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Prostate Cancer

getting checked is better than dying

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Old Geezer13/04/2019 20:39:19
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Bruce - I'm in the same boat as you with these actinic lesions, mine responded to the chemo' ointment very satisfactorily, although the odd new one appears now and again, but are easily beaten into submission in 2-3 weeks of the ointment twice a day. Unfortunately as a result of the years of unprotected exposure to the sun I also developed a couple of (locally) malignant skin lumps - happily excision has been curative with no sign of recurrence. My doctor, dermatologist, oncologist all despair with us - we put on a sunhat and smother ourselves with sunblock when we go on holiday, but when we work outdoors for a living we rarely consider the risks of long term exposure to the sun let alone take any steps to protect ourselves. By the same token, I don't think I have seen many/any? of the folk I have flown with over the years making a point of doing any more than wearing a hat to protect themselves from the sun - but they should ! ! ! With Summer on the horizon perhaps the BMFA and perhaps the RCM&E should remind flyers to protect themselves this year. People should be aware that a nice suntan is that the skin is actually trying to defend itself from ultraviolet radiation, and in itself is evidence of skin damage. 

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Bruce Collinson13/04/2019 23:16:16
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Dead right, for want of a better phrase. Went to strip today, too windy but did want to run in a new engine. Discovered that a felt clunk doesn’t work with a rich, thirsty 4 stroke. Had the wide-brim Tilley on, still looked a tad pink tonight despite freezing my nether regions off. It definitely deserves better awareness, although in my case the damage was done, in hindsight, thirty years ago on the top of the Winter Shed at Headingley, sans hat.

now here’s a thing. A month ago I had a flier from the medics inviting me to attend the local hospital for a routine AAE screening. First thought, who’s dobbed me in for my alcohol consumption? but any of you 64+ yo olds will be ahead of me, abdominal aortic embolism test. Knew virtually nothing about it. 10am appt, walked in 9.58, left 10.10 all clear. Put this alongside the rant above re a routine PSA test and a GP actively discouraging it.

now two points arise. First, the present Mrs C needed an ultrasound for a specific issue and the NHS needed over 4 weeks to issue an appointment another three weeks ahead. It cost WPA £799 of which I pay almost £200 to bring it forward privately, for a 15minute procedure.

Secondly, I understand that an aortic embolism causes instant death, costs the state zilch and causes no suffering. Compare and contrast an advanced prostate tumour which costs the state a small fortune and seems to have the same inevitable, miserable, expensive and lingering outcome.

It is apparently cost effective to ultrasound me for purely statistical reasons, but not the Boss for narrow specific reasons, nor me for PSA despite turning 65 today.

Funny old world.


Old Geezer14/04/2019 02:10:28
670 forum posts

Bruce - thanks for that - I'd not thought about asking for a routine u/sound to exclude the old dissecting aortic aneurysm -- I'm being a bit dim as I nearly lost a brother in law with one about 5 years ago! They could be called the original silent killer, except in the few cases where the patient is aware of it "pulsing", as it expands before it ruptures. Somethings an aortic aneurysm can be detected by simply placing a hand on the patient's belly, you can feel the belly pulsing. Our local medical practice is pretty helpful so I will be popping in next week to book for a belly ultrasound.

Ultymate14/04/2019 06:27:53
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One advantage of living in Wales us oldies get screened at our GP's for AAA although I had to go to the hospital for a second screening as they couldn't get a clear view of my aorta because of scar tissue from a previous heart surgery at the GP's

J D 814/04/2019 09:34:26
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Went for my never heard of tripple A [ Anti Aircraft Artillerywink ] test the other day,all good.

Trevor Rushton14/04/2019 09:53:37
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I've been away from this site for a few months but on dipping back in I saw this thread and thought I would add my own experiences.

20 years ago I went for a routine medical and was told that I had a raised PSA that ought to be checked out. I was told that it could be due to infection as opposed to anything sinister so I promptly forgot about it. 10 years later I had a pulmonary embolism ( totally unrelated of course) but as part of the diagnosis they checked my PSA again and it was pretty high. The usual DRA , biopsy and scans then followed and confirmed that I did have an aggressive carcinoma. Fortunately, the wretched thing was contained. If it had not been for the PE I would probably have carried on in blissful ignorance and things could have been much worse.

