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How to use IRX4+ multi-protocol module with Taranis?

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Allan Bennett26/03/2019 19:49:52
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I've bought an IRX4+ multi-protocol module in the hope of being able to use my Taranis (with OpenTX) initially to control my JJRC 'flying santa claus' quad and, later maybe, to use with some BNF indoor models.

But the IRX4+ instructions have me bamboozled: First of all there's a brief section on 'Normal use operation in PPM mode', but then there's a section for 'Operation in Serial mode' which it says supports OpenTX firmware.

I've installed the module in my Taranis, and am able to select the external module after setting internal module to OFF. I can then scroll through all the 31 different protocols the IRX4+ offers, and select what I need. But I must be doing something wrong, for I can't get my quad to bind.

What the instructions don't explain, and I can't find on the internet, is what LEDs I should be seeing: In serial mode I get a solid red LED. This afternoon I tried to use it in PPM mode, and was able eventually to get a solid green LED and a flashing red which seems to indicate no valid PPM signal. When I switched back to serial mode I still had the solid green and flashing red LEDs.

So, has anyone used this combination of equipment, and can tell me line-by-line how I'm supposed to configure it for my model, please?

David Hall 926/03/2019 20:17:34
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I am using the 4in1 multiprotocol module with my Qx7 Tx. The module I bought was this one.

Yours seems to be the one that is set manually, so do you have to set it up within OpenTx? I had assumed that you just output PPM or similar and select the protocol on the switches. Maybe it has an auto mode?

At moment, I run mine in the FLYSKY protocols AFHDS and AFHDS 2A... Works very well, no re-binding and it auto selects as i change the model from the memory.

EDIT:  oh, re-reading your post...  "it will work via PPM or serial mode".......     so in serial mode, will operate pretty similarly to mine  (except that it does not have any LEDs.).      

In serial mode, the bind is done from within the OpenTx menu, so perhaps the external bind button is not used.

Sorry, not very helpful, I guess.... where's that delete button?   


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Chris Bott - Moderator26/03/2019 21:18:07
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Allan I don't have one of these so can't be much help. But I seem to recall one thing just to check.

I think the rotary switch selects individual protocols but there's one position it needs to be in for serial mode. Maybe posn 0?

Allan Bennett26/03/2019 21:18:07
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One of the guys at our flying field has the same module as you, David, and he's managed to bind his santa claus quad to it using the Bayang protocol and Bayang sub-protocol, so I thought that the new 'plus' version of the module should do the same. My investigations indicated that your version works in serial mode, so that's what I was trying with mine, and I can go through all the motions in the OpenTX menu to select Bayang protocol, but there's no Bayang sub-protocol, only 'Std' and three others.

When you bind using the OpenTX menu, do you power up the trannie and put it into bind mode and then power up the receiver, or is there some other sequence?

Maybe I'll get rid of this module on eBay, and buy the old simple version that you and my mate have. Unless, that is, someone can tell me how to use it.

By the way, I've noticed that on the box it says that my quad is JJRC model H67. Unfortunately that model doesn't feature in the list of models supported by the module: I've just seen on the internet that it's supposedly 'also known as' the Eachine E011C, but that doesn't appear in the module's list either.

Allan Bennett26/03/2019 21:39:58
1518 forum posts
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Thanks Chris, I know about that, though it's impossible to know which end of the slot on the knob is supposed to be the marker frown I've tried both ends pointing to the 0, and marked the end which gives me a solid red LED, as opposed to a flashing red LED, presuming that to be the right one.

Maybe it's something as simple as the quad comes with different protocol receivers, even though my friend and I got them from the same source within a month of each other. Looks like I might just have to go through the different protocols until I get something that binds -- starting with the ones the list for Eachine.

Andrew Ray26/03/2019 22:35:17
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Have you checked (ticked) the multimodule box in the radio profile settings? If not you will need to do that and reflash OpenTX to the radio. That will then give you the option to select MULTI on the model setup page under External RF and then you can select the protocol.

Edit. I'm thinking of the IRX4, I have the IRX4+ but I use it with my JR radio.

It may well be that your protocol is not supported.

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David Hall 926/03/2019 22:57:17
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I was advised to load up the latest firmware on my module (I haven't got a clue what level it is or how to do that) when my telemetry wasn't working for some features on AFHDS 2A. It could be that it needs an update....

The binding for the things I've tried (AFHDS, AFHDS A2, DSMX, ACCST) all work when the option is selected on the menu, the Rx being powered on in bind mode (if applicable) after the Tx is in bind mode. Those modes/receivers that have telemetry cancel the bind mode when bound, but those without must be stopped by deselecting the bind option.

Allan Bennett27/03/2019 08:14:01
1518 forum posts
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Andrew, yes I checked the multimode box and reflashed my OpenTX firmware -- without that I wasn't even able to select MULTI in the external RF menu.

David, I've seen the bit about updating the module's firmware but, like you, I really don't have a clue how to do that. The protocol options I get in the OpenTX menu match all the literature I can find for the module.

Apart from being sure what protocol my quad needs I suppose my biggest question is, what LEDs should I be seeing on the module? From reading the instructions I think that the green LED is only relevant if I want to select options 16 - 32 in PPM mode, but I'm not sure.

