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Prostate Cancer

getting checked is better than dying

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Glyn4423/01/2020 20:29:43
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I stopped hormone injections 3 months after the end of radio therapy. Been told might take some months to be clear of the side effects though.

Braddock, VC23/01/2020 22:59:39
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I had my op in Jan 2003 followed by RT, bye-passed the NHS as the first consultant was a first class wally. So now, 17 years later just had my first heart attack at 75 and have a problem with an irregular heartbeat; this followed complications having stents put in the arteries around the heart, ended up with 3 eventually and the cocktail of drugs I now have to take is growing by the day.

Hope springs eternal but I'm waiting til the next surgery's done before coughing up my smae and caa membership.

fly-navy24/01/2020 00:15:57
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Tomorrow will be the 20th day since my last radiotherapy session. Treatment itself was a breeze, couple of hiccups during treatment which dragged the day out, one was dehydrated, tother was full bowel, other than that it was a walk in the park. It took a lot for me to drink 2litres of water a day and resulting toiletries which I have never had to do so often before, but small price to pay for hopefully good outcome.After effects of treatment has not been evident, took a few days for bowels to settle but feel absolutely great and positive. My personel downside is I suffer (Riddled) with rheumatoid arthritis which has been well under control with methatextrate, unfortunately this is a cancer drug they found beneficial to RA sufferers, but you have to stop it while you have RT treatment and as the radiation is still in your body after you finish I have had to wait This has caused my RA to flare up again and caused me considerable pain and I have now resumed my drug taking. I have been told my appointment to see oncologist is March and to have psa test a week before that, waiting for app.Apart from RA I feel grand, staff at Royal Wolv were brilliant, next three month hormone injection is Feb and tomorrow is another day, Kidderminster hospital for injection into my eyeball Ain't getting old wonderful.

Keep positive guys, enjoy life.

Andy Joyce24/01/2020 07:29:24
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Still, look on the bright side all we are are still breathing and have spare time on our hands to moan about the new government registration and all things relating to RC aircraft.

Spent the last week trying to perfect my CAD drawing for a set of ribs for a Bird Of Time which I cut out using a laser cutter. Still not perfect so a third attempt is required. If only we could print a new body part none of us would have all these issues with old age.

SR 7124/01/2020 12:28:17
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Good to see you making progress and being so positive John

Braddock, VC24/01/2020 22:00:07
1640 forum posts
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I don''t know if ever anything good can come out of illness but my youngest brother who turned into a complete recluse after his wife dumped him phoned me tonight to see how I was.

First time we'd spoken for a long time even though I've been leaving messages on his phone, sent letters , birthday cards and xmas presents - proper tonic it was but there's no getting away from it it's the downhill stretch for now.

I bought a second hand wot 4 the other day, wife went barmy as I drove fro Dover to the other side of london to pick it up. Looking forward to getting back into flying, spent today fettling it, new servos, tank and plumbing had to glue some doublers in for the rudder and elevator servos but it's ready to rock and roll now, if the engine works.

Got to keep positive.

David Davis25/01/2020 10:20:28
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I shall be 72 in March. My father died at 62 years, 4 months and 4 days. If I survive until 14th July I will be exactly ten years older than he was on the day he died. My best friend died at 52 and my cousin, a plumber, has recently died of asbestosis.

Apart from my knees no longer being up to snuff, which I put down to all that rugby in my youth and all of those ten milers and half marathon charity runs in later life, I continue to enjoy good health. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate.

I am always amazed by the courage, steadfastness and comradeship of those who post on this thread. You have earned my respect gentlemen.

Martian25/01/2020 11:49:27
2295 forum posts
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Thank you to all who share their life experiences and health issues i am certain it's a help to others in that they can know they are not alone ,good luck and hope to you whom are going through treatment and God willing you come out the other end in better health . Love and happiness to all.

Andy Joyce30/01/2020 16:43:49
148 forum posts
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Has anyone had a TURP after the RT?

David Ovenden30/01/2020 22:19:25
347 forum posts
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Hi Andy

No, I had my TURP before my RT started. It was very successful and had the desired effect immediately and it has caused me no problems subsequently.

Andy Joyce31/01/2020 07:51:10
148 forum posts
27 photos

Thanks David. My flow rate has reduced by 50% and only half way through the 20 days of RT so assume I will need the procedure at some point. Therefore interested to know what issues people have had with the op.

Toni Reynaud03/02/2020 11:34:25
408 forum posts
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My two pennorth - I have been having regular bi-annual and annual PSA blood tests for the last ten years, after an inital number prompted a trans-rectal biopsy check which came up cancer free. The number has slowly gone up, from around 5 to the latest at 9.3, up from a year ago at 8.7. The DRE today shows an enlarged but smooth prostate. The rise in number is due to the enlarged gland producing more of the PSA simply because it's bigger, and unless the rise becomes steeper, no problem is envisaged. However, this last number being a little higher than expected means the next checks will be at four month intervals rather than a year to see if there is a trend. I have seen one rather unwell person, four successful prostate removals and two deaths in my social circle over the last few years. Just keeping a regular check on things, including reading this thread, helps to keep things in perspective. (PS I'm 76 and a half!)

John H. Rood03/02/2020 16:51:23
257 forum posts
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I just this morning got my latest PSA blood test results -- all clear for me, a very low risk situation for me at this time. I feel very relieved and grateful. My dad contracted PC when he was about my age (64.7 years ancient), so I am on "the waiting list" as it were. Or at least it sure feels that way at times!

Hang in there, guys. My dad is now 93 and he beat PC. They removed his prostate (bad) and put him on Lupron (not great but hey).  And a pretty intensive macrobiotic diet (oh dear!), which really helped him lose some belly and get exercising again.  Eventually he got off the Lupron entirely, stopped the macro diet, quit exercising, and pretty much slid back into classic middle-age male-ness! 

AND thirty or so years later he is now remarkable healthy, all-told. I think he used a combination of nicotine and alcohol and steak and BBQ and a few other fun and toxic chem-trails!

It also helped him A LOT to get involved with PC peer support activities. Hang in there -- be well, y'all.


Edited By John H. Rood on 03/02/2020 17:05:04

Cliff Bastow03/02/2020 16:55:21
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I have to go for some tests on Feb 14th. Not looking forward to it but best to get it done.

I had problems a few years ago with urgency and frequency which fortunately turned out to be a benign enlargement of the prostate and was prescribed tamulosin which helps with the symptoms,

However as a result I have my PSA checked routinely every six months and it has been rising steadily lately.

I advise everyone to get tested as its really not that bad.

Andy Joyce03/02/2020 17:11:51
148 forum posts
27 photos

Taking a single Tamulosin tablet myself but see little improvement with the flow rate over the 12 hours it suppose to be effective. Do you take a single or double dose Cliff?

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