I elected to have a radical prostectomy using laser surgery. The operation went well and I was travelling home 24 hours later. 10 years on and I am having my normal bi- annual check tomorrow. I consider myself fortunate and in a very odd kind of way, privileged to have had the experience. That may sound daft, but the issue made me refocus my life and get many things into perspective.

Now, everyone will have their own concerns, experiences and beliefs as to how to deal with these things. I recognise that others are or will not be as fortunate as me, but here are a few thoughts:

dont find excuses not to have a PSA test

if the result suggests something might be going on then act on it; don't leave it 10 years!

dont worry about the DRA, it's not a big deal

dont worry about the biopsy, it was a bit uncomfortable but in the scheme of things not a big issue

dont bother to spend time reading and researching everything that you can find on prostate cancer and details of the operation; if you are not medically qualified you will end up working yourself up to a frenzy. Take it as it comes and leave the treatment plan to those who have spent their careers developing the expertise to treat you.

Dont feel alone; there are plenty of people who have been through it; talk to them

don't bury your head in the sand and think that it could not possibly happen to you


Mike White 314/04/2019 09:58:55
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The automatic call for AAA screening started in 2009, if you reach 65 before then you will not/do not get called, as I discovered, simply contact your local AAA screening to arrange the ultra sound scan.

Barryorbik14/04/2019 10:26:55
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I was called for my AAA test couple of years ago - and apparently I had the internal body structure of a 20 year old (pity I had to give it back!!), but trying to get a PSA test was a totally different matter. I too go for the annual well man tests at our doctors, which are carried out by a practice nurse, and they cover diabetes, blood pressure and BMI - but not PSA!!

I have to take up a doctors precious time for this test, which seems a total waste of resources, as surely the practice nurse has the required skill to take a blood sample.

Now a small spot of what was dry skin on my lilly white leg decided to erupt into an angry bright red spot a month ago, which then formed a hard crust with a red ring around its perimiter. Fortunately my well man check up was at this time, so I showed the eruption to the practice nurse who said it did not look like anything serious, but it might be prudent to have a doctor check it out.

The doctor checked it and said he did not think it was anytghing to worry about but put me on the cancer pathway with a referal to the hospital. After a wait of two weeks I now find I have skin cancer!! ,so am now awaiting an operation to remove the appendage, but during the check the consultant also found a number of dry patches on my forehead and temples, which fortunately are pre-cancerous, so a cream has been prescribed to deal with these.

As I am very light skinned I have always tried to limit my time in the sun, word indoors throughout my working life, and wear my Tilley, and factor 60 sun cream, even on cold overcast days, and never wear shorts etc, except in the gym or swimming pool. I have suffered sun burn (through my lighter clothes) on a couple of occassions, but have never had a su tan or been on a sun bed in my 68 years on this earth, provingskin damage can happen to even the most careful people.

Oh the joys of getting old!!

Hope you all have 100% success in getting your tests and subsequent treatments.


TartanMac21/04/2019 00:47:46
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I though I would put this vid up. I think for any one that may be concerned enough to get a regular check up may be interested to know about this study that was carried out. The basics are they found with around 4,500iu of Viamin D3 in prostate cancer patients there was a reduction in size of the prostate that was inlarged. This was a 10 million dollar study. When your at the doctor might be a good idea to get your D3 levels checked there are different tests in the vid it mentions what one gives the best reading. Also your vitamin K2 levels to keep you calcium levels good for absorbtion of the D3.

Ron Gray21/04/2019 07:27:12
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Due to this thread I went in to see my doctor last week to see about a test, I thought the last one I had was about 3 years ago. Turns out it was 7 years ago so I’m going in on Tuesday for another!

RC Plane Flyer21/04/2019 10:35:25
730 forum posts
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I appreciate this is off the original topic but prudent in the recent post by Barry. I too have been1\8th car racing and airplanes for last 20 yearsy and for10 before that. I had on my right wrist a small red scally growth been there for 10 years or so but in February this year it started to grow and become scaled over, visit to my doctor's and photos taken and put on the 2 week cancer list. A visit to local hospital in 2 weeks and advised could be keratosis and need to come back for an injection and a scrape with electric wire to send of for analysis. Due to other commitments it was 4 weeks before I could attend. At time of first visit it was 10mm in diam 4 weeks later it was 20mm diam and 3 mm tall. When the clinical specialist saw this in the theatre she immediately said to nurse phone reception and tell them we will be running late, some 45 mins later it had been removed and left with a 30mm open wound. Some 6 weeks later the results arrived to confirm it was a skin cancer and confirmed that the part removed had clear skin around the edges. So I would advise all readers to certainly take care with exposed skin when flying and take extra care with this sunshine.

