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Chris McG F-86 Sabre Dog build blog

my first attempt to a soaring bird for the PSSA MB 2020?

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Flyer03/04/2020 12:35:26
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Posted by McG 6969 on 03/04/2020 12:12:46:

Thank you for your kind words, Ade.

Partly due to that detailing, my progress is even slower at the moment.

But anyway, there's no reason to have a 'rush' at the moment, is there?

How are your builds progressing? Any updates concerning your canopy 'plug'?.



Canopy plugs under construction. Will post some progress pictures in due course. Just been spending time with the airbrakes hinge and actuation. Again, pictures of that pending.



McG 696903/04/2020 20:04:29
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Hi again,

Not an enormous progress, but for me some kind of a milestone anyway.

I had the definitive shape of the canopy adjusted to the Dogs fuselage with just a bit of sanding of the acetate at the back.


The front part was OK and I only needed to refine the transition to the front balsa triangles.

A bit of shaping and a smear of lightweight filler where needed.

As you might have noticed, Maj. Yvan Deprins started to get ‘mutilated’ a bit as well. More about him later on… angel


For those interested, when I have to use lightweight filler - mine is Red Devil Onetime - I always mix it with PVA diluted at 20 - 25 % as it sticks a lot better to balsa or ply and sanding remains a doddle. yes

Hakuna matata but keep safe


BRU - BE / CTR PVA Control

john stones 103/04/2020 20:18:31
11456 forum posts
1516 photos

That's good Chris. smiley

Martian03/04/2020 20:51:29
2485 forum posts
1163 photos

Loving your meticulous work Chris

Edited By Martian on 03/04/2020 20:51:57

McG 696904/04/2020 18:47:08
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Thank you both, gents.

No progress at La Grotte today as we had some ' priority' household - read terrace - jobs to handle.

Really enjoyable weather outdoors as well... angel

Cheers & keep safe


Dwain Dibley.04/04/2020 18:55:09
1410 forum posts
1405 photos

Hi Chris, I am very impressed with what you are doing Matey.

I have been off the scene for a while, had a seizure due to stress at work, but ok now, I could not drive for six months, so all activity was on hold, back in my van now and thinking of what I can build with the balsa stock I have as there is nowhere to buy wood except online.

Anyway, well done again so far. Keep up the Excellent work Dood.......thumbs upsmile d


McG 696905/04/2020 10:08:28
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Hi Dwain,

Some time ago, I had wondered why you seemed 'vanished' from the forum threads.

So glad to see that you are back now and that everything is OK again. yes

If you fancy building a WW1 type monoplane, have a look at my Vicomte 1916 blog. No intricate parts, only one type of ribs and 1/4" sticks fuselage. An easy but rewarding build with not a lot of balsa required. smiley.

I'll get my Vicky back on the bench as soon as I finish the Dog.

Thanks for stopping by, young man.

Cheers & keep safe now.


dirk tinck05/04/2020 14:56:36
590 forum posts
822 photos

Anyway, well done again so far. Keep up the Excellent work Dood.......

Do they now want you to'' die'' Chris ?sarcasticsarcasticHahaaaaaaaa

Your pilot has the virus i think....

McG 696906/04/2020 13:08:34
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Not sure if someone is wanting me to 'die', Dirk. surprise

I presume the word 'dood', that Dwain used, has no relation with the Flemish/Dutch 'dood' meaning 'death', but is just some (British?) urban adaptation of the American 'dude'... wink

Well, I don't know if Yvan is contaminated already, but for sure he had some major surgery recently...



McG 696906/04/2020 20:05:45
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Hello to all,

The ‘small bits’ duty goes on in La Grotte.

The main operation was a major surgery for Yvan, the driver.

As he came very cheap from Freewing, some details could/should be corrected. frown

He was looking straight in front of him. Full size pilots are continuously ‘scanning’ the sky from left to right - or the other way around if you prefer - even with slow Ultralight machines. First thing was decapitating him (gently) and twist his head for a few degrees. A lot more ‘natural’. cool

His oxygen tube was squeezed into his chest so was removed as well. Same with his sea life vest which is never used for demo flights by the BAF. Thanks Mr Dremel… yes


I made a new oxygen tube with a length of mains wire ‘spiraled’ with some thin board wire and held in place with a lick of epoxy and some heat shrink tubing.

