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Sample Pots


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Erfolg23/02/2020 13:18:08
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Does anybody know where I can purchase something like the "tester pots" that you get from B&Q with a small sample of paint in them.

I want a small number, empty, without paint.

I want to use them to mix some resin in them.

I will go to Poundland tomorrow, with no clear idea if they sell anything like them, there may be other similar places worth a look?

Colin Carpenter23/02/2020 13:20:38
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Erfolg. Waxed paper cups ! Colin

Bob Bertram23/02/2020 13:32:18
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For small quantities I use the plastic caps off of plastic milk bottles.

Peter Miller23/02/2020 13:40:31
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I use the lids solf for pet food tins.

Once the resin has set you just flex them and they are clean and ready for the next batch

paul d23/02/2020 13:50:18
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I use the little waxed paper pots that are used in McDonald's to put your ketchup in, they never seem to mind me taking a few ( probably polite to buy a burger though!).

ken anderson.23/02/2020 13:54:32
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plastic cups from Harrods(poundland)…..use and throw away..


ken anderson...

ne..1 plastic cups dept.

Edited By ken anderson. on 23/02/2020 13:54:56

Bruce Collinson23/02/2020 14:42:46
471 forum posts

Adhesive, cup cake cases, from your (wife’s) favourite supermarket. Skinning resin, follow Ken Anderson. Stirring sticks and disposable gloves, your filling station for a small bribe.


RC Plane Flyer23/02/2020 15:07:16
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Erfolg Treat yourself to some Pringles and enjoy the crisp then use the lid to mix resin then when resin hardened

Flex the lid as Peter M says and ready for next batch. Ask around if friends have any used tubes or to save them for you . I must have 20 or so donated to me

Erfolg23/02/2020 17:00:38
11646 forum posts
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Yep, ken s, suggestion of plastic cups is where I will be going.

Lolly pop sticks is next.

Then I will be ready, at least in principle.

Craig Carr23/02/2020 17:10:26
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i use cleaned yoghurt pots after enjoying the contents (ideally put them through the dishwasher if you have one to make sure they are super clean)

if your mixing resin by weight the muller corner yoghurt pots are ideally as you can weigh both parts of the resin in the separate parts of the yoghurt pot and tip them together once happy (acknowledgement to Danny Fenton for that tip)

For “stick stirrers” the ones in garages/supermarket coffee areas are just the job.

Craig... do it on the cheap/recycle dept


Edited By Craig Carr on 23/02/2020 17:13:24

MaxG23/02/2020 19:00:10
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I use the pots from the microwave spong puddings. The best ones are those with a smooth domed bottom as they are easy to wipe out.

The puddings are good as well!!!!

On a related topic of stirrers some places often have small plastic straws a couple of mms id and about 120mm or so long. Great for locating and protecting 2.4 aerials in the correct orientation.


Erfolg25/02/2020 11:14:13
11646 forum posts
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I have a number of pots, many of the types suggested. However at first sight they lack one aspect that I am seeking, which is ease of accurate measuring by volume. The reason being is the mensuration of the container, their is a lack of regularity in volume top to bottom.

Having bought (at great expense) some paper cups, I have realised there is the same issue with them, in that the taper means that simple measurement by length (depth) is probably not accurate enough, for mixing epoxy. Polyester resin tends (or did tend) not to be to fussed about the catalyst ratio, tending to go of faster or slower dependent on the error from the stated ideal. Temperature also playing a big part in the working life of polyester.

I am sure you will be pleased to know, I went to bed constructing a relationship, to enable me to accurately mark the cup for accurate dispensing. It turned out to be quite a interesting formula that I derived.

