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Graham Davies 323/06/2020 13:02:33
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I think Richard is spot on. There are many ways to skin the cat, and my current Tempest project could hardly be described as 'skill intensive'. It's looking like an aeroplane after just 2 days in the workshop, and it's going to end up looking pretty much like a Tempest. It's looking like being no more challenging than my Mk1 Acrowot to fly, if anything easier. And my total investment ready to fly is going to be around £200 with retracts; somewhat less with my training undercarriage.

I for one would take this route every day of the week over any 'pre made' option, be that foam or ARTF. I admit that I enjoy building, but there's not that much more to do with Richard's kits than there would be to fit out an ARTF. And I'm going to end up with something I am invested in.


RICHARD WILLS05/07/2020 09:10:51
533 forum posts
78 photos

Like a lot of you , I am thinking that the nasty "Croney " , might be up for having another go , perhaps two . This could drag on for a long time , which is in fact what happened with Spanish Flu and Sars , with them both having several waves .

Talking to my friends in the trade , there has been an upward trend in traditional building , both kit and from scratch ,

Lets face it , if the weather is not flying weather , an ARTF that arrives on your doorstep on Monday and is finished by Tuesday night hasnt actually entertained you for long .

As we have said in the past , to develop new designs , there has to be enough potential builders to justify the effort , and as we ( a bunch of "middle aged" gentlemen) are not getting any younger , then we need to recruit more people to our gallant cause .The Holy order of Balsa Bashing (HOBB).

As the self professed Don Quixote of HOBB , I feel I must lead the charge , balsa lance at the ready . The idea maybe simple , but simple is usually best .

If we consider that there are maybe 50 of us here who are singing from the same song sheet , then what we need to keep our future intact is for each of us to mentor one ARTF flyer to make the conversion to HOBB .

RICHARD WILLS05/07/2020 09:33:26
533 forum posts
78 photos

A fully qualified member of HOBB , will receive the National Order of Balsa , and would be referred to as a other potential members and trainees.

Several NOBs will be chosen to build a Warbirds entry level kit in the Autumn when the club nights re start .

The kit would be likely to be fully built up , but simple enough to be built in three 2-3 hour sessions .

It might be worth doing a subtle assessment of your club to consider if you think there is potential for a HOBB NOBB style operation . It doesnt have to be a large club , as we are only really looking for one or two conversions to the Order . If you do have such a club and fancy being a NOB , let me know .

Paul Johnson 405/07/2020 09:35:44
761 forum posts
473 photos


Ron Gray05/07/2020 09:40:10
2235 forum posts
978 photos

So if we organise others to join would that make us a CHOC HOBB NOBB (Chap Helping Other Chaps)?

Graham Davies 305/07/2020 09:49:00
66 forum posts
39 photos

Ron, On the strength of that comment, you can take the rest of the day off on full pay!

RICHARD WILLS05/07/2020 10:10:31
533 forum posts
78 photos

Ah well , you might titter ... but in this bold thrust toward a brave new world , we may not only need ambassadors and champions who lead our forces , but perhaps as suggested above , a new language .

I have always struggled with the name for people who build ARTFs . Hows does one refer to them ? Artf "ers" ?

"Ready to fliyers ?? " None of it really flows ,

Henceforth , they should be referred to as ARFURS or if more appropriate MARFURS ,

There we are , the fabulous and simple new language of HOBB. (Holy Order of Balsa Bashing).

Graham Davies 305/07/2020 10:24:21
66 forum posts
39 photos

I consider myself more of an Ambassador for Richard's Splendid Engineering.

Or so my wife says...

RICHARD WILLS05/07/2020 10:25:48
533 forum posts
78 photos

Spoken like a true NOB,

Ron Gray05/07/2020 11:08:05
2235 forum posts
978 photos

It could be worthwhile considering 'remote mentoring' using the like of Skype, Face Time etc. I currently do that with my brother plus a couple of club mates, if one of us has an issue with a build we setup a call, works quite well. If we do get a second / third wave of the CV then this will become even more important plus, with my club anyway, we have seen a steady decline in the number of attendees at club meetings over the last few years and I think that even when they do resume I think a lot of members will feel uneasy about going along.

Trouble is I don't know what the TLA would be for this, maybe R (remotely) A (assisted) W (working).

Paul Johnson 405/07/2020 11:29:13
761 forum posts
473 photos

Please no RAW NOBBS....

