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Fieseler Storch

HobbyKing version

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Martin McIntosh15/08/2019 20:16:45
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Got one of those Hatori tubes Don, but the cowl is so shallow that even with other elbows I doubt if it could be fitted.

Anyway, that is a long way off to worry about just yet.

Martin McIntosh15/08/2019 21:32:59
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

Started to watch more of those videos and they are very informative indeed so far. Many possible pitfalls pointed out already and I am only on No. 6.

Martin McIntosh18/08/2019 14:42:45
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

Now that I have the basic fus. structure together I realised that those T nuts should in fact be fitted from the underside since the u/c must bolt on from the inside! Much debonder required.

Martin McIntosh22/08/2019 11:22:50
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

Some pics of the fus. ready to start covering. Added the parts to fill in the voids as per the videos and changed the front a little by widening the gap to accept a small tank.

fieseler storch 010.jpg

fieseler storch 011.jpg

fieseler storch 012.jpg

Now looking at the tail, you can see a few glaring omissions regarding the laser cutting. I shall simply chop off the ears and glue the parts together.

fieseler storch 009.jpg

The videos show the guy covering this without the sheeting but this is quality light balsa so I shall use it.

Colin Bernard22/08/2019 11:25:56
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Its coming on nicely!

Martin McIntosh27/08/2019 19:17:28
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

Got the fus. minus all wing fixings and cockpit done and ready for covering the initial parts and was looking forward to the videos of the wing construction, but alas they just jump to a completed wing so a waste of time.

The tail, elevators, fin and rudder may as well have been made from 1/4" sheet; at least this could be shaped a little instead of having very thick TE`s. After all, why use three parts when thirty will do. A bit like a dreaded Guillows kit where the c.a. weighs more than the wooden bits.

The wing has a drawing showing the rib positions but otherwise can be likened to a thousand part jigsaw puzzle without a picture to go by.

I bought six servos for the wing but when they arrived they were analogue MG, not my usual digis. Wondered why they were so cheap so got six slim wing servos which will make installation much simpler. Three of the others will be fine in the fus.

Now getting the ribs sorted out and ready for fitting after I have figured out what goes where and in which order.

Wish me luck.

Martin McIntosh05/09/2019 20:10:54
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

OK, got two wing halves made up. More errors and things to watch out for, particularly fitting the hardwood piece W20 at the outset. I firstly pinned down the rear under spar ensuring that it was straight because everything else depends on this. Then W20 (there are also two other parts called W20!), slid the ribs over the carbon tube, added the top spar and the inner LE, pinned it all down and tack glued the lot with thin c.a. Added the hardwood ribs at the root and made up and fitted the tips. There is a small reference to W7-1 and W7-1 short. They look the same before removing from the sheet but they are not. Easily fixed.

You need to know which way to put the LE on as the pics. do not agree with each other, so before the above I made up the slats to ensure that the horn cutouts aligned correctly. These are quite tricky since you need to plane and sand two bits of square wood to the shape of a comma. Masking tape helped on the second one to prevent grooving the larger piece. Hindsight.

The front of the LE is W9-1 which was fine on the first half but the other one is actually marked W8.

Went over all joints with R/C Modellers` glue.

This is a really strong (and heavy) wing and I can see no need for a full span carbon tube.

Started to modify the servo mounts ready to fit but watch out because the drawing shows them one way round and the pic. of installed servos differently.

I still have a huge amount of unused bits. Next will be the wing centre sections.


It is fairly obvious that the manufacturer has not made up a production version of this otherwise these errors would have been picked up. Reminds me of my HK Lanc. which could not possibly fly as supplied but is actually quite good when modified.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 05/09/2019 20:17:44

Martyn K07/09/2019 20:44:38
5087 forum posts
3681 photos

This is one on my wish list Martin. Following with interest


Martin McIntosh07/09/2019 21:40:49
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

Got mine from HK EU about £85 post free.

Looks like I am the only one to have sheeted the tail and fin.

Now playing around with how to fit the OS52. It will be angled so that the silencer will clear some u/c parts and will probably have to split the cowl horizontally so that it clears the cylinder head without too much more chopping about.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 07/09/2019 21:49:16

Martian07/09/2019 21:48:49
2540 forum posts
1169 photos

H K are out of stock try Bangood

Martin McIntosh29/09/2019 15:32:56
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

Have now done a lot more work on this. If anyone thinks that it is a slot together then simply add c.a. then think again. Even at the stage it is at now I still seem to have a multitude of parts which must be to do with the u/c.


fieseler storch 013.jpg

fieseler storch 014.jpg

fieseler storch 015.jpg


fieseler storch 016.jpg

fieseler storch 017.jpg

The fus. has been covered, including the wing stubs prior to fitting. 184 tiny screws holding the glazing in place seemed to take forever. The motor has been squeezed in but I had to cut the cowl in half. It does not look too clever at the moment but it will have to do.

As you can see above, the tail and elevators do not match up so I added a couple of bits of wood. I really should have binned everything at the tail end and re made from 1/4" balsa: at least I could then have given them some proper shape.

Trying to find and cut out the hinge slots in the wing Solartex was also a tedious job. The bits of ribs where the slat hinges go keep breaking so I shall probably remove them all and replace with 2mm spacers between the glued in parts of the hinges which should make final assembly easier too. Getting the 2mm hinge screws fitted with minimal play should be interesting. Will most likely paint them black and assemble with a smear of petroleum jelly.

