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Returning to the hobby

Advice on repairing a kit and on choosing a new radio

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Ron Gray05/04/2020 18:15:19
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A picture, or pictures, paints a thousand words, creating a basic model in OpenTx on a Taranis using the default settings (so no need to change anything)









It took longer to post this than to create the model.


Cor I really am clever!

Edited By Ron Gray on 05/04/2020 18:15:35

Edited By Ron Gray on 05/04/2020 18:16:56

Denis Watkins05/04/2020 18:29:15
4334 forum posts
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Apologies if you read me wrong Ron, I was not making fun.

There are those who cannot do what you just did with a Transmitter.

Paul Marsh05/04/2020 19:12:27
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Posted by Ron Gray on 05/04/2020 16:30:30:

I know this will open a can of worms and it's been the subject of many previous posts, but what you have just said Paul is, tbh, rubbish. You do not need to know coding and basic programming logic to setup models in FrSky OS or OpenTx, you just need to be able to follow and on screen wizard! New models can be created, following the wizard, in about 3 minutes!

We'll see...wink

There was a guy in our club bought a Graupner MZ24 HOTT, and he never switched it on(or had trouble doing), he couldn't In the end he did manage to sell it, 1/5 of the price he bought it, and it was never used not even once.

kc05/04/2020 20:07:03
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I am with Paul on this one - and the advantage of having Spektrum or Futaba near basic Tx is that someone at the flightline will likely know them but not Taranis. Simpler the better and less things to alter is best in my view.

Ron Gray05/04/2020 20:24:20
1920 forum posts
799 photos

@Dennis, no problem, I took it as you mentioned it!

Funny about others on the Flightline, a club member (In his 80s) commented you me that he’d heard that a Taranis was a difficult to master Tx. I gave him mine and showed him what the buttons did then asked him to create a new model. Second attempt he did it then said he didn’t know what the fuss was about, it’s easy! But of course he had been listening to all those so called experts! I think the pictures above speak for themselves, you can’t get much easier.

At the end of the day we all have our preferences, I’ve had Futaba and have used Spektrum and they are both great systems and like the Taranis (and other FrSky kit) handle basic, simple setups really well. From my perspective I needed a system that could handle a lot more than that so roll up FrSky and Jeti.

buster prop05/04/2020 21:26:08
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Ok, creating a new model and binding receivers seems pretty straightforward. If you can use Taranis like that without getting into LUA scripts, bootloaders, flashing and all other mysteries that I read about then fine. If I buy a Taranis transmitter which works with present receivers, will it work in a few years time with newer receivers? It’s the updating bit that worries me. I can update my Spektrum transmitterwith an SD card and it works with all my receivers. No compatibility issues or need for ‘flashing’.

Ron Gray05/04/2020 22:40:21
1920 forum posts
799 photos

That's the problem Buster, you only hear of the 'problems' which usually happen when people don't follow the instructions or advice given by some very helpful people here on this forum! Will it work in a few years time with newer RXs? all I can say is that I've had my 'older' Taranis for 4 years and have about 40+ RXs, some old, some new but all are working with the 'old Taranis, the new Taranis and the Horus. Have I had to flash any off them, yep, was it a problem, nope, I flash the RXs using the TX. I download the new firmware, copy it onto the TX (SD card), plug the RX into the TX then flash. There are loads and loads of videos on Youtube showing how to do it if your are a bit anxious! But remember, you don't have to keep up to date with the latest firmware, if the version you have works for you then fine.

You mentioned LUA scripts, of course that is where the likes of OpenTx and Jeti come into their own as that gives them fantastic power and flexibility. I use LUA scripts for the programming for my F3K and F5J gliders, hellishly complex programs (over 30 odd mixes, flight modes etc) but all made really easy by the use of LUA. But you don't have to use it!!!!

cymaz05/04/2020 22:54:15
9196 forum posts
1186 photos

I like the idea of being able to set up a plane, see the controls work and all auxiliary switches on a lap top and then load it onto the Tx. Anyone do that?