Martian21/04/2019 10:59:52
2525 forum posts
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Ron so pleased it's encouraged you to have the test and hope it turns out ok.

RC flyer good to read your story and so pleased it turned out well a d pray it stays that way

Bruce Collinson21/04/2019 13:01:07
532 forum posts

To all the above, this has become a really helpful thread although all of us have found out the hard way.

I am blessed with an extremely good dermatologist who first treated me, cryogenically, about 12 years ago. His last words to me when he signed me off for what proved to have been an especially large keratosis was that if anything changed, at all, get back sharpish.

My own experience had been that if Efudix doesn’t remove them, they need to be checked.

Reverting to the rant, I went in and gave a blood sample, sufficient (I checked) for PSA as well as too much wine, women etc. They had already made the follow on appointment for me to go back and be lectured by an obese nurse about my lifestyle. Now they discover that I need a further sample to be taken, and the follow up has been put back.

No wonder to me it absorbs £120bn a year.

Anyway, if you see some nearly new Yeti radio, Lasers and a couple of ASPs on the BMFA website, you’ll know it went badly .....

Yours in black humour,


Martian21/04/2019 20:15:00
2525 forum posts
1163 photos

Hope it goes well Bruce 👍

Martian24/04/2019 10:31:42
2525 forum posts
1163 photos

Well today i get to find out my options am a bit anxious

SR 7124/04/2019 10:57:18
447 forum posts
140 photos

Got my results all good, that's a relief

But they found I have a hernia

I'll take that every time

Wish you all good results and health


Martian24/04/2019 11:43:16
2525 forum posts
1163 photos

That is a good result Tony do they need to do anything about the hernia . I think any man that's had a life of physical work is likely to develop a hernia , all the best Tony and thank you

Martian27/04/2019 20:50:16
2525 forum posts
1163 photos

Saw my consultant on Wed to discuss my options it didn't go well he was blunt to the point of being rude we did not discuss anything about options but he proceeded to tell me about radiotherapy then surgery then wait and see when I asked for his recommended course of action he replied I'm not here to recommend anything just to give you the options anyway to cut a tense meeting short I opted to wait and see which is to have PSA blood checks every 4 months followed by another biopsy I figured as it's supposedly slow growing I could live with the knowledge I have cancer albeit not an immediate threat . Still not certain I have made the right decision but I can change my mind . incidentally since my diagnosis I advised my neighbour who is 75 to get checked and he likely has prostate cancer to yet to be identified what type.

Keep checking

Barryorbik27/04/2019 21:57:13
123 forum posts
3 photos

I had the skin cancer on my leg removed this morning in a 45 minute fairly painless procedure, and just have to wait up to 4 weeks now to find out if it was a bad one. The most painful part was having to pay out almost £5.00 to park in the hospital car park for an hour!!

Hope all goes well for you Martian, and remember guys, if anything seems a bit odd get it checked out quickly.


fly-navy28/04/2019 00:30:59
422 forum posts
11 photos

Decided at Christmas to get my test done.Had bloods done in Jan same time as the ones for my Rh Arth, and saw practice nurse at end of Jan for my monthly review. She said my level reading was 5.1 slightly elevated but more than likely age related (73) and they would monitor it with another test in 6 months. Saw GP in Feb for prescription review who commented about raised level and asked me to do another test Mach/April, did it early April. Saw nurse for my review last week who said it had risen to 7 and made appointment to see doc on Monday and said not to worry it is probably to do with my age but needs keeping an eye on so doc would like to talk me through it, bricking it if I am honest. I have no problem going to toilet, gushes out,(bit graphic I know) I can go through the night without having to get up and in all honesty there is no indication of anything wrong and without having the test would not think there could be a problem. If I can cope with having needle injected into my eyeball every 10 weeks think I can cope with this if there is a problem.

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