I shall bash on.

Edited By Martin McIntosh on 29/09/2019 15:33:52

Martin McIntosh30/09/2019 18:52:11
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

A bit more. Got the appendages fitted to one wing panel without actually gluing the pivot bolts. These needed careful adjustment to make them free without slop. I shall probably remake the horns because the supplied ones will most likely just fall off as in the Captain Rob video.

Also shaped the tail and elevator LE`s and got that lot covered.

Martin McIntosh25/10/2019 15:20:19
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

After a disproportionate amount of effort I now have this thing as far as I intend to go before attempting to fly it.

I found it necessary to modify a great number of parts, mainly the control horns. I had to discard the supplied ones because they are nowhere near long enough and easily fall off anyway. You can see from the pics. that I needed to use a ball link on the tops of the ailerons because they cannot work if built as per plan. The holes in the centre parts of the hinges are far too large for 2mm bolts and caused lots of play so I bushed them with brass tubing - a long job. The tailwheel was discarded and substituted with a HK one.

Found that the Flying Legends example is in dark grey only so this suited me fine. The German crosses from HK are not scale but saved a lot of time.

The cg has turned out a tad rearwards with an empty tank but worth a try as it is. The motor has not been run for years so fingers crossed.

Some pics.

fieseler storch 018.jpg

fieseler storch 019.jpg

fieseler storch 020.jpg

fieseler storch 021.jpg

fieseler storch 022.jpg

fieseler storch 023.jpg

fieseler storch 025.jpg

fieseler storch 027.jpg

Lots of wiring for those nine channels.

fieseler storch 027.jpg

fieseler storch 026.jpg

The flaps in their various stages.

fieseler storch 028.jpg

fieseler storch 029.jpg

fieseler storch 030.jpg

Anyone still thinking of building one of these I would say forget about it, and if you already have the kit then try to flog it to some mug!

Colin Leighfield25/10/2019 16:23:41
6000 forum posts
2504 photos

You have a result though Martin, your perseverance shows through! What is the finished weight? It could turn out to be a decent flyer!

Andy Joyce25/10/2019 17:15:41
266 forum posts
54 photos

Well done Martin, at least you have a completed model. Still have a long way to go on my build which has a slightly larger wing span of around 86".

Tank has been constructed and the radio gear is now well tucked away under the cockpit floor.

Currently stuck on the wing struts as need something strong as it will be functional and will take the flight and landing loads.dsc01085 (medium).jpgdsc01087 (medium).jpg

dsc01088 (medium).jpg

Edited By Andy Joyce on 25/10/2019 17:16:08

Martyn K25/10/2019 19:03:29
5087 forum posts
3681 photos

That looks great Martin

Well done for persevering. Hope the maiden goes well


Martin McIntosh25/10/2019 19:35:32
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

Looks like you are onto a winner there with one that size Andy.

Mine is 2.38kg, about 5.16lb, rather more than they estimated as usual but should be fine.

I have left off the dangley bits as yet, also the tail supports because they would do nothing and just push the cg even more rearward. I have loads of laser cut bits left over and no clue as to what they were intended for.

A slight problem. Even though I thought that I had set everything up ready to go, when I came to final assembly and testing, the left LE and flaps went the wrong way and the travel was a mile out. Obviously my error and in future must do this before I have a celebratory beer.

TN Concorde plan is already on the building board for scrutiny: fans, esc`s and most of the wood to hand.

Vecchio Austriaco13/07/2020 11:25:36
1513 forum posts
716 photos

Hi Martin,

Any further input? Did it fly? Is it in the aeroplane heaven?

Why I am asking? I have one on my workbench... Must have had a weak moment, got a 200€ voucher for my 60th birthday from an Austrian shop. Sounds a lot, doesn't buy a lot... I was actually looking for a 1.8m version which wasn't in stock so I went for the DW Hobby one and invested the rest into 4cell 3000mAh lipos. Worst lipos I ever had, the capacity is probably 2200 but never 3000. Well, they do not blow up, so when you know it they are good for a 5 min flight with my Sebart Sukoi 29 30e.

So back to the kit. It sat under my desk for a long time, and after my 61st birthday I decided it is time to give it a go. Got myself 8 banggood 14g servos, digital and MG, we will see how good they really are. I made already a few building mistakes before I found the geeky (RC geeks) video build description. This was helpful, but you need some patience to look at all 35 parts... Wood is more or less ready and ground to shape. I looked for green Oratex - found a good price, ordered it - 3 weeks after I got the money back. Not so good. Went to Al's hobbies, of course not in stock. They checked the delivery time for me - more than a month... so I went for natural, a) because I have a meter or so at home and b) there is either the Rommel version (desert camouflage) or I can spray it.

The description booklet coming with the kit is rubbish, to say something nice. The really important bits, like a sequence of parts or what not to glue, is not in it. Also I have the problem of finding a lot of parts in the box where I do not know where they belong to. The fuselage is extremely strong with 4 CF profiles in it. so is the wing, with a CF tube over the whole length. Necessary? This is not a 3D model... I suppose in the end it will not be STOL, it will be happy if it is flying at all... Some photos to follow.


Martin McIntosh13/07/2020 16:30:33
3471 forum posts
1216 photos

Yesterday saw ideal conditions to test mine but I had a couple of motors to sort out so it did not happen. I shall get a chance in the week coming. Best of luck with yours.

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