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Cold weather

how do you manage to cope with it at the field?

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Andy Spencer28/12/2008 13:21:00
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how are you supposed to go out flying in this cold?
Stephen Grigg28/12/2008 14:42:00
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Wear lots of clothes.This is my first year and model flyers seem to have an endless supply of hats and gloves.
Ernie28/12/2008 15:50:00
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As a Scot, I well know about the cold...Several layers of  clothes are best, with each one carefully considered....a hat is specially important, as most body heat is lost through the head. Also, I use two sets of gloves, heavy ones on top, with light ones underneath, then when I need a bit of digital sensitivity, ie when flying, the top ones come off for a few minutes..A wee dram is not a good idea, except on new years day, when a very small one is permitted, but a flask of soup is.

Re the plane, be careful re batteries, as their charge can be reduced in the cold..I wrap the engine in a hot (not damp) cloth and some insulating material before I set off


flytilbroke28/12/2008 16:30:00
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A "coolbox" for the batteries and a hot water bottle to give them some warmth, heat pads work too. I have used a heat pad beside the starter battery, and kept the glowstart in an inside pocket. Not much I could do with my Rx Batteries though as they are under the fuel tank. So, they get a check before each flight, and often, a boost charge whether they seem to need it or not.
260 Flyer29/12/2008 00:41:00
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I must admit that since getting a decent flight sim, desperation has not forced me out into the extreme cold.

batcho9929/12/2008 10:02:00
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The best way to stop your hands from getting cold when at the field is to get someone else do all the work for you  Get them to set up and check your plane, start it up, carry it out, then all your left with is nice warm hands to fly, simple
Alan Dunstan30/12/2008 08:32:00
69 forum posts

Make very sure of batteries, including starter and flight ones. If you don't have an onboard battery checker cut the number of flights you would do in the summer in half for the winter. Be especially careful of NiMH's. Last week I had a fully charged the day before my helicopter (2200mah NiMh) and went out on a very cold day without charging again intending to do two 20 minute flights. After the 1st checked battery again (have an onboard display) and it was in the last green led when moving the sticks so thought ok for 1 more flight. Had been flying for about 15 minutes when the tail twitched so immediately brought it back to in front of me in a low hover. After a few seconds the tail twitched again so I put it down and shut the engine down. On checking the battery display it was way down in the red. On the battery checker at home it showed about 20% and on charging it put in nearly 2000mah. Now in the summer I have done 5 flights on this same battery without a problem so be very wary of batteries in the cold.

For yourself just invest in some good thermal clothing. I was out sloping on Sunday where I doubt the temperature ever got more than 1c with a 15mph very cold easterly blowing (so wind chill takes it down to -5c or more) and was warm as toast. I had 5 layers on which does make you a bit bulky but heck who cares if you are warm. Always wear something covering your head and ears and wear decent warm socks and footwear. For your hands I'm ok with fingerless gloves and do 30 minute flights with no trouble but other people need more. Oh and take something hot to drink. We spent from around 10:30 to nearly 16:00 there without a problem (except the camera battery decided it really didn't like the cold) and had a great time.

In the winter if you do it right you can have some fantastic days flying, if only because it very rarely gets crowded.

Have fun. Alan

Richie P30/12/2008 21:27:00
158 forum posts
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well i flew today and thats my last until it warms up -3 on that hill, six minutes into the flight and i was so cold i had to land, until then my flying is going to consist of looking through the rcm&e videos, that should take me near to  warmer clims   happy new year to all and rcm&e
IanN30/12/2008 23:27:00
1675 forum posts
119 photos

All I would say to everyone is get down to your nearest charity shop and look for cast off ski suits. Its quite amazing what brilliant cold weather clothing you can pick up for peanuts - especially in the more affluent/high demographic areas.

You may well feel like a total twonk the first time you sport your nifty one piece outfit at the field, but who cares? You'll be snug and toasty whilst your clubmates grit their teeth and shiver. It always surprises me that some people are prepared to shell out umpteen hundreds on the latest computer tranny, but don't seem to consider investing a few squid in their own personal comfort

260 Flyer31/12/2008 00:02:00
523 forum posts
1 photos
Or for that slightly more macho look try a one piece nylon motor cycle suit, one with a quilted lining. Just about the warmest thing you will ever wear.
Adrian31/12/2008 00:43:00
22 forum posts
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I went to the outdoor shop and bought lots of warm clothes. New fleece, windproof layer, hat, fingerless gloves. Particularly succesful were the lined trousers. The other day I was standing at the top of the slope for 2 hours with a northeasterly blowing in my face. All part of the day's fun.

Tim Mackey31/12/2008 00:47:00
20920 forum posts
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Aldi currently have a range of "ski" clothing  including good waterproof strong boots etc - much of it very suitable for keeping warm and cosy up the big rock.
Mark Millward31/12/2008 09:39:00
50 forum posts

Put a hot water bottle up your jumper...fantastic !

Sheldon Holy31/12/2008 11:05:00
237 forum posts
105 photos

I have a Raydiowarm, which is amazing, and in the sort of pouches between the outer fabric and the inner fleece lining, i put those little heat pads, it's like flying with your hands in front of the heater! Plus it keeps the cold wind off! I also wear a t-shirs followed by a jumper, and a skiing jacket with a fleece inside over the top. I also wear jeans and skiing trousers over the top, and finally, a VERY thick wool cap and put my hood and you'd never know it-s -2 outside! Although, being 12, i look like a midget who has eaten waaaay too much over christmashehe...

And, as previously mentioned, get a friend who is a bit more immenable to the cold to do the rest for you !

iawnski31/12/2008 12:32:00
1076 forum posts
28 photos
all in one fishing suit £20 , balaclava,£5 goggles£5 aldi,gloves a must £18   thats me done ,like toast bring on the wind
Sheldon Holy31/12/2008 13:10:00
237 forum posts
105 photos
Thats the way to do it!!!!!
Richie P01/01/2009 20:58:00
158 forum posts
4 photos
i am still going down the video line "sorry"
Frank Skilbeck02/01/2009 18:20:00
4735 forum posts
101 photos

One of the guys in the club who does a bit of fishing brought one of these down to the field


Look ideal, could also be put in your flight box to keep your batteries warm.

260 Flyer02/01/2009 20:53:00
523 forum posts
1 photos
Frank Skilbeck wrote (see

Look ideal, could also be put in your flight box to keep your batteries warm.

I don't think I'd want a burning block of charcoal in my flight box, thank you!

Louis Llimargas08/01/2009 11:25:00
8 forum posts
The best is a good cup of brandy, belive me.

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