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Martin_K11/05/2020 19:50:39
169 forum posts

Jon, re IC vs Electric it's not only the apparent desire of IC guys to have a bigger model for their preferred motors, I think electric modellers expect weight distribution / location of batteries, servos, etc to allow setting the CofG without additional ballast, plus easy access for swapping/connecting batteries and getting access to the ESC and RX. (Semi-scale to make the model 'work' better is compromise I am happy with).

Ron, at the moment we seem to be confirming Richard's problem. Forumites are not expressing agreement on basics like prototype model or kit manufacturing method. (I am currently working on my first DLG - as far from scale modelling as you can get?)

RICHARD WILLS11/05/2020 20:32:36
513 forum posts
69 photos

Well , we have been all round the world and probably proved what some of the wise Guru's stated at the start ,

I rather liked Martins Japanese Val . Lovey shape and colours , but lets ignore my preferences .

However lets have a hypothetical litmus test . This is not going to happen , so just be honest about yourselves with the votes . It would seem that the IC boys want something larger so lets see who would honestly put their money down ( and remember this is just for fun ) .

The nearest agreement was a Boulton Paul Defiant kit at 72". Lets say £185.

The down the middle (FMS formula ) Electric biased Mustang P51 B/D at 55" . £149

The wild card : Boeing B17 Memphis Belle 4x IC but more likely Electric . Fast build kit £399

This is just for fun and even if I did make any of these , I would not hold you to it .

So hand on heart ( as if it were real ) votes only , otherwise it will mean nothing .

Bruce Collinson11/05/2020 20:35:37
535 forum posts

Mustang, 95%; Defiant, 70%. B 17, 5%.


Jon - Laser Engines11/05/2020 20:37:01
5499 forum posts
268 photos

to be honest martin i like electric as it has introduced bloomin great hatches on models that are intended for ic/elec and it makes fuel tank installation much easier.

As batteries and fuel tanks generally live in the same place i dont really see that there is any difficulty in designing a model to accept both options for power.

As for the semi scale aspect...ehhh i lean towards it has to look right first and then i will make it work. Im not going to go full rivet counter on it, but if it looks like a total moose then it wont be floating my boat.

Jon - Laser Engines11/05/2020 20:44:35
5499 forum posts
268 photos

The defiant is cool but not for me personally

B17 i would like in principal but given the nature of the model its not the sort of thing i would fly every weekend as....well it cant do much. That is fine, i dont expect it to be as dynamic as a WWII fighter, but given my limited storage space at this point in time each model needs top really excite to earn its keep. If i had a garage available then i would consider it but not right now. I am also unsure if you could coax 400 quid out of people for a foam/veneer model these days. Rightly or wrongly i think it would be a tough sell.

A shame though, imagine a whole bunch of them together!

leccyflyer11/05/2020 21:28:04
1474 forum posts
324 photos

If I didn't already have 2x Defiant laser cut kits of Chris Golds' 72" version, designed for electric, that would be my first choice. However in terms of guaranteed sales and my preference a nice P-51B made up as a Mustang III at the very usable 55" wingspan for 5s1p 5000mah Lipo/brushless power would be attractive. You donl't specify the size of the B-17, but assuming it would be something like the 100" span mentioned earlier I'd be unlikely to want anything that large. If it were nearer 72" I could be tempted..

So, personally - #1 - P-51B #2 - B-P Defiant #3 B-17 Memphis Belle

Ron Gray11/05/2020 21:47:33
2154 forum posts
937 photos

For me:

No 1 choice - BP Defiant, don't see many of them about plus loads of scope for detail (or not as the case may be!)

No 2 choice - B17 - electric despite my love of all things I/C

Not really interested in the P51.

Martian11/05/2020 21:50:41
2526 forum posts
1163 photos

Mustang all the way . I built an SFM mustang it was a pretty good kit but lacked scale in areas so I would like to build a better one.

Martian11/05/2020 21:53:58
2526 forum posts
1163 photos

Interesting to note you started this thread on the 6th it has about 3600 views yet a thread started a week before has over 13000 views it's about when can we fly again

Flyer11/05/2020 21:56:22
616 forum posts
108 photos

I suppose my arm could be twisted for a B17, as I've always wanted a multi engine model, and with the current electric set ups it is within my grasp.

But would also like a P51B to go with the warbids Spit and BF109 kits that are awaiting the build. Need to finish two PSS models before I can tackle these two.

We can always dream!



David Holland 211/05/2020 22:11:35
221 forum posts
25 photos

P-51D for me and I would be happy to put my money where my mouth is if it would protect your investment, Richard. Same format/size/hardware as the Mk9, not fussed whether foam or built-up wing.

100" B-17 initially didn't float my boat, but the more I think about it, I can feel a bit of a stirring in my loin..... (spell checker keeps trying to turn that into "lion", not at all the impression I hoped to give).

