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Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang

P51D and P51B Proposed new versions

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gillyg122/05/2020 19:49:24
132 forum posts
20 photos
Posted by David P Williams on 15/05/2020 17:48:34:

I'm really tempted - I built your Spitfire which was great, and I love P51s, but I'm generally into slightly larger stuff now so I think I'll wait to see what your idea for the Laser boys turns out to be.

so Richard, what are you cooking up/ thinking about, for future projects. Wrt " laser boys " intrigued , Are we talking something larger??? for a laser 80/100, as I would be interested as you know.

ps still in for a mustang wink 2

Chris Walby22/05/2020 20:43:57
1237 forum posts
303 photos

Gillyg1, I think Richard hinted, we (Laser Appreciation Society) are meant to decide (on the other thread link) what we would like.

Of course we could just decide to ask for a larger P51 which is on topic, but better to continue elsewhere.

gillyg122/05/2020 21:12:11
132 forum posts
20 photos

cheers for that Chris, wasn't aware of that thread, thanks for the link.

wink 2 Graham.

Jonathan Sharland26/05/2020 18:37:41
23 forum posts


I have been looking at your kits for a while now but I have a couple of questions.

  1. How easy are they to build for a novice builder?
  2. Can the wings be removed for easy transport
  3. Will we have to pre-order



Graham R27/05/2020 15:20:10
357 forum posts
26 photos

Hi Jonny,

I will try and answer your question

1) Very difficult to answer this, if you have basic diy skills, patience and can follow instructions then I would say yes. There are lots of threads on here following people’s builds.

2) Yes, wings are removable.

3) To enquire as to the availability of them it would be best to either email or pm Richard Wills direct.

RICHARD WILLS28/05/2020 17:40:39
520 forum posts
69 photos

I am keeping notes as to the PMs coming in , but its probably not the neatest way to record who wants what .

I dont really want to put the Mustang on my website until I have dealt with all of the old and new friends on this forum. As soon as I put stuff on my site , some "last minute Johnny " from outside of this sanctuary will swoop in and steal one ,only to complain that the box doesnt include a transmitter after he's ripped it open . Grrrrr

So what I would like people to do is put their name address and phone number on my website enquires , stating which version they fancy . I can print them all off and have a "card " for each of you which can have notes added if you require other stuff. This worked well on the Bf110 build which was quite complicated to package .

These will be at least a month away so there is no panic . I will let you know on this site what other accessories we can offer . One thing I can tell you is that we will have some very nice pilot figures . I have arranged for some specific 1/8 American fellas who you wont see in any other aircraft .

There is a lot to do for me and the lads so please bear with .


RICHARD WILLS28/05/2020 18:13:36
520 forum posts
69 photos

Of course none of this would be possible without the lads doing their bit .

Unfortunately I was down at the Police Station again last night . An all too familiar trip .

They got one of those electric scooters at Easter and of course being as they weigh virtually nothing , the bloody thing does about 30mph with them on it . Sweep describes himself as "Brakeman" , but he prefers to ration that particular action to just one shot per outing , Consequently , a green and grey blur terrorised Chelmsford town centre for a good hour and a half yesterday , before the "Rozzers" managed to string an old badminton net between Primarks and Pret a Manger .

They looked very sorry for themselves by the time I turned up . So I asked the desk sergeant what they had been charged with ? He said ,"It was a toss up between "Driving without a Licence (Dog ) " , breaching the lock down (at excessive speed) , and finally making insulting gestures to a member of the constabulary (female) .

At the end of the day it was the paperwork that confounded their attempts to nail the lads good and proper .

"What exactly is the green one ? " The Sergeant asked . And there we had him . Yeti in charge of a horseless conveyance ? Good luck finding that in your book mate .

Anyway . Since they were released without charge , I reminded the Sergeant that under the data protection act , they were entitled to a copy of any documentation made during their incarceration . I thought you would like to see the mugshot .

mug shot.jpg

Now back to work lads . There are chaps out there depending on you .

