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Phil's F-86 Sabre build thread

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Phil Cooke18/05/2020 12:59:18
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1824 photos

The sun was out so it was a good chance to rig the model in full to take stock of my position... still a number of jobs to do all over, only the tailplanes, rudder and drop tanks are finished and ready for paint - but nice to bring all the bits together and have a general walk around.

rigged shot 1.jpg

rigged shot 2.jpg

Hmm, not sure my drop tanks sit at quite the right angle they should be a bit more nose down IMO...not easy to change now.

rigged shot 3.jpg

Peter Garsden18/05/2020 15:31:20
1729 forum posts
1301 photos

That's the difference between you and me you see Phil. Tanks look perfect to me says the man who just about knows the difference between Spitfires and Hurricanes. As Ivan keeps telling me "you won't know the difference when it is flying past at top speed." Wings look a lovely tight fit. You won't need filler fairing pieces like I did. Mind you I am on with my Jart and finished a month ago.

Was flying yesterday at the Mermaid but social distancing makes launching other people's models difficult.

What say we all to this? Is it allowed if one wears gloves?

Edited By Peter Garsden on 18/05/2020 15:32:13

dirk tinck18/05/2020 23:20:07
628 forum posts
861 photos

Hi Phil ,

Your tanks look just about perfect to me ,especially from above ! They sure look big ,seen from the side though...

Phil Cooke18/05/2020 23:52:43
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

Yeah they do look massive in the profile shot, I think its just an optical illusion - the photo was taken with an i-phone and I was close to the wingtip - which is why the tip looks like it goes as far back as the tailplane - the tanks appear bigger than they really are!

Phil Cooke20/05/2020 21:23:10
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

Belly pan all sanded to profile and shaped front and back to blend into the fus.

belly pan 1.jpg

The belly pan gets very thin towards the front where 1/8" balsa was more than required with the excess sanded away. The nylon bolts go through the additional thin balsa veneer needed at the back and torque down onto the ply. Just a smudge of filler required and its ready for glass!

belly pan 2.jpg

Phil Cooke23/05/2020 18:20:57
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

With the wing location all complete I could finally close up the fuselage and complete the planking around the lower waist!

planking ends.jpg

I've also filler primed and then sanded back the drop tanks - needs another coat and another sand before the final primer. The pylons are masked off as they still need to be glassed.

drop tanks paint 1.jpg

Phil Cooke23/05/2020 19:52:36
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

Just wanted to credit Phil at Fighteraces for some 'ace' service.

Running fast out of skinning resin, and with the fuselage, fin and pylons still to glass, I placed an order yesterday afternoon at 1pm. Phil emailed me within the hour to say the package would be boxed and shipped that afternoon, and this was with me before 9am this morning! Awesome job!


Callsign Tarnish23/05/2020 20:21:05
103 forum posts
2 photos

Best resin I've used yes

Craig Carr23/05/2020 20:59:33
708 forum posts
504 photos
Posted by Callsign Tarnish on 23/05/2020 20:21:05:

Best resin I've used yes

Plus one laugh Been using it for years now .... best of the best

cracking modelling work there phil yes

Phil Cooke24/05/2020 17:26:43
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

Some work finishing off the wing saddle today.

The method of matching the fuselage to the wing with its complex dihedral and anhedral shaped zones was pinched from the learning gained in the build blogs of Harry Twist, Dirk Tinck and Steve McLaren. Good stuff gents!

So having just overcut the fus sides to ensure the bolted wing is sat onto the inner ply formers - which act as incidence guides - the gaps had to be evened up and opened up to allow some 1/16" balsa to be glued in whilst sat on the wing and clamped.

At the start the wing gap was just big enough to get a course grit paper in. With that cleaned up and free to move along the entire chord front to back I glued the paper to some 1/64 ply, creating effectively an abrasive feeler gauge.

wing blend 1.jpg

That was then used to open up the gap a little more, incrementally - each time it became fully free along the chord I added another shim of 1/64" ply to the bottom of the tool, until eventually I could get 1/16th balsa in the gap smoothly all the way along.

wing blend 2.jpg

The top wing skin was taped to ensure I didnt glue the wing to the fus in the next step. I made up some 1/16th balsa caps which with the wing off again were glued onto the base of the fuselage side and up against the ply formers using PVA. Whilst the glue was still wet I carefully added the wing and bolted it up - pinching the balsa caps at the required angle. I've left them over size to allow for a little 'ooze' - they will be sanded back flush with the fus apart from the last 70mm or so at the T/E which will form the base of the little wing fillet. There is evidently no fillet needed forward of that - the wing apprears to run straight into the fuselage with a sharp angle.

wing blend 3.jpg

Phil Cooke24/05/2020 20:08:50
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

Lifting the wing back off once the caps had dried revealed the improved wing seat - still a little fragile at the extreme front and rear as the 1/16" balsa is left somewhat cantilevered and is in need of some little internal fillet blocks to make it more robust.

wing blend 4.jpg

Sanded back to the fus profile leaving some stock for the fillets at the T/E

wing blend 5.jpg

A good match! Just need to block in at the front and rear when the little fillets and L/E extensions are done. Will have to work on the fillets next as they are very fragile in their current state when the wing is off.

wing blend 6.jpg

Edited By Phil Cooke on 24/05/2020 20:10:36

Phil Cooke25/05/2020 20:44:53
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

Front wing blends done today, cut from an oversize section of aileron stock.  These took way too long when you look at the finished article, in truth they are complex little bleeders and the sanding of them (particularly the top side up against the re-entrant fuselge section) is tricky without damaging he surrounding parts. I was very glad I'd glassed my wings in advance.

