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Prostate Cancer

getting checked is better than dying

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Ron Gray28/04/2019 09:42:19
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Went in for bloods on Monday, results came through on Tuesday, ‘phone call from practice to say that all normal apart from one which was a little high, probably due to a slight infection but nothing to worry about. Going back in in a months time for repeat test.

Bruce Collinson29/04/2019 13:50:53
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Martian, good luck with it. Change consultants, you don't need that sort of numb passiveness when you've got a condition like this.

Went back in this morning, another blood sample as despite everything I said they had evidently taken less than an armful (cf Hancock). PSA ok, but "these tests aren't really very helpful". Odd how most GPs seem to think they are. Have I missed the point; if you're free from other symptoms (see Flynavy above for clues) and have low PSA count, then it's unlikely that you have a defined problem? Vice versa, if you have raised PSA then regardless of symptoms they are on alert? Where therefore are the unhelpful aspects of routine blood tests?

GP friend once told me most men die with prostate cancer, few die of it.

Tests say I'm going to get a real lecture upon my lifestyle choices in a fortnight as my liver is threatening to emigrate and I'm borderline for the diabetes that's your own stupid fault. Reminds me of what they said at my last annual review, three years ago. Need a drink.

Prostrate problems ... don't take them lying down ...


Martian03/05/2019 20:15:04
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Barryorbik I hope your results come back good , you are right about the car parking I am convinced I now own the car park

fly-navy did you have a positive chat with the doc ,I hope its all good.

Ron Gray great result I hope it stays that way.

Bruce thanks for your input.

I had a long chat with my GP who offered to send my consultant a letter pointing out my distress but have decided against it because apart from making me angry and distressed it wont make any difference to the outcome I am putting it down to him having a bad day, strangely enough I received a letter from my consultant today going in great detail but for the life of me I swear I was at a different meeting. anyway the upshot is PSA tests every 4months then another biopsy unless my PSA rises sharply.

thanks all for your positive comments and I hope this thread has helped at least one

Dave Milbourn 104/05/2019 18:03:31
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I'm "on all fours" with Bruce on this one, including the lifestyle and liver warnings.

I've had two doses of brachytherapy and several templated biopsies at St Jim's in Leeds since 2009 and I can say that Dr David Bottomley is my preferred candidate for a sainthood. The other staff are equally wonderful and the Bexley Wing is awesome but the French Onion Soup in the 'restaurant' tastes and looks like wallpaper paste. You can't have everything, I suppose.

I'm on a 3-monthly PSA regime and the only real problem I have is obtaining the actual value of the pathogen nanograms-per-millilitre from my GP's receptionist. She's been told that she's not allowed to discusss the results of tests with patients although she's quite happy to tell me that the path-lab says the results are "normal and nothing to worry about". I've tried telling her that I'm being treated for prostate cancer and that I have an intimate knowledge of the significance of the figures involved, but she's just another jobsworth and insists that I drive 4 miles each way to obtain a print-out, which she is allowed to give me... Just wait and see if she tries the "Data Protection" bullsh*t on me!!

Now, where's that new bottle of tonic to freshen my G+T?

Dave M


Edited By Dave Milbourn 1 on 04/05/2019 18:05:50

fly-navy04/05/2019 19:28:32
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Martian saw my GPS last Monday. First time I had met him, what a guy, I was bricking it and he put me completely at ease, asking if I minded him talking me through everything. Asked if I had any symptoms after the talk and I said none whatsoever, no prob going to toilet don't have to get up in night etc. He said the thing is with this is your prostrate changes as you get older and basically any change could be cancerous or benign. You can show all the symptoms and not have a problem, conversely you can show no symptoms and have a problem. My thoughts he said is best to get it investigated to find out why the change and you should here from hospital soon and it will be a quick referral. Told him we go to Scotland this Thursday so he took note of dates. Received letter Thursday, 13th May, bloody marvelous. Phoned up said we are on holiday so will sort out another date.reason it was so quick he put me in the express system and the hospital is obliged to see me within two weeks. Everyone has been so very helpful, NHS, brilliant we have never had a problem.

Thanks for asking.

Martian04/05/2019 22:20:48
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That is brilliant fly sincerely hope it is good news, it seems normal practise to put potential cancer patients down the fast route .

Bob Cotsford04/05/2019 23:01:14
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I went through all this a few of years ago - 2012? I had all the symptoms but, as it turned out, none of the causes - phew! High end of normal-for-age PSA (4. something rings a bell), always wanting a wee,day or night. No identifiable cause. 3 years later it was discovered that I had a spinal chord myelitis issue, the resulting drug regime for that cured the night waking etc. so it seems that what I have downstairs is a software problem, the hardware is all AOK.

However - the various urology tests did reveal a rather agressive 5cm cancer in my left kidney which could be removed before it did any more widespread damage. It's a pain in the butt (literally!) getting the checks done but it could make all the difference.

Mike Etheridge 106/05/2019 09:43:39
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Thanks to you lot I am booked in for a PSA blood test next week. If the reading is high them the next step is a scan. No sexual activity can be had prior to the test for 48 hours, so no worries there !

I visited the doctors some years ago and it would seem that the procedure was different. On that occasion the woman doctor I saw locked the surgery door and gave me the finger test something that may put others off ?. That was followed up with the blood test.

I had a chat with a friend last week end and he said that a member of his bowls club organises tests for all the male club members every two years so perhaps this is something that model flying clubs should think about?

SR 7106/05/2019 10:05:27
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Just remember if your doctor ( like mine ) tells you its just a old mans thing and leaves it, insist on finding the cause, i had to go privat but it was worth it in the end.turned out to be a prostrate hat was over two thirds the size of my bladder,

One should not have to pay , so kick ass

Martian06/05/2019 13:00:49
2217 forum posts
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Hi if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer consider asking about brachytherapy

Bruce Collinson06/05/2019 13:16:45
393 forum posts

Been flying this morning, manic dummy A Certificates being flown in anticipation of the formal testing early June. Chat on the pit line, a well advised 65-ish yr old reckons that advanced investigation now progresses fairly quickly to MRI rather than a biopsy, which I gather is quite unreliable and very painful. Bigger pain in the whatever than CAA over-regulation.

Interesting, pal of mine at a smaller hospital went a year ago and was biopsied. Seems a bit random. I suppose in theory this is an area where there is choice of hospital and therefore type of investigation but in practice, given long waiting times even for reasonably significant conditions (passim), you’d be brave to wait long for the preferred choice.

We've gone from, no we don’t recommend a blood test for PSA to let’s do an MRI in a flash.


Bob Cotsford06/05/2019 13:29:58
7972 forum posts
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I didn't find the biopsy painful so don't be put off, but it can be an awkward moment when it's done by a team of middle-aged women tech's. If you think apprehension is defined by the slap of the rubber glove on your doctors hand just wait for the biopsy! In all honesty the only pain suffered is to your dignity.

Martian06/05/2019 21:51:38
2217 forum posts
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ITV is showing the all new Month who cares win it's in support of prostate cancer with anecdotal accounts ,sorry this late to point out but it will be on ITV +1 at 10 pm

Martian06/05/2019 21:58:55
2217 forum posts
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Sorry that should be 10:30

fly-navy23/05/2019 21:49:29
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Got back from two glorious weeks in Scotland to find letter waiting for me to see consultant today. Had a good talk with him and he said my elevated levels could well be to do with the medication for rheu arth, but I will give you a full examination.So madam leaves the room, trousers and kecks down on the bed did a lot of external pushing and prodding asking about any pain I said none whatsoever, then the sound of rubber gloves being snapped on,"Lie on your side please with your knees towards your chin", could feel the examination and said I felt no pain when he asked. Got dressed he said everything was fine as far as he could tell, prostrate was smooth with no roughness. Two options he said, we can monitor with blood tests on a regular basis or I can get an MRI. I said he was the expert what does he recommend, get an MRI then I will be 100% sure, then in future any small increase in psa levels we will know we need not be too concerned.

Boy did the roses smell sweet when we got home, go to Devon in few weeks time so thats going to be a goodun. Just got to get another injection into my eyeball next friday now, getting old"s a bitch isn"t d

SR 7123/05/2019 23:33:52
280 forum posts
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Well done John I'm pleased it turned out good for you

Cornwall will be very nice

Have a good one

fly-navy24/05/2019 00:29:17
395 forum posts
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Cheers Tony, Cornwall is in September mate, Devon next.

Fired them Lanc engines up yet nerd

SR 7124/05/2019 01:24:10
280 forum posts
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Yes John I have, with.the gear you sent, but could only get 1600 batteries, still having the same problem

Sorry to go off topic

Martian24/05/2019 10:14:06
2217 forum posts
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Brilliant  news John hope the mri goes equally well

Edited By Martian on 24/05/2019 10:14:54

spudsy24/05/2019 16:34:06
21 forum posts

Wotto chaps, in the toilet at a sports centre yesterday and saw a poster that said ' you have a one in eight chance of prostate cancer,'

That's odds of 87:5 to 1. That you won't have a problem.

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