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Who is building what?

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Martin McIntosh14/05/2020 19:53:24
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I am having to wait well over three weeks for balsa from my preferred supplier so who is buying it and what are you building? I know of a few but there must be many more out there.

AndyD14/05/2020 20:02:21
773 forum posts
553 photos

ive been waiting two weeks for my balsa so I can start my ballerina bipe

Richard Acland14/05/2020 20:02:50
141 forum posts
70 photos

I decided that once lockdown started I would dig out one of the plans that had been lurking in my drawer for some time. It is a Stolp Starlet. a parasol wing home built aircraft. I ordered wood from Balsa cabin and was told that they were very busy and it might take a while. Since then I have ordered quite a bit of stuff from various model suppliers and they all give the same story. Online orders have really picked up and they all seem very busy. It is an ill wind that blows no one any good.

David perry 114/05/2020 20:06:49
1060 forum posts
13 photos

Just taken delivery of timber to finish my Ww Sapphire rc conversion then my super sinbad.

Next will be a thermic 50. Hoping I can persuade laser cutter owner to do the fiddly bits for me...

Peter Jenkins14/05/2020 20:36:25
1660 forum posts
307 photos

I've had a Top Flite Mustang 60 waiting to be built for 18 months and a Taurus for about 5 years! I also have just acquired one of Richard Wills Spitfires so I've got a lot of building to get through before I can get out and fly my F3A models! laugh

The Mustang build is going fine. Just finished the wing and about to start on the fuselage.

FlyinBrian14/05/2020 20:42:33
677 forum posts
4 photos

I have just resumed the build of a new fuz for a WIZZZA, I have two wings, one per the original all sheet balsa and the second has a symetrical section about 1" thick at the root. The fuz got caught by the folding roof of my wife's carfrown

PeterF14/05/2020 21:09:24
578 forum posts
740 photos

Apologies, I bought it all for my 84" Vulcan, stocks will take time to rebuild.

John Wagg14/05/2020 21:15:45
132 forum posts
22 photos

Half way through building an Avenger slope soarer. Waiting for balsa etc' probably from the same balsa shop.

Just finished a Quaker Flash and waiting to do its maiden.

Repaired the tail of a 25 year old own design aerobatic model.

Today re-done the screen of my Southerner 60 as I wasn't happy with my first effort.

Looks like our club are opening up (with restrictions) so here's hoping. Forecast is a bit breezy for the next few days though.

Not sure about whether I can go to the slope yet ??


Edited By John Wagg on 14/05/2020 21:16:53

Chris Walby14/05/2020 21:16:11
1351 forum posts
338 photos

I am still slogging my way through my Focke, helped the wife to build an Ohmen and built a Extra slim Twin to act as a distraction.

As a key worker lock down meant being more busy than normal so even less time to do anything else.

Good news SLEC contacted me today and said my kit should be posted out in a couple of weeks, that can go with the ARTF (oh no it isn't) and the electric twin build that has stalled. I said I was going to fit a rudder to the Vulcan which is just another job to do.

I think I'll jus go flying instead

Jonathan M14/05/2020 21:54:16
853 forum posts
321 photos

Just took delivery today of the final bits and bobs for the Quark 2m slow aerobatic slope soarer. Have had the laser-cut short-lit and the extra balsa for a year now, ready to start in the next few days (just a few jobs on existing models to finish first).

Took the opportunity to order at the same time all the bits and pieces for the Chilli Breeze which will be the following build. Already got the veneered-foam wing... the balsa I'll wait to order after the current rush!

Jon - Laser Engines14/05/2020 22:27:35
5632 forum posts
271 photos

As i have posted on other threads i am still trying to finish off my Hurricane hurri 34.jpg

And making noises in the garden with engines being rebuilt and tested.

Geoff S14/05/2020 23:14:00
3835 forum posts
49 photos

I've almost completed the Das Liddle Stik I've built from a fee plan I downloaded from Aerofred about 5 weeks ago. I thought I had all the wood and components (servos etc) I needed but I was short of some wood (spruce spars and some balsa sizes). I ordered from SLEC and it took a bit longer than usual but only just over a week IIRC.

If I really set my stall out I suppose I could fly it next week but I'm not in a huge rush. I'm enjoying the build because it's not stretched out and there's no real pressure as there is with a scale build - even a scale build to my sport-scale standards.