Lined with 1/32" ply at the rear - which also hampered the final shaping exercise.

front wing blend.jpg

A little filler needed to achieve the smooth blend.

front wing blend 2.jpg

front wing blend 3.jpg

Job done, now onto the Trailing Edge fillets.

Edited By Phil Cooke on 25/05/2020 20:47:38

Peter Garsden26/05/2020 10:40:32
1729 forum posts
1301 photos

Great work as usual Phil.

I know exactly what you mean about blending the wing into the fuselage front and back which is made so much more complicated by the circular shape of the fuselage. Being a sloven and a heathen without your immaculate patience, I decided that the job of carving 3D shapes out of balsa with the attendant problem of thin balsa flaking, I decided to use milliput putty, which was so much easier. It may however be a bit heavier. That was the downside, also not really sandable, so you have to smooth it out with wet fingers before it sets, but you have 3 hours.

It is all on my blog - **LINK** if any of you keenies are as lacking in patience and want to finish 2nd?

McG 696926/05/2020 17:30:54
3244 forum posts
1230 photos

Unbelievable again, Phil. cool

I'm staring at your pics with frozen eyes and reading your words with half open mouth...

I can't imagine I still have to perform all that... being left till now with not even half a wing built and still a third of the fuse to plank... blush

When did you wrote the Mass build fly-in will be... ??? ...



Phil Cooke26/05/2020 21:34:30
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

Thanks for the comments Gents.

Chris, the Mass Build will be put back until a time when we can ensure everyone who wishes to take part in our event is free to travel to the UK from abroad and to enter Wales to fly. At present both are denied by the current situation, Wales is still on lockdown and it is an offence to cross the border for non essential activities like gliding.

Publically we've stated on the PSSA website September, but I already know of an important issue why potentially that will be pushed back to a later event. We have a planned fly-in in October too, which we could target, although by then the nights draw in pretty quick and our competition day wont quite feel like it should with the long, balmy summer afternoons and evenings.

So for now, in your mind, please target 5th/6th September as the date - with a high likelyhood that gets moved back to October 10th/11th. Either way, still plenty of build time left for the Sabres!

Edited By Phil Cooke on 26/05/2020 21:34:56

Phil Cooke26/05/2020 21:51:40
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

The rear fillets have proven tough to model accurately, I've done my best from the various photos I'd collected but in hindsight I dont think I've got the angle of the little ply base plates quite just right in pitch, I think mine are too flat and co-planar with the underside of the wing (which aerodynamically made sense to me!?)

Anyway, on with the pictorial description.

First, little ply base plates were cut to size from 1/32" and glued to the fuselage only.

rear fillets 1.jpg

From the other side they sit onto the balsa wing root fillet base creating a little step for the wing T/E to sit flush into.

rear fillets 2.jpg

The final shape and finish would be formed in P38, but to minimise the volume (and weight) of filler, balsa sheet was used to block out the void, leaving effectively only a 'skim' needed to finish the form.

rear fillets 3.jpg

Filler was applied upto a taped edge and then sanded back to form the flat section up front and then the concave radius at the rear. Again not easy to do without sanding the fuselage where it doesnt need it!

rear fillets 4.jpg

rear fillets 5.jpg

All done on one side, the next trick is to make another just like in on the other side!

Edited By Phil Cooke on 26/05/2020 21:56:26

dirk tinck26/05/2020 22:40:15
628 forum posts
861 photos

Great work Phil !The wing fit looks a lot like mine !I'm glad most builders unlike me still find the courage to go on in these weird times.Guess i need to re- find the right pace ....

Austin Massey 127/05/2020 19:27:26
13 forum posts
2 photos

Don't lose your Mojo Dirk - you and Phil are my gurus.

I continue to make mistakes but still slogging on.

The lockdown has saved me the embarassment of not finishing on time, although it could still happen.


Phil Cooke28/05/2020 15:07:26
2591 forum posts
1824 photos

Dont worry too much Austin - there are many in the same boat of 'not finishing by the original target date' - myself included!! No problems - our event won't be for some months yet!!

With the brilliant pilot supplied 3D printed by Andy Meade - I had to sand him down a little to achieve the correct height in his seat, I also had to remove his legs below the knee to get him in up against the console I'd built. He got a good coat of primer today in readiness for some top coat paint and detail.

pilot paint 1.jpg

John Donohoe30/05/2020 20:32:29
10 forum posts
1 photos

Hi phil, have you got any total weight on the model yet. Thanks John

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