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RICHARD WILLS13/05/2020 18:11:33
527 forum posts
69 photos

I'm with you on that Peter , the P51B for me has the history and the racy look , especially with a all of the mods fitted to the ones that the pilots insisted on keeping , like the Malcolm hood , the dorsal fin and whip aerial . Lovely ! Of course the D version is a glamour puss , so there wil be plenty of those too.

I will start a new thread elsewhere and leave a signpost here . I am very aware that some of the lads here are not going to get what the want , which is a pity , If they could herd them selves into an orderly fashion .......

Bucksboy13/05/2020 19:13:11
576 forum posts
109 photos

I've kept out of this even though the Defiant was mentioned. I've already got a small La-7 which is electric. My larger La-7 with a Laser in it is about to be painted. I've got the 110 kit in a box untouched too, all Richards. I've also got the Chris Golds short kit of the Defiant waiting a build. So, to be honest I wouldn't be buying anything so I've not contributed. But, if it needs show of hands for a P51B to hit the streets, I'm in. Not because I'm a huge fan of the plane, but because I'm a fan of well made, fun to build kits. I've really enjoyed building the La-7's, they look great. I nearly put my hand up for one of the latest batch of Spitfires but managed to resist. But, I can't. So, I'll have a P51B please.

RICHARD WILLS13/05/2020 19:20:13
527 forum posts
69 photos

Moral support is just as good Bucksboys .Thanks for the endorsement , Who knows , if the P51 goes well , I might be encouraged to try something else .


Ron Gray13/05/2020 19:22:21
2183 forum posts
942 photos

Like you Bucksboy, the P51 was / is not top of my list but Richard's kits are good fun to build so I will be putting my hand up for one. Who knows, I may even think about getting 2 for conversion into the P82!

RICHARD WILLS13/05/2020 19:27:39
527 forum posts
69 photos

Now that is weird Ron . I must have been thinking about the F82 after Chris mentioned it . So I had been doing a bit of research . In fact my partner in crime , Phil use to make the Galaxy Mustang Kit , but actually developed a single F82 for an individual builder . It was quite a machine at that scale , A smaller one would be pretty cool .

Paul Johnson 413/05/2020 21:11:02
759 forum posts
473 photos

Hope is here

Edited By Paul Johnson 4 on 13/05/2020 21:14:59

Tim Flyer15/05/2020 09:41:31
1290 forum posts
236 photos

One plane that hasn’t been mentioned and I think could be quite popular when people see it is the Tempest mk2. That has a nice radial cowl and should fly like a “sports car” (sorry for comparison but that’s why I like fighters). It’s a great candidate for a nice big IC model😉

here are some photos of the Tempest 2 at Hendon Museum

Edited By Tim Flyer on 15/05/2020 09:49:07

alan p15/05/2020 11:38:58
267 forum posts
7 photos

Sorry Tim the last photo is a Tempest 2, the others a republic P47 Thunderbolt.face 5 Sidney Camm might have been offended with the comparison.

Bob Cotsford15/05/2020 11:39:59
8591 forum posts
483 photos

Aren't a couple of those of a P47 cowl Tim? I was up for the option of a Tempest the last time Richard asked for subjects, though I'd have opted for the MkV chin inlet myself.

Tim Flyer15/05/2020 11:53:36
1290 forum posts
236 photos

Sorry chaps ! Well spotted!👍👍 in my haste of setting up the album just after posting I did accidentally include two of the same P47cowl shots... I took those on my visit because I’m also a p47 fan and have a Seagull version that I really enjoy 😊😊😊

Edited By Tim Flyer on 15/05/2020 11:59:36

Tim Flyer15/05/2020 11:58:42
1290 forum posts
236 photos

I’m sure you might agree the tempest 2 is a really nice looking plane and I believe one of the fastest piston engine fighters, so is certainly on my list . I have removed incorrect photos from the album. 

Edited By Tim Flyer on 15/05/2020 12:00:52

Graeme Poke16/05/2020 00:15:17
180 forum posts
20 photos

A couple that I like, rarely modeled, are the Supermarine Spiteful/Seafang, followed the Spitfire, and the de Havilland Hornet, following on from the Mosquito. Cheers Graeme

Chris Walby16/05/2020 07:18:11
1244 forum posts
308 photos

Graeme, I previously mentioned the Hornet, but like the Spitful/Spitfang I think they are too obscure as is evident with the P51 decision.

If I really want a Hornet I'll just have to make one off a set of plans and hope it doesn't fly like a dog. Part of the appeal of the WR designs are easy build (compared with just plans) and known nice flier.

I will live to regret my decision, but an electric warbird is not going to do it for me and I'll live in hope something Laser powered comes along. crying

RICHARD WILLS16/05/2020 09:49:48
527 forum posts
69 photos

The thing is chaps. Laser engines are wonderful things ,I have one of the gorgeous V twins myself . However , look at how the thread went . It didnt look like a massive win for the 56" mustang until we allowed those backers to vote elsewhere , Suddently it went from 3 very subdued votes , to thirty five in about two days . I would guess that the larger IC engined group is perhaps a bit smaller ( just being more expensive due to size maybe?) but what is lacking is a co-ordinated agreement .

