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Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?

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cymaz31/03/2020 09:47:23
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Being furloughed, it’s really infuriating knowing that I’m not at work but still go to the flying site...angry

Bob Cotsford31/03/2020 10:15:25
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Posted by cymaz on 31/03/2020 09:47:23:

Being furloughed, it’s really infuriating knowing that I’m not at work but still go to the flying site...angry

you think that's bad Pete? I reckon I've flown less since I've been retired than ever before! angrycrying 2

What happened there then?

David Davis31/03/2020 10:47:09
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Got an email from our club president yesterday stating that the current restrictions on meeting at our flying field and workshop will continue until 15th April. I presume that the French government has extended the previous lockdown arrangements; social distancing, staying at home etc.

Meanwhile two of our members have taken the time to build a couple of biplanes. They will be just the job to escort my BE2e once they're finished!

francois se5a.jpg

guys nieuport.jpg

be2e sunday 9th april 2017 no 1.php.jpg

wingcoax31/03/2020 15:42:22
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Erf, I know you are on the Fylde, Do you (when you can) fly near to the army camp? Are you still bothered by the occasional low(very)Cherokee?

Erfolg31/03/2020 19:54:07
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I have seen it, it tends to give us a little distance. There is an other attribute, that provides more than a hint, it is about, that is the very distinctive, whomp, whomp, beat of the blades.

I think that the army camp might be used as a sighting device for some light aircraft, that from time to time come over, a bit lower than i am used to.

This is very different to Altrincham, where aircraft out of Ringway (Manchester International Airport) used to pass over at a good few thousand feet (phone app figures), over our fields there. Even though they were just about the same distance as Blackpool Airport is from us here.

I am guessing you have flown with us (i have only been there for 3 years). One aspect of the site which has surprised me, it is always windy, or so it seems. Also being an ex gilder guider, I was well used to flying in winds of up to 20 mph. I can barely manage perhaps 15 mph there, as the wind also seems to be far more turbulent.

With the suspension of flying, I or we are planning more walks along the coast, and I have my eye on a cycle onto the moss at the back of Lytham St Annes (all pretty much dirt track, single file lanes). Mainly because it is all unknown to me. Today we walked to the St Annes lifeboat station and read on a notice board about the greatest Lifeboat Service loss of life to-date, when the Southport and Sta Annes life boats overturned, with only two of the Southport crew surviving.

Come on, what are the rest of you all doing?

Mark Kettle 131/03/2020 21:54:26
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I tidied the shed, took off and rubbed down, sprayed a radiator with white paint, then combined a 3 mile walk with shopping trip for washing powder ( see the bump in the red line between 2 & 3 mile mark) that was the shop.

3 mile walk

SR 7131/03/2020 21:59:48
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I used to live out that way, done the run around Rutland water, nice part of the country,

john stones 131/03/2020 22:03:28
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Housework for me Erf, I can't find stuff now, my dogs a GS he looks like a Greyhound with all the exercise.

John Privett31/03/2020 23:15:41
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Posted by Erfolg on 31/03/2020 19:54:07:

Come on, what are the rest of you all doing?

I've been working from home for the past week or two (actually 2 weeks exactly) working longer hours than I normally would as the "commute" at each end of the day is so much shorter!

And then for the last week I've gone out at the end of each working day for a cycle ride of 30 mins to an hour. I'm certainly getting more exercise than I used to - not a bad thing either!

It's very noticeable how many other people there are (all at > 2 metres distance!) also cycling, or running. And nearly all of them, just like me, quite clearly would not normally have been out cycling or running.

David P Williams01/04/2020 09:49:01
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Mark - looks like you shopped at Wilko's !

I'm not allowed into Oakham now - my ex-wife lives there sad

Mark Kettle 101/04/2020 10:31:29
2523 forum posts
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Yes correct David, I crossed the road when others approached me, I saw one police car patrolling the High Street, twice.

I'm going down to the post office today to send a parcel to Somerset, baby clothes to a new member of the family.

Talked to the boss today, the accountant is furloughed / -ing all the drivers today.

The office can be seen in this video (time 3.33),  it's at the side of the bike shop seen from the bridge. The business has been going since 1926 the last time it experienced times like these was in the second world war.




Furlowed spelt wrong - furloughed  

Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 01/04/2020 10:50:05

Cuban801/04/2020 11:35:52
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I'm getting rid of the BMFA Facebook page and a few other sites on my smartphone until this is all over. The number of imbeciles who still post videos thinking they are a special case and continue to fly from public areas or what look to be flying sites is getting on my wick. Amazing how many of our fellow flyers and presumably BMFA members condone this behaviour in this time of national emergency.