Having just written the above, I’m not going to spend hours/days swapping all my fleet onto a new Tx and buy new Rxs just to keep up with the latest gear. My Futaba 9cap and 2.4 module will serve for many years yet....

Ron Gray06/04/2020 07:11:13
1920 forum posts
799 photos

Oh yes, Companion (PC / MAC based software) is your friend and does exactly that, create a new model in it with all the mixes, special functions etc you want, make sure it’s correct then load onto TX. But for a lot of people they just want to use the TX, which is fine, and easy.

buster prop06/04/2020 07:53:14
495 forum posts
13 photos

Thanks for explaining that Ron. I admit I've been put off Taranis by reading about the hassles people have. I can see that it's possible to create your own complicated set ups which would be impossible with other radios. It depends on whether you need all that flexibility, for simpler planes I probably don't so for now I'll stay with Spektrum.

cymaz06/04/2020 07:55:31
9196 forum posts
1186 photos



YouTube can be your friend when looking up Tx set ups. Also other sites, such as, RCUniverse etc.

The video may not be your Tx but I’m sure there’ll be one

Edited By cymaz on 06/04/2020 08:02:30

Ron Gray06/04/2020 08:29:32
1920 forum posts
799 photos

@Buster - no problem, just trying to bust some of these myths that are created!

I suppose you have to ask yourself why do you want to change from your Spektrum gear, if it's only change for change sake then tbh don't! If you want a basic TX and you're happier with the 'devil you know' then stick with Spektrum, nowt wrong with them. If you want something that gives you flexibility (programming wise) and you want value for money, then FrSky, Jumper, if money aint a problem and you still want that flexibility then Jeti.

Bottom line is whatever you choose won't be a wrong choice!

gangster06/04/2020 08:30:40
1010 forum posts
17 photos

In over 40 years of rc flying I have never had any brand loyalty. I have bought my radios based on the looks, feel and functionality of the TX. In that time I have had Scratch built, kit built , Skyleader, Sanwa, Hitec, Jr and Spektrum.

Which was the best? None was better than the other. On each occaission when I went to buy a set of radio I preferred a different make. I have crashed hundreds of times but Never due to any radio related issues with the exceptions of battery and switch related issues. The last time I bought radio I Could not make my mind up between Futaba and Spektrum so bought both. Futaba T8j and Spektrum DX8. I must admit I preferred the Spekky in many ways the Futaba looked and felt cheap and tacky. But 7 years down the line both sets of radio have performed impeccably

Barrie Lever06/04/2020 09:11:54
175 forum posts
41 photos

A serious question here, particularly for the Open Source experts.

When there is catastrophic accident (fatality type) with an Open source system or a mix and match 2.4ghz setup, where does the responsibility lie assuming that the reason for the accident cannot be traced to pilot error or other clear causes?

I would have thought a lawyer would really tear into the user when it might not have been the users fault apart from running the mix and match/open source setup?

This is not particularly a concern for me as I am strictly Multiplex or Futaba but it interests me what the position regarding the above is?



Ron Gray06/04/2020 09:44:42
1920 forum posts
799 photos

I think that's a bit off topic?

Barrie Lever06/04/2020 10:35:45
175 forum posts
41 photos

Agreed, new thread started.


Paul Marsh06/04/2020 10:36:09
3969 forum posts
1190 photos

There is another thread on this forum at the moment. A ex airline pilot bought a Taranis and couldn't get his head round it! An ex airline pilot used to hierarchy process management, and gave the set to his son who could use it.

I can use it, as have a Taranis, myself, but although I know 3 programming languages (just got a Raspberry Pi up and running - my first one), and my head aches trying to do get round the logic, but once you do, far better than Spektrum and the rest, but have to get your head round it, like doing a mathematical equation , once you get it, it all falls into place.

if you prefer to fly than fiddle around, then recommended to stay clear for now.

However, if you are bored, then looks like you have plenty of time to learn

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