David Hall 927/03/2019 10:13:27
142 forum posts
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You could post a question on the Banggood site, in the product details, here

Allan Bennett27/03/2019 10:51:06
1518 forum posts
38 photos

Thanks David, I didn't consider that because the site was asking for 'Reviews'. But on browsing, I see that many of the entries are in fact questions, so I've posted there.

Allan Bennett27/03/2019 21:02:33
1518 forum posts
38 photos

I've posted on the Banggood site, but no response yet.

But a little more fiddling this afternoon is leading me to believe that perhaps this module is incompatible with my drone, since it can't give me Bayang protocol and Bayang sub-protocol (as my club buddy uses for his santa claus drone) when in serial mode:

Using its own Tx the drone flashes its lights about once per second when powered up, then flashes them rapidly when its Tx is switched on (yes, after the drone was powered), and then after a couple of seconds the lights go steady to indicate it's bound and ready to go.

With the module, with Bayang/Std protocol selected, my drone goes into the rapid flashing mode when my Taranis with module is switched on, but doesn't go steady. I reduced my Taranis channel ranges from 100% to 80% in case that was the problem, but no difference, and also tried it with the throttle full open in case it needs reversing.

Mike Blandford27/03/2019 23:08:12
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I don't use openTx, but I understand if a protocol isn't listed by name, you may still select it by number.

Each protocol has up to 8 sub-protocols. For Bayang, there are 4, sub-protocols implemented:

0 Bayang
1 H8S3D
2 X16_AH
4 - 7 are currently not in use


Allan Bennett28/03/2019 08:38:54
1518 forum posts
38 photos

Thanks for that info Mike. I can access four Bayang sub-protocols on my Taranis, labelled 'Std', 'H8S3D', 'X16AH', and 'IRDRONE' so, as I suspected, 'Std' should be what is referred to in other contexts as 'Bayang'.

So that leaves the possibilities that (a) I'm doing something wrong in the binding process, (b) I've got a faulty IRX4+ module (including the possibility that 'Std' is not the same as 'Bayang' ), or (c) my drone has a different flight controller than my club mate's, and uses a different protocol.

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Mike Blandford28/03/2019 18:45:08
507 forum posts
22 photos

You might try asking here: **LINK**.

The firmware on the module is the same as in that thread, the hardware is just a copy really.


Allan Bennett28/03/2019 20:13:17
1518 forum posts
38 photos

I'd seen that thread, but steered away from it due to its in-depth technical nature and its 13,000+ posts. Anyway, nothing ventured nothing gained, so I've posted there now. Thanks Mike.

Chris Marshall29/03/2019 00:59:03
61 forum posts

I have one of the modules and have just had a play with it out of curiosity. Up to now I've only used it for Spektrum stuff.

Looking at the Bangood page to (which you have linked already) there is a link to a list of protocols and manufacturers:


Looking at this the manufacturer ( JJRC) uses more than just the four you have mentioned and are found as sub-protocols. For example H8-3D which is further on from the Bayang ones. Might be worth a try. I haven't done an exhaustive search for all those in the list though, so there may be others to try as well.

I'm using an X10S but I don't think that would make any difference in this instance.


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Allan Bennett29/03/2019 12:44:59
1518 forum posts
38 photos

Thanks Chris, I'd already printed out that list of protocols, and neither JJRC67 or Eachine E011C (which some web sites claim the quad is also sold as) are shown. I've already tried all the four available sub-protocols with Bayang main protocol, and 'Std' is the only one that gives a glimmer of hope, in that the LED flashing sequence on the quad changes to quick flashing when I switch on my Tx.

But can you confirm you're using your module in Serial mode, which is valid for use with OpenTX -- it's been suggested to me that I should maybe be using it in PPM mode?

Chris Marshall29/03/2019 14:09:30
61 forum posts


yes I'm using it in serial mode. I get a solid red shortly after power up. As the JJRC67 is not listed I think it may be worth trying all of the protocols listed as used by that manufacturer. The one I memtioned, H8-3D is not available as a Bayan sub protocol, but is as a separate main protocol further down the list. Possibly others as well. As far as I know everything that is available in PPM mode is available in Serial mode, but I haven't tested that theory out!

I've not tried to use it in PPM mode as I would lose the telemetry from the one model I have that is on Spektrum. (AR636 receiver)

Allan Bennett29/03/2019 19:56:51
1518 forum posts
38 photos

Thanks Chris for confirming that you use it in serial mode, and that a solid red LED is correct.

My Taranis shows 'H8S3D' as a sub-protocol for Bayang, but I tried that with no joy. As I mentioned earlier, my club mate uses Bayang sub-protocol, which I believe to be what's labelled 'Std' on my Taranis, for his JJRC H67.

I've posted in the forum linked by Mike Blandford yesterday, and people there think that the fact that my quad's LEDs go from slow flashing to quick flashing when I switch on my Tx indicates that I've got the right protocols, and that probably something like channel order and/or throttle setting are preventing the final stage of binding. So I'll investigate over the weekend and report back.

Chris Marshall30/03/2019 00:26:53
61 forum posts

Glad to be of some small assistance.

Yes mine lists H8S3D as a sub protocol, but there is also a H8-3D as a separate protocol. I assume that there is some difference, so it might be worth trying that. Nothing to lose.

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