Edited By Cuban8 on 01/04/2020 11:37:30

cymaz01/04/2020 11:52:44
9196 forum posts
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Don’t blame you...annoys the hell out of me. I’ve not flown since early January because of the weather. Now it’s improved, still can’t fly because of quarantine.

If I can stay calm and indoors....we all can

Erfolg02/04/2020 12:26:16
11714 forum posts
1309 photos

Come on, now the flying fields are closed, tells us all about your exciting days.

For instance, we managed to both place an order the previous day with Tesco, then yesterday, got a home delivery.

Perhaps less interesting, although of greater concern, I have witnessed my wives blood pressure rise, as she has filled in an order with all the major supermarkets, then either could not get the financial transaction through or find a slot for either home delivery or collect. Ah, yes, the great concern, who would make the bed if she became ill?

Are we all busy building?

Chris Walby02/04/2020 14:19:16
1200 forum posts
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One thing I have noticed while walking the dog at 9pm is how quite it is with no aircraft/car traffic noise. We are in an urban area with the fields a short distance away.

The other thing is how fast the wildlife has adapted in a short space of time, normally the odd hoot of an owl, but in the past six days

Different days and locations with two foxes crossing the normally light trafficked road, hedgehog just off the path next to the road, buzzed by an owl as if I was intruding on their patch and plenty of rabbits that were taking advantage the conditions.

john stones 102/04/2020 17:20:45
11454 forum posts
1516 photos

Busy ? No I rushed into jobs instead of pacing myself. wink

Setting models up now, that hadn't been done since I went 2.4, mojo's been a problem. Menu's been turned on it's head with my Son at home, for the better but don't tell my missus. smiley

Got a new welding mask that darkens when you strike up, too cold out to have a play though.

What's next ? Carb kit for chainsaw/shears and a couple of strimmers I might as well sell.

Also sharpened three bow saws, bored, who me ? crook

PeterF02/04/2020 17:34:12
525 forum posts
724 photos

Glassing my Vulcan, can only do a couple of hours a day as I work through it a bit at a time. Whilst waiting for epoxy to set I have scraped the barrel for jobs and cleaned the block paving drive today with one of those wire brushes on a stick. Been avoiding it for ages so it has earned copious brownie points.

Martin McIntosh02/04/2020 19:10:40
3330 forum posts
1178 photos

Got my block paving looking like new today with a Karcher K4 but a son who is back living with me did it while I watched with a pint in my hand. They come in handy some times, and he will get a paint brush and roller thrust in his hand tomorrow, if I can find anywhere open that sells paint.

I shall be in the shed painting my Provost which is rather less strenuous.

John Privett02/04/2020 20:30:51
6039 forum posts
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Posted by Chris Walby on 02/04/2020 14:19:16:

One thing I have noticed while walking the dog at 9pm is how quite it is with no aircraft/car traffic noise.

I'm one of the people who contributes data to flightradar24. I have a USB receiver picking up the ADSB signals on 1090 MHz, plugged into a Raspberry Pi and sending data 24/7 to flightradar24.

I can monitor what my receiver is 'seeing' and view it on my PC, displayed both graphically on a chart and in table form.

Normally at this time of day I'd have 20 or 30, maybe more aircraft displayed. Currently I can see 7. And a few minutes ago it was only 3. One on short final for Heathrow, another on base leg at 4500 feet for Heathrow, the others at much higher altitude heading elsewhere.

Very quiet...

Erfolg04/04/2020 13:11:09
11714 forum posts
1309 photos

IMO the governments decision for the lock down now has a real component to it.

Just like many, I have missed the complete freedom that previously enjoyed,  just living with what has now been stipulated.

What has made the decisions valid, with particular emphasis on the flying field stipulations is that my wife received an Email last night, that informed her that two of members (that she knows) of the Bowling club she attends are now in hospital with COVID-19. There are no details of their condition. The last meeting of the club, before they went into lock down, was perhaps 14 days ago, Daughter No1 forbade my wife from attending. If she had I would now be a little more paranoid.

There are striking similarities with model flying, now being outside, often standing approx 2 m apart, toing and frowing in an almost random manner.

I think the risks are probably very real, as neither Daughter N01 or the Son-In-Law has been near since they have gone back to work. Instead one of the grandchildren has deposited food at our door, that we have requested.

Edited By Erfolg on 04/04/2020 13:13:09

Edited By Erfolg on 04/04/2020 13:14:12

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