For Yvan’s safety belt, I prepared some strips of artist canvas. They are too wide so far but the wave of the canvas is a perfect scale imitation for the belts.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Oxygen Control

Phil Cooke06/04/2020 21:00:00
2551 forum posts
1796 photos

The canopy work looks great Chris - look forward to seeing your corrected pilot and cockpit detailing soon!

Mark Elen06/04/2020 21:22:16
522 forum posts
1021 photos

Hi Chris,

Beautifully detailed work, as alwaysyes

Stay Safe



McG 696907/04/2020 13:39:28
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Thank you, gents.

I only wish I could build as neat as both of you. cool

But still learning... maybe one day...

Cheers & keep safe


McG 696907/04/2020 20:27:04
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Hello again,

‘Small bits duty’ part #2.

I started to concentrate on the cockpit furniture and had to have a careful introspective journey into my SHD - aka the Specialty Hoarding Drawers. cool


From left to right >

- the ‘backplate’ (styrene) behind the seat with the spare oxygen bottle (beech dowel) and the radio console (ABS & styrene bits)

- some wiring and connections (mains mono-strand)

- fixations (styrene tubing) for the different parts

- the ADF beacon/antenna (led) & its support (balsa & styrene)

- the camera mount (styrene) for the front console

All together, it took the same time to prepare those bits as building half a Dog wing… ppfff frown

Hakuna matata, but keep safe, gents


BRU - BE / CTR Furniture Control

Dave Cunnington07/04/2020 20:57:05
171 forum posts
57 photos

So where are your time constraints - surely it's good to keep yourself occupied

Great looking jobs by the way

McG 696908/04/2020 11:59:14
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Thanks for visiting, Dave.

No deadline indeed, but sóó much things to do keeping me 'very' occupied... angel



Phil Cooke08/04/2020 13:53:49
2551 forum posts
1796 photos

looks like you're going to have a very detailed cockpit area Chris, that looks awesome! Are you working from a decent collection of photos or a good drawing to gain all this scale finesse?

Edited By Phil Cooke on 08/04/2020 13:54:06

Phil Cooke08/04/2020 14:36:44
2551 forum posts
1796 photos

This is the clearest diagram I've found, albeit the canopy is slid back so you have to interpolate the positions of the hardware rear of the seat!

cockpit detail 1.jpg

McG 696908/04/2020 20:18:19
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Hi Phil and thanks for your posts.

Yep, I’m trying to give the cockpit a bit of ‘furniture’. angel

I have a few cockpit photos from various angles and I’m trying not to give too much credit to ‘drawings’.

The main problem I have is that there are not too much usable pics for the Dog. A lot less info than for the ‘normal’ F-86.

They are totally different animals in a lot of areas, including the cockpit. For example, the canopy ‘silhouette’ looks the same but the canopy ‘frame’ is totally different. Also, the F-86 canopy is sliding backwards where the Dog’s canopy is tilting upwards. Probably one of the reasons the frame is very different from the one to the other.

To make it even ‘funnier’, there are numerous differences between the Dog versions. They all seem to have the same ejection seat - different to the F-86 – except that some versions, like my ‘K’-version, can eject through the canopy in case of malfunction.

While trying to ‘sculpt’ Yvan’s seat belt buckles (5 by 3mm) today, I thought I have to stop somewhere… as I still have that second half wing to start building… frown

Cheers & just keep safe


McG 696910/04/2020 19:13:24
3177 forum posts
1199 photos

Hi there,

Well still quite busy with those cockpit small bits.

With a lot of different paint layers to get dry resulting in a very slow process, I made a start with the canopy frame.


The fiberglass was first sanded back - using car shop Scotch Brite - on both sides as it’s a lot easier to do when still ‘complete’. smiley

It then received two layers of build up filler on the outside to stop the part being still ‘translucent’.

Time to find the ‘bisectrix’ (?) with the assistance of small parcel binders able to follow a convex curve very easily.


The only thing to remember is to trace the line on the correct side of the guide… angel

Hakuna matata, but keep it safe yes


BRU - BE / CTR Right Side Control

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