It certainly seems like a lot of on-line suppliers of stuff for builders and kit manufacturers are getting a little business boost because of the enforced shed time. That's great in my book just a pity the reason is a horrible pandemic.


Richard Clark 215/05/2020 07:32:23
424 forum posts

Finished, ground tested with both glow and electric, and ready to go.

Aeronca Sedan made from the 65 inch span 1953 'Mercury' free flight kit plan. Changes are one piece wing so the struts, though functional, are not actually stress bearing, minor carbon strengthening here and there, and fitted with aileron, elevator, rudder, and throttle controls. (Despite what the 'experts' say, with a little differential ailerons work fine on high wing models, even a 'full dihedral' Junior 60.)

I could not make up my mind whether to use glow or electric. So I made it for both with fuel tank, battery box right on the C of G (happily the electric motor and the glow engine with its 'in cowl' silencer weigh exactly the same), separate r/c battery, throttle servo and its linkage, and ESC permanently fitted. I can swap from one to the other involving only four bolts in about five minutes..

I am using a now redundant MEGA inrunner motor designed for EDF. Such motors are more efficient than outrunners, run smoother, are quieter and less vibratory than outrunners, and with a low cell count work very well driving big props.

The glow engine is an Czech MVVS 3.5cc r/c (about a '21' in modern terms) as small 'good' glows are getting hard to find and this excellent one was 'new in box' in a local model shop. It's a touch high revving but it will do.

Trevor Crook15/05/2020 07:58:52
1014 forum posts
71 photos

Almost finished covering the Phoenix Models Chipmunk I bought at the start of lockdown - I've been pacing myself!

It needs a pilot so I tagged one on to the order my son put in to the Balsa Cabin a couple of weeks ago. He got it yesterday, they did warn him that orders were taking a while to process, and did a good job of informing him on progress. Just need to arrange a socially distanced collection from him now.

Peter Miller15/05/2020 08:25:09
11505 forum posts
1370 photos
10 articles

I am building a Mini Kosmo kit due to suffering from"Designer's block"

It is a good kit...but I can't wait to get back to my drawing board!!!

Dwain Dibley.15/05/2020 10:45:02
1541 forum posts
1520 photos

I just bought this little Beauty, I have a penchant for all things tiny and indoor at the moment.



This was one I have worked on before, that me and a sadly departed Mate, were getting back in the air. It was about 35 years old

It got sold after he passed, so I don't know what happened to it. It had a Tartan 44 cc nitro engine in it, that the new owner ripped out in place of something else, can't remember what, We had got the Tartan running like a sewing machine as well !! Ah over, I was just annoyed that some people don't respect the models heritage, if you can understand that ??

I still have two Tartan 22's, one with a Walbro carb on it.

mister mulligan 006.jpg

Barrie Lever15/05/2020 16:07:29
370 forum posts
53 photos

4 new pulse jet control line speed models, 2 are Sport Jets (145-150mph) the other 2 are fast jets +200mph on a good day.



eflightray15/05/2020 18:52:12
625 forum posts
132 photos

Just finished building, (I hope), a replacement for my last Lancaster that was attacked by a hawthorn hedge.

103" span, difficult to photo all in one shot, very small bedroom. -

lanc iizj.jpg

lanc iizk.jpg

lanc iizl.jpg

lanc iizm.jpg


John Wagg07/06/2020 21:12:45
132 forum posts
22 photos

Waiting for the right weather to maiden. RM plan 76 - Avenger slope soarer - Designed by Bill Grundy 1971. Just 2 channel on ailerons and all flying elevator. Not been an easy build and would design it differently if doing it again. I did have one back in the 70's and flew well, so that's why I have built it again. Finished today with the C.o.G balance to set. Does need some lead in the nose.




That's fluorescent orange under wing and a lot brighter in the flesh.


Perhaps fit a couple of roundels on the wing.av6.jpg

Edited By John Wagg on 07/06/2020 21:14:33

Edited By John Wagg on 07/06/2020 21:37:21

Doctor Chinnery08/06/2020 14:04:37
76 forum posts

Finally finished a BalsaNova which I acquired as a nicely built balsa airframefor what would now be buttons 4 moves ago - with luck I intend to run a couple of tanks through it this afternoon. Memo to self - don't buy "2nