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DB Hurricane paint and finish.

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Nigel R20/01/2020 17:10:35
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Posted by Don Fry on 19/01/2020 17:36:49:

That point in a build where there is a months worth of bits to do. Nothing much to show. I am amused when someone is selling a bare airframe, not fitted together, no bits done, and the say 80% complete. That is still a nice colour scheme.

To be fair (and I have kept some fairly OCD logs to back this up), if I have a bare airframe, ready to cover, I'm about three quarters done.

Note, my 'ready to cover' also means I have installed (and removed) all the electrical and motive power already. Other definitions of 'ready to cover' are possible!

The above may apply very badly to scale masterpieces with a fistful of finishing work and detail stuff.

Jon - Laser Engines20/01/2020 19:18:37
5481 forum posts
268 photos

In fairness, part of the delay is that i keep putting it together and just looking at it.

Apparently they dont build themselves no matter how long you look at them


Don Fry20/01/2020 20:22:55
4557 forum posts
54 photos

But "problems" can be solved.

My current build, not complicated, has transparent covering. So thicko here, did not anticipate that the wires have to look better than an installation by a blind man, using his feet, Jon's phrase.

The solution, 2 servos in the tail, wires through the rear fusalage, transparent covering, afterfit, is a job in progress.

Jon - Laser Engines27/01/2020 08:57:27
5481 forum posts
268 photos

Another rubbish weekend for weather meant another weekend in the building shed!

Considering the amount of time spent in there i dont have a great deal to show but that was down to a good bit of head scratching along the way.

My mission for the weekend was to open up the front of the cowl for the cooling, sort out the elevator linkage, paint/install the pilot and get going on the fin/rudder.

The cowl went well although i did make a mistake on one part so now its not straight. As it will only be obvious from one angle i couldnt be bothered to fix it.

The elevator came next and i wanted to remove the existing joiner and replace it as the one that was in there cut through the ply spar in the tail and that seemed daft.

hurri 18.jpg

Once i wrestled it out i was really glad i decided to change it as the control arm was made from warm chocolate, or at least something with that level of strength. As you can see my its being bent!

hurri 17.jpg

After some faffing around with a design i came up with a much stronger new one

hurri 19.jpg

hurri 20.jpg

hurri 21.jpg

Once all that was out of the way i finished off and covered the fin/rudder, then got started painting my pilot. i still have 3 colours to go but he was making himself at home anyway

hurri 22.jpg



Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 27/01/2020 08:58:43

SR 7127/01/2020 12:34:00
446 forum posts
140 photos

Looking good Jon, i might have to try a warbird on my next build

Jon - Laser Engines28/01/2020 08:36:56
5481 forum posts
268 photos

go for it.

I never get tired of them and i think this is my 4th Hurricane of one type or another. I also have at least another 6 large warbirds to build. I just wish i had the space/time to build and fly them all!

Chris Freeman 329/01/2020 07:02:47
353 forum posts
525 photos

Very nice Jon, I am trying not to look too much as I need to keep focussed on what I am building at the moment. That airframe has too be one of the nicest with all the stringers.

Tim Flyer29/01/2020 08:08:30
1285 forum posts
235 photos

Looks very good I think some sort of green grey Camo is fine . By the way what size engine has it got in it . I see a nice Laser V twin is already installed

Edited By Tim Flyer on 29/01/2020 08:14:34

Edited By Tim Flyer on 29/01/2020 08:15:15

Tim Flyer29/01/2020 08:24:56
1285 forum posts
235 photos

It will be interesting to see the cover plates you will be using on the cylinder head vents . It might be useful to form them from thin aluminium sheet with a slight scoop shape to grab air so it can be rammed through the fins. Without some sort of small scoop it looks like airflow inward won’t be nearly as strong with the highly profiled hurricane cowl... ...however from the photo it’s hard to get an idea of depth! 

Edited By Tim Flyer on 29/01/2020 08:26:37

Jon - Laser Engines29/01/2020 09:18:03
5481 forum posts
268 photos
Posted by Chris Freeman 3 on 29/01/2020 07:02:47:

Very nice Jon, I am trying not to look too much as I need to keep focussed on what I am building at the moment. That airframe has too be one of the nicest with all the stringers.

What are you working on?

Tim, the engine is a 240v. It took me ages (10 years) to finally make up my mind what to use. I wanted to use the 300 for the power, but it would have made a right mess of the cowling and i decided to go with the 240 as it fits so neatly. I think its going to be ok as the 240 is comparable to the zenoah 38 the model was designed for and the hurricane is no rocketship.

I have been wondering what to do with the cylinder head openings and they are likely to stay as they are. I have another air intake under the spinner and once baffled i think it will be ok

Tim Flyer29/01/2020 13:45:31
1285 forum posts
235 photos

Very nice I guess the nice short cylinders on the 240v are a real bonus for this Hurricane

Jon - Laser Engines29/01/2020 19:00:12
5481 forum posts
268 photos

Sure are. I have gone super tight with the cooling in an effort to keep the lines of the cowl as clean as i can. As you can see in the photo below there is only the small amount that the heads get to see and the little smile under the spinner. It might not look like much but once its doing 50mph it will be pretty draughty in the cowling. Once the baffles are in the cowl i think it will be fine, and i may also try and set up some ducting so that the carbies ingest cold air and not hot. This will bring the temperature inside the engine down as well as give more power


Jon - Laser Engines02/02/2020 22:04:29
5481 forum posts
268 photos

Another weekend of bad weather means more Hurricane work.

I finished up the covering work on the control surfaces and tail before getting the epoxy out and attaching all the flappy bits. In between all that i finished off painting my fearless pilot and got him installed. He even has some nice dials sohe can see what on earth is happening to him.

I also set about finalising the paint job and this was a bit of a challenge as the full size i am modelling does not follow standard camo patterns and seems to be something they just made up. Anyway as i only have photos from the left side of the plane i had to create something plausible for the other side. Following a few hours messing about in paintshop i think it has worked out ok.

hurri 25.jpg

hurri 27.jpg

hurri 26.jpg87sqn camo.jpg

Tim Flyer03/02/2020 07:03:58
1285 forum posts
235 photos

Looks great and very neat cowl and cockpit 😊

Chris Walby03/02/2020 07:50:59
1235 forum posts
303 photos

Looking really good there Jon, just a few more rainy weekends and you'll be on to painting stage. smiley

Jon - Laser Engines03/02/2020 08:27:45
5481 forum posts
268 photos
Posted by Chris Walby on 03/02/2020 07:50:59:

Looking really good there Jon, just a few more rainy weekends and you'll be on to painting stage. smiley

Probably, but it would be nice to fly something before i forget how. Its been over 3 months grounded now

Jon - Laser Engines12/02/2020 20:20:50
5481 forum posts
268 photos

only a small update this week as i had to do stuff round the house this weekend

Anyway my fearless pilot has been enclosed in his canopy and i added some more details to the fuselage panels. On my mick reeves hurricane i built years ago i used small brass screws to simulate the dzus fasteners used on the various panels. It worked well so i did the same here.

nearly 60 screws later, i was done and i am quite happy with the result. I will probably use the same style screw to hold the cowl on but its likely i will use counter sunk machine screws instead of self tappers.


dan h12/02/2020 21:14:40
117 forum posts
36 photos

looking very nice jon. you cannot beat a nice scale hurricane

my favourite warbird of all time. i reckon once in the air it will look fantastic!


Jon - Laser Engines13/02/2020 08:25:15
5481 forum posts
268 photos

Thanks Dan

I am a big Hurricane fan and over the years i think Hurricane builds out number Spitfires 2:1 in my hangar although this is likely to even out in the next few years with 2 Spitfires waiting their turn.

Nigel R13/02/2020 08:46:41
3883 forum posts
667 photos

Looking good Jon.

That cowling is super tight.


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