as per my post above if you look at those pages in the manual you will see how to assign switches to, say the aux (channel 8) channel.

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