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Charge rate ???

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tigerman10/11/2019 14:58:20
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Know dout this has been ask before so my apologies if it has . I have just got into EDF . I am using 6s 6000 lipo and have been told to charge these battery at 2.00 on the lipo charger which I think is only 2 amps and it takes for ages .I am told if I charge these batteries any higher I will damages the lipos but I thought I could charge these 6s 6000 lipo at 6.0 on the charger which is 6 amps ,Could someone tell me what is the safest rate I can charge these lipo without damaging them is .I take a 12 v Leisure battry down the flying field with me and at 2.0 (2 amps ) it takes all afternoon to charge up one battery .Some of the members are charging there 6s 6000 lipos at 6 .0 ( 6amps ) but I have been told overtime charging them at 6 amps will do damage to the lipo ,is this correct ???

Steve Hargreaves - Moderator10/11/2019 15:14:45
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Does the 2.00 refer to the multiples of the C rating I wonder meaning you can charge it at 2C or 12A?

LiPos in my experience will take a 1C charge (ie 6A) with no problem at all with more recent ones accepting 2C (12A) & even 5C (30A) charge rates.

What make is the LiPo? What sort of discharge rate can it cope with? LiPos used in EDF tend to offer very high discharge rates of 40C, 50C, 60C or even higher.

Personally I can't see a 6A charge doing any harm at all...

Martin Harris10/11/2019 15:16:01
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Unless there's something very unusual about these particular batteries, the recommended charge rate for LiPos is 1c i.e. 6A or 6000mA

What sort of an authority has told you to limit them to 1/3 C ?

Edited By Martin Harris on 10/11/2019 15:16:45

Richard Wills 210/11/2019 15:58:40
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I have been field charging my 6s 5000 packs for the last 2 years at 25 amps, 5C. Average balance  charge is less than 15 mins. No ill effects, 100's of flights on them. 1c in my opinion is very conservative.

Edited By Richard Wills 2 on 10/11/2019 16:00:59

PatMc10/11/2019 17:50:01
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A caveat to the above advice - if your charger is limited to 50 Watts it will not charge 6s above a 2A rate.

Do you know what the limit wattage of the output is ?
If not what charger is it ?

tigerman10/11/2019 18:25:31
204 forum posts

Mmmm I am even more confused now ( that not surprising ) I have a Overlander RC 6-VSP charger and I tried to charge a 6s 4200 Lipo on 4 .0 A and when I turn the charger on it will only go up to 3.4 A .I suspect it is set that way to stop you over charging the lipo ,so 3.4 must be the limit this will charge a 6s 4200 lipo

Outrunner10/11/2019 18:48:47
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Tigerman. That is the limit of your charger. 22.2V X 3.4A = 75.48W. Your charger is rated at about 80W so you've hit the limit. If you want to charge faster you will need a more powerful charger. You are definitely not going to overcharge your 6s 6000mA pack.


Peter Christy10/11/2019 18:49:12
1729 forum posts

Watts=Volts X Amps. Your Overlander charger is rated at 80 watts. A 6S LiPo is approximately 22.5 volts (will vary slightly with charge state).

So, re-arranging the above equation to Watts / Volts = Amps, we can see that 80/22.5= 3.55 amps. In other words, the MAXIMUM current you can expect from it with a 6S LiPo is 3.55 amps.

This is very close to the figure you are getting in practice.

To charge a 6S pack at 5A you need a charger (and power supply) rated at 22.5 X 5 = 112.5W minimum. Say 120W in round figures.

(Phil beat me to it!)




Edited By Peter Christy on 10/11/2019 18:49:46

Don Fry10/11/2019 18:49:49
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3rd reinforcement of opinion.

Edited By Don Fry on 10/11/2019 18:51:24

flight110/11/2019 18:50:57
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your charger is 80w max thats your limiting factor, get a better charger that can do more amps ie 80w at 6s pack is about 22 volts so 80 divided by 22 gives 3.6 amps approx so so 6amps x 22v equals 133 watts so look for a 150watt charger or better.

hope that these basics calculations are helpful v a and watts are all relevlant to each other. any q's just post some more

Edited By flight1 on 10/11/2019 18:53:13


some on bet me to it


Edited By flight1 on 10/11/2019 18:53:42

PatMc10/11/2019 19:01:19
4326 forum posts
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For that charger the max current output is 7 Amps but the max power is 80 Watt.

This means that voltage required to charge the battery times 7A can not exceed 80 Watts.

In the case of a 6S battery - the charging voltage required will be 4.2 x 6 = 25.2 v. So the charger will limit the current to 80 Watts/25.2 v = 3A [aprox]

Edit - In case you're wondering where I got 25.2v for the battery from. A fully charged lipo cell is 4.2v, 6s = 25.2v. The charger will normally be delivering around this voltage for most of the charge period.


Edited By PatMc on 10/11/2019 19:08:44

tigerman10/11/2019 19:38:55
204 forum posts

Thanks it all makes sense now .Looks like I am in the market for a better charger then

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