Moral of that story ? Listen to the others , dont just try to push your only subject forward . None of us are hooked on only one type of warbird .

There are loads of large model designs already in existence , Don Smith , Dave Platt , Brian Taylor , Zirolli .

If you really,really , really wanted one of those specific models , you would have started . But I'm guessing that you do want one ,but also want a lot of short cuts to get you there quicker (and maybe cheaper ) .

So , I'm going to be cruel to be kind here .

Option 1 , Agree amongst yourselves what is an acceptable compromise . Think of the practicalities of creation from my point of view . eg is there already a cowl and canopy that could be used ? If foam veneer can be used , then dont get sniffy about it , as in large scale it will save you money and time . You could have your defiant if you can get enough people interested , But I would have thought something like the Tempest V Tempest II /Sea Fury would be much more of a goer . BT does a big cowl for the Typhoon which could be used . The round cowls are more generic anyhow . Before you mention Typhoon , the short nose prohibits it .

Option 2 , you all decide to do your own thing . Fine . But dont just dump the problem on somebody else . Take a reasonable look at it from the start . For example , You are the only one that wants a Hornet .

Find a plan in the ball park , see where you can create large chunks in foam veneer , ie top and bottom decks and of wings , plus tail surfaces . We could cut all of these from you plan and halve your build time and cost .

A couple of local lads bought the TN 134" Lancaster and all of the wood packs , After a month of head scratching they had constructed a very weak and wobbly fuselage structure that they had no confidence in . So they call me in to see if I wanted to buy the piles of wood, not yet used . I suggested the foam veneer route to which they agreed . Six weeks later they had wings , tail surfaces and all of the top and bottom decks from nose to tail .

We laid them all on the floor in "Lancaster " shape and you could literally see the end in sight . Oh , and all the pre-made chunks of Lanc cost half the price of the wood .

You pretty much all fly with Lasers , so that is something you all have in common but if you dont come together ,nobody can help you with a nice , light and practical British built model . And I think that is important , Most offerings from abroad are way overweight , but you can build the 73" Galaxy Mustang down to about 14lbs and they fly like trainers at that weight .

Chris Walby22/05/2020 20:53:45
1244 forum posts
308 photos

Right ho, for the Laser Appreciation Society the questions are who's in and what do you want?

Pick your top 4 and lets see where we get to

Only my opinion:

70 too small for a warbird unless its a twin

80. 100 good balance between engine size and model size

155 possible but does the engine suit a warbird?

180 is the model getting too big for most people to build?

Who wants what?

Chris Walby23/05/2020 07:33:25
1244 forum posts
308 photos

Having reread Richards previous post I think the options are a bit clearer. Although the LAS need to be the driver there needs to be the appeal to others which are not just IC, but electric modellers wanting a larger model.

I don't mind too much and would not be adverse to a Tempest or Sea Fury as a Hornet just won't appeal to a wide enough audience.

Perhaps a smaller warbird of 70-80 size will interest the LAS group, electric modellers and those that want something to build, but not ultra complex/time consuming.


  1. Tempest or Sea Fury to suit a 70 or 80 size
  2. Tempest or Sea Fury to suit a 100 or 120 size
  3. Tempest or Sea Fury to suit a 155 or 180 size
  4. Something other than a Tempest or Sea Fury

Would 64 inch wingspan work for easy to transport, not to expensive to build, look good in flight and the same reasons that make the P51 appeal to people...just emit a better sound.

Comments, suggestion or is everyone flying or in the shed?

PS - I did write a much longer post and it didn't save it...

Bucksboy23/05/2020 07:54:14
576 forum posts
109 photos

1. Tempest 100/120

2. Tempest 70/80

3. Tempest 155/180

I'd love something else but we'll just go around the houses again.

Ace23/05/2020 09:37:58
322 forum posts
23 photos

1. Ki 84 80/100 (Different, large round cowl)

2. Tempest 80/100

3. F4U Corsair 80/100 (Twist & Turn?)

4. Something other in the 80/100 but would support most subjects to encourage Richard.

Martyn K23/05/2020 10:16:19
5084 forum posts
3678 photos

Tempest or Sea Fury to suit a 100 or 120 size

(In my case an SC120FS - I would love a Laser though)

Engine needs to be fully enclosed which probably make the Tempest an easier option

Answering the question..


Tim Flyer23/05/2020 14:48:00
1290 forum posts
236 photos

Tempest with Laser 80 or OS 95v for me as I have both those engines spare

i do have potential use of my Laser 155 if that was  needed

Tempest is good subject as not many around, round cowl and standard retracts 

Edited By Tim Flyer on 23/05/2020 14:58:56

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