Going off on one, would anyone consider one of the more charismatic general aviation types? I'm thinking of the SF260/Falco/Alpi Pioneer types designed by Stelio Frati. Drop dead gorgeous, all with a definite family resemblance and ranging from the really quick SF260 that was also available with hard points if you happen to rule a banana republic, through the mostly home-built Falco and to the kit-built Pioneer which is available with a fixed tri-gear u/c or with retracts. Google them, I think you will be smitten.

By the way, the wing is finished on my WR Spit Mk9 and I'm well on with the fus. Such a pleasurable build.


Eric Robson11/05/2020 22:32:58
259 forum posts
48 photos

Actually the Defiant would be a great candidate for electric the long slim nose not needing a load of lead to balance it, a wide track undercarriage fairly easy to build wings .Would I build one no, as with a B17 some thing to fly sedately around the sky then get bored. To me people flying aircraft such as bombers and D.C.3's like pylon racers spoils the whole effect . It is very difficult to please everyone I love warbirds and have quite a few, I could be tempted with a stuka as far as I know the only one about is the ex C.A.P. version and that is plans and mouldings from Sarik. A few years ago the Pitts were very popular, never see many nowadays.

Eric r.

Richard Ashworth11/05/2020 22:40:11
102 forum posts
70 photos

I could conquer my retracts fear for a P51 55” (one piece wing, veneer or built up)

Graham R11/05/2020 22:52:16
351 forum posts
26 photos

A P51 would be nice, B17 would be a bit too expensive as you need 4 of everything, Tiffie or Defiant also possible candidates.

Ron Gray12/05/2020 06:55:06
2154 forum posts
937 photos

And then these come along from Motion RC!

Chris Walby12/05/2020 07:56:50
1237 forum posts
303 photos

Also from motion RC is the F82...built in 6 hours (really), but no mention of IC, the industry is going electric in a big way. Although 4S5000 packs are not that expensive so still in the affordable category.

Back to the question

1 - P-51B, well I could be tempted

2 - B17, big multi electric do nothing for me

3 - B-P Defiant, sorry, does absolutely nothing for me

My problem is that Motion RC are hitting the target, bought a P38 last year, heavy + runs on a one 4S5000 and flies really scale...but no sound! For quality and features are top notch in my book and RC Motion support very good.

I am in a minority within the model fraternity as I like IC and twins at that, but look around the flying filed..not much IC about. Far east manufactures are producing electric models with the option for ic or like motion RC no ic option.

Richard who is your target audience? ARTF flyer who fancies a home build that they can personalise, but quite quick from start to finish, oh and a real nice flyer. If that's the case the P51 or B-P Defiant are the logical choices.

I still think opening a "show your interest with a deposit" is the way to go for the less mainstream kit...not like you will do a runner with our deposits and send a postcard from a South American tax haven.

Sorry not much help from me.

Ron Gray12/05/2020 08:36:44
2154 forum posts
937 photos

The Nexa range from Motion do include some that are either IC or electric (Hurry, Jug, Tiger Moth, Bearcat) but the multis seem to be electric only. Price wise they seem to be about the same level as those being discussed here, if you add retracts and covering but, for me, I don't like all of the pseudo scale appearance, such as rivets painted on as I think that can look 'plasticky' (although I shouldn't really judge these new models until I've actually seen one, I'm basing my views on other manufacturer's offerings).

Unlike you Chris, my flying field is mainly IC (apart from F3A of course!) and a typical flight line could see electric in a minority of 4:1. I fly both but for warbirds I really do prefer IC.

Jon - Laser Engines12/05/2020 08:42:20
5499 forum posts
268 photos
Posted by Ron Gray on 12/05/2020 06:55:06:

And then these come along from Motion RC!

That is a rebranded VQ model and i think someone is making quite a profit. I know its out of stock here in my link, but that is the sort of price i would expect for one of those **LINK**


I just did some more checking and they are selling the entire VQ range of models at twice the price you can get them in the UK. Not good value there im afraid and while VQ models fly well, they arent the greatest in terms of quality. I wouldnt be paying big money for them. 

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 12/05/2020 08:45:25

Ron Gray12/05/2020 08:55:40
2154 forum posts
937 photos

I thought I'd seen the Hurri before, that explains it. Fair enough, the Motion ones come with retracts but is that enough to push the price to where it is? Plus if they are the VQ ones then I agree with you Jon, the build quality is not that great both in terms of structure and finishing. Even more reason to spend the money on something of far better quality completed to a standard of finish the owner can decide upon.

Edited By Ron Gray on 12/05/2020 08:56:20

Eric Robson12/05/2020 09:05:01
259 forum posts
48 photos

I bought my V.Q. Hurricane from TJD models £199 post free. it looks good in the air the nose is too long even so with a RCV 90 it took 500g of lead to balance it. It is not designed for electric even though they put in a motor mount. there is no details of battery mounting or hatch. It is possible as I am going to modify mine for electric, also the supplied undercarriage is a joke It is a lot shorter than scale but to rectify this would mean a major change to the wing. I fitted electric retracts and used the fixed wire supplied which had to be made to fit . first landing it just bent back over it was so soft I replaced with some decent wire and it has been ok.

Eric r.

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