Graham R28/05/2020 22:08:52
357 forum posts
26 photos

Go easy on them Richard. I’m sure that Sweep was led on. It’s not in his nature to terrorise the public. If they behave and get started on the Mustangs and other bits, I’ll treat them to a bag of their favourite Haribo.

RICHARD WILLS28/05/2020 22:21:28
520 forum posts
69 photos

Oh , you're probably right Graham ,

Its just that sometimes ..... well ,

they just behave like animals......

gillyg129/05/2020 10:35:54
132 forum posts
20 photos

Guy's as per the latest pm from RW, thinking of doing "P51D blue nose " with the bubble canopy, my dilemma is :- how / whats the best ideal solution to obtain a reasonable chrome/ silver finish ? Please , without gaining to much weight.

Cheers tia Graham ( cornwall)

RICHARD WILLS30/05/2020 18:38:45
520 forum posts
69 photos

Graham , I have tried various methods . None of them definitive . Chrome profilm looks good ,,,,at first . Then it looks like an old crisp packet close up .

Chrome spray cans look good if the surface is smooth . But you cant lacquer them . They just go flat , so no good for fuel proof . Ok electric . Thought about Ally tape and eve tin foil, but the receiver wont like either .

I know the jet boys spend a fortune on this .

Any body else got an idea ?

Paul Johnson 430/05/2020 18:55:58
756 forum posts
473 photos

Most US aircraft that weren't painted, were not exactly polished. Most were war weary, dirty and had plenty of exhaust streaks on them.

I have an old P51 wing at the moment and it looks great. It has shadowing and grime streaks on it. Looks the part.

I certainly would not start using aluminium foil and build a faraday cage around the receiver, that's asking for trouble.

So an ordinary coat of silver/aluminium paint, some paneling, shadowing and dirtying up will look the part.

Dwain Dibley.30/05/2020 19:06:30
1504 forum posts
1487 photos

Here's my Cessna covered with a chrome film GillyG1, and it looks OK I think. Just get the antennae out side the fuz and you will be Good.



gillyg130/05/2020 20:54:16
132 forum posts
20 photos

DD, that looks nice,

Richard thanks for the reply,

Haven't yet decided, still researching my final p51 finish.frown

Peter Jenkins30/05/2020 21:07:08
1601 forum posts
266 photos

There's a P51D in the RAF Museum that is highly polished. It's fully airworthy but I believe its owner loaned it on the condition that it's never flown! So, a ground exhibit it is. But, it is very shiny!

I have some information on aluminium finish and it shows that even with real aluminium there was no loss of signal strength with the Rx aerials inside the fuselage. I'm aiming to use Oracover Chrome on my TF P51 but will probably do a trial with the Rx in a box wrapped in Oracover Chrome and do a range test. On the basis of what I read though, I'm expecting the test to be OK. We shall see!

Martian30/05/2020 21:20:35
2527 forum posts
1163 photos

Hi Gillyg1

this is my SFM Mustang covered in Oracover chrome then over sprayed with rustoleum chrome Electric power



McG 696930/05/2020 22:18:30
3244 forum posts
1230 photos

... ooh yep, Martian...

... I do remember that one... with the stars & bars 'upside' down... devil

... and I also remember you got the benediction of Uncle Donald for it... but then that was before the C19 situation, wasn't it? ... cheeky

Cheers, young man


Martian30/05/2020 22:27:48
2527 forum posts
1163 photos


Eric Robson30/05/2020 23:05:44
264 forum posts
49 photos

Never mind Martian , just fly it inverted! Still looks good . What span is it?

Cheers Eric

Peter Jenkins31/05/2020 00:13:00
1601 forum posts
266 photos

OK, following up on my earlier post, the product I had in mind is called FLITE-METAL. This is very thin aluminium sheet. If you click on the "2.4 Spread Spectrum Systems" button you can read about the tests they did. Cutting to the result, they found no difference with the range or function of 2.4 equipment compared with a system sitting in clear air.

It ain't cheap but you can get a 12" x 12" sample for $7 to try out.

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