Richard what have you done.......

RICHARD WILLS05/07/2020 12:32:28
533 forum posts
78 photos

You are right Ron , newbies (we have to come up with a suitable initialism for those aspiring to be a NOB)

ANOB ? Aspiring to be a right and proper NOB ? (This really has gone too far now ) sorry .

As Ron points out , we cannot assume that face to face meetings will continue during the winter . So if they dont, we may be looking at Satellite support from leading NOBs with the donor kits placed in a selection of areas . ANOBs can then feel comfortable asking their allocated NOB, detailed questions about their problems without fear of being embarrassed......

peter harvey 105/07/2020 13:04:37
70 forum posts
19 photos



RICHARD WILLS05/07/2020 14:19:38
533 forum posts
78 photos

Im ,going pretend I didnt see that Peter ,

Now , as the forces of HOB gather momentum , it is worth mentioning that there will of course be opposition .

Namely , those that continue to extol the virtues of a model that simply requires assembly and yet still calls itself a "Kit" . Frankly , there is more "Kit " in a Kitkat (or for that matter , even a Mars bar , which at least has to be unwrapped .

These people are likely to be members of "The Chinese Appreciation Society for the Protection of Eastern Retail,

In HOBs simple language , they are known as "Caspers" . There is very little point in approaching a Casper . They cannot be converted and sadly , they cannot be saved . Their future is based on a man in China (virtually on the other side of the world ) guessing what a man in his shed in Britain would like for his 60th Birthday . Yet the two will never speak or communicate in anyway . Takes "Chinese Whispers " to another level doesnt it ?

If I were the Chinese man , I would send a life size clone of Kylie Minogue . At least he might be in the ball park .

Anyway , luckily we do have an Agent in place (or should I say , double Agent ?) Our very own Graham Davies , who to all intents and purposes , works for a company that imports from China . (No Peter , he cant get you a Kylie )

Admittedly , he does have a weekly confession with the Right Reverend Sweep to stop him "leaning East " , but so far , it seems to be working . But remember , the dark side is always calling ,(Ron , you know what Im talking about , best you book yourself in with Sweep pronto ).

David Hazell 105/07/2020 14:48:08
48 forum posts

You're a wordsmith as well as a kit deity Richard. This is most amusing... I'm already down for two of your kits, with you keeping one warm for me whilst the other has its finishing touches added. Given all the positive praise I am fairly sure I'll keep coming back for more home baked fare from your good self.

Graham R05/07/2020 16:04:37
364 forum posts
26 photos

Sorry, can’t keep up with the acronyms generated on here. Got too much building to do.

Ron Gray05/07/2020 17:58:58
2235 forum posts
978 photos

It is fair to say that the dark side tends to rear its head quite frequently but less so now than it did.I put this down to my new LA-7 petronus (see Harry Potter!) which emanates from my scalpel blade when thoughts stray too far 'East'. I am confident that with practice, and the imminent BF110 build 'Eastern' longings will be held at bay then the onslaught of the P51 will consign them to the dim distant past.

RICHARD WILLS05/07/2020 18:57:21
533 forum posts
78 photos

Well Ron , It takes a big man to recognise his own weakness . I'm sure we all appreciate your honestly . There will be times when you will , once again fall off the wagon . The temptress of the East will not give up her hard won souls without a fight , but with your fellow NOBs from HOB (careful) forming a ring of steel (well ,moderately stiff balsa ) around you , salvation is just around the corner .

The reverent Sweep has asked me to send you a Keil Kraft Fleetwing plan , to be copied out five time in quick succession , whenever you feel your resolve fading .

The wisdom of that small grey dog , in a dog collar (what else?) astounds me . Everyone knows that there is nothing more pure and cleansing than a crisp white plan from the 70s .

Gary Clark 105/07/2020 19:27:28
242 forum posts
131 photos

This has been exceptional thumbs up

Very willing HOBB NOB here and apparently the wife said I am over qualified for the NOB part and should excel? Not sure what she meant


Richard Clark 205/07/2020 20:44:59
418 forum posts

We used to call ARTF purchasers "Cheque book flyers" and treat them with contempt.

The name has changed but from many people the contempt remains. I'm not one of them of course

Then there are those who create a 'build' thread for an ARTF. I'm eagerly awaiting the flat pack table episode. That will be real exciting.

Or even better 'unboxing' for people who can't even chew gum and walk at the same time

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