By morning, I came up with an easier way still, I decided that all I had to do was guess how much would be needed for a 20 minute or two cowl mix, by pouring some tap water into the cup. Weigh it on the kitchen scales, just to get a nice roundish number. Mark the cup. Pour the water away. divided, the depth roughly by 4. Now fill the cup up to the 3/4 mark. Re-weigh adjust the weight (by adding or removing tap water) to a number that is easily divisible by 100. Now clearly mark this level,which is now the filling level for resin 1. Now calc 30% weight addition for resin 2, add water until the scale shows the combined weight of of resin 1&2. mark this level. The job is now almost done, all I have to do is record these dimensions and mark all of the mixing cups.

Of course there is just one small fly in the ointment, that is I am assuming that the resin densities are identical.

Now to prove this, out with the scales, or should I test my algorithm.blush

Now who said that education has no benefits. Plus what else would I do?indecision

Of course the tester pots avoids these issues being parallelcrying 2

Edited By Erfolg on 25/02/2020 11:16:38

Cuban825/02/2020 12:16:05
2866 forum posts
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Small graduated pots (good for epoxy) that are intended for measuring out medicines are available on Ebay in a number of sizes and for not much £.

Bought these a while back, should last me out.**LINK**

Bruce Collinson25/02/2020 13:31:19
471 forum posts


Have I missed something or are you at risk of over-complicating something?

If you're using a resin with 30% hardener, and your kitchen scales will weigh half a paper cup of water, why not put half a cupful of resin on the scales, add 30% more hardener as a top-up and then won't Robert be your parent's brother?

Having drug-dealer scales, I always weigh anything two-part, usually by putting a guesstimate of one volume on the scale pan then adding the second until the weight doubles.

Or have I missed something?

OR buy a set of plastic lab beakers from t'Internet and use these and water to calibrate your paper cups?


Erfolg25/02/2020 14:26:24
11646 forum posts
1297 photos

Cuban, those pots would have done nicely, avoiding a bit of the work.smiley

Bruce, you are correct , my last description was all about weighing. Although I did consider was this a problem for integration at one stage.

I do find the considering the options and working through them, fun.

It is such a long time since I have even considered producing a Laminated Moulding, I am being cautious. If you do these things all the time, you know what to do next, what could go wrong, perhaps crucially how to avoid the pitfalls. I am now trying to remember and learn. As I stumble into my next cock up.

Mike T25/02/2020 14:34:27
449 forum posts
35 photos

It depends on your take-away, but my response to the OP's question is "Onion Bhajees".

Mine come with a little (lidded) pot of raita. Washed out after use, they are ideal for small portions of resin and can be 'flexed' clean after the previous occupant has gone off.

Big enough to get a reasonable quantity in and small enough to be weighed on my drug dealers scales!

Stuart Z25/02/2020 14:47:54
390 forum posts


You can get measuring pots from Bucks Composites or slightly smaller ones from Hobbycraft and for small (stick a joint amounts) I use yoghurt pot lids.

Hope this helps


Ray Wood 425/02/2020 15:35:10
161 forum posts
34 photos

Hi All,

Yes Bucks Composites resin mixing cups do it for me, they are flexible & slippery stuff like Tuppaware ! The left overs just pop out, to use again 😀

Regards Ray

Don Fry25/02/2020 16:22:44
4557 forum posts
54 photos

Erf, never mix by volume, unless it's a thousand litres. Mix by weight. A proper set of drug dealers scales, good to 0.1 gram is only a couple of quid. A kitchen scale from Lidl is good to 0.5 gram. You are asking for trouble messing about with volumes.

Go into a laboratory, they weigh, unless it's a fixed volume. You might have to do some maths, but you will be sure it's right.

Erfolg25/02/2020 19:40:48
11646 forum posts
1297 photos

You guys are ingenious and far better prepared than myself.

I have marked the cups I have after marking the two levels.

I did have two sets of digital scales that were not i use, being spares. Notice the "did", as I seem to have thrown them out when I moved. The scales I have in the kitchen now, need to remain unblemished, if I value my life. On that basis it will be marked cups, where the graduations were obtained by a weight measure.

So it will be a return to the job in hand, on my build thread. That is after t...................... a few unplanned jobs.

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