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TV Licence petition

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Doc Marten12/06/2019 16:26:23
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Whilst you're all revved up in a petition frenzy:


Peter Christy12/06/2019 16:35:34
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First, I must declare an interest: Many, many years ago, I worked for the Beeb as an engineer. I can assure you that not everyone at the Beeb is on a massive salary. One of the reasons I left is because I could double my salary working for ITV!

Don't blame this license mess on the Beeb! Originally, the government paid for the license fee of entitled pensioners. Then, because of austerity, they foisted it off onto the BBC. The BBC had no say whatsoever on the matter. At the same time, they also had to fund a lot of other activities previously supported by government grant, even when that meant paying to support their commercial rivals.

It was always on the cards that they couldn't continue to do this, and do all the other things they are required to do, indefinitely. They are a broadcaster, not a charity.

The license fee exemption should be funded by the government, as it was originally. The government palmed it off on the BBC in the full knowledge that this day would come, but that someone else could take the blame for it.

This is the governments fault, pure and simple NOT the BBC's.



Doc Marten12/06/2019 16:41:27
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Shouldn't the Beeb have been doing as the commercial stations do for funding rather than rely on the government if it was always on the cards?

will -012/06/2019 16:48:09
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i don't see why i should pay for old people to watch TV if they can afford to pay for it themselves

tin hat on

Edited By will -0 on 12/06/2019 16:48:27

Peter Christy12/06/2019 16:57:15
1669 forum posts
Posted by Doc Marten on 12/06/2019 16:41:27:

Shouldn't the Beeb have been doing as the commercial stations do for funding rather than rely on the government if it was always on the cards?

That, again, is a government decision, not the Beeb's. And again, I point out that the Beeb is now required to subsidise some commercial stations - Welsh language ones, for example. That is something that ITV could well afford to do, but the government has decreed that it must come from the license fee.

Level playing fields? We've heard of them!



SR 7112/06/2019 17:01:20
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Well I would sooner pay for our old people to watch tv

Than I would pay for all the foreigners that are here getting free treatment on the NHS, helping overcrowd our hospitals

Nigel R12/06/2019 17:03:52
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The BBC does do some of what commercial stations do, it sells a lot of its content to other broadcasters and on DVD release (etc).

Pete, of course it isn't a level playing field. The BBC has a massive, free, guaranteed income - unlike actual commercial broadcasters. All it has to do to collect it is administer the TV license, mainly by unsavoury letters threatening the use of (and eventually actually using) very dodgy debt collectors on people who don't or can't pay. In fact that wing of it is so unpleasant, the BBC go to lengths to disassociate their 'brand' from the licensing activities.

Solly12/06/2019 17:06:14
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I'm 74 and can afford to pay a license fee, so I wouldn't object to that. The problem is that, like all nationalised industries, the BBC costs us a fortune to run. It's also supposed to be politically neutral, - well, that's a laugh. It's one of the most left wing organisations I've come across.Privatise it.

Percy Verance12/06/2019 17:13:15
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The BBC are the British Leyland of broadcasting. They ought to stand or fall, just like the other broadcasters. Make them advertise like the rest......

Nigel R12/06/2019 17:20:56
3403 forum posts
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"the BBC costs us a fortune to run"

£154 a year, if you have a colour telly, surely?

Left wing? Really? Think we've veering into politics which will get the mods upset...


edit for typo

Edited By Nigel R on 12/06/2019 17:21:45

Tom Flynn 112/06/2019 17:21:06
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I agree Solly, neutral is one thing they are not. Their political bias really winds me up. They are the same as all large companies, far too many chiefs and overpaid Indians.

if Boris wins and delivers Brexit, then the BBC should be his next challenge, as they really need a vast reorganisation from top to bottom, and made to stand on their own two feet rather than being subsidised by the poor old tax payer, who after bailing out the greedy bankers, feels that the money wasted on these 2 should go on the NHS.

Nigel R12/06/2019 17:25:20
3403 forum posts
524 photos

how did "the poor old tax payer" bail out those "greedy bankers"? which sort of Brexit is Boris delivering? a good one, a hard one, one that the EU likes?

john stones 112/06/2019 17:53:46
10848 forum posts
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face 1

i12fly12/06/2019 18:17:47
591 forum posts
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I agree with Solly. And I hate having to watch their adverts - for themselves. They may as well have commercial adverts and reduce the licence fee.

It seems that the underlying reason they have stopped subsidising the 3 million over 75's is that they have lost 3+ million people who have cancelled in the last few years, people who 'don't watch live telly'.

Oh, and I'm quite a way off being 75, so it doesn't affect me - perhaps I should keep out of the discussion, but it just seems rather mean.

Peter Christy12/06/2019 18:23:42
1669 forum posts
Posted by Solly on 12/06/2019 17:06:14:

It's also supposed to be politically neutral, - well, that's a laugh. It's one of the most left wing organisations I've come across.Privatise it.

Have you ever watched Channel 4 News? (and yes, I've worked for them too!)



Cliff Bastow12/06/2019 18:23:59
848 forum posts
434 photos

if this helps you decide,

Over 60 MPS have claimed for tv licences on there expences allegedly, Prisoners in prison get free tv but a D-Day veteran cant?

Make of it what you will.

kevin b12/06/2019 18:44:10
1706 forum posts
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Coo, a double whammy.

Drone registering and TV licences.

This should keep the mods busy. devil

J D 812/06/2019 18:49:19
1356 forum posts
78 photos

Might it be possible to divert some of the votes to the drone petition /devil

Tom Flynn 112/06/2019 18:50:20
72 forum posts
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Nigel R

i think you will find that Alister Darling launched a £500 billion rescue package to the Bankers(W) , which saw the tax payer pick up large shares of many major banks. This money which came out of the country’s budget has led, still going on today, to the underfunding that every service this country has depended on. The NHS being the major victim, without going on about policing, special needs, libraries etc.

Pete B - Moderator12/06/2019 18:54:11
7616 forum posts
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Posted by Nigel R on 12/06/2019 17:20:56:

Left wing? Really? Think we've veering into politics which will get the mods upset...

Well worth a mention, Nigel, we are keeping an eye on things....wink 2

The saddest thing of all is that we are all suffering from a government policy of 'divide and rule', it would seem. I don't think I've ever seen the country so split between generations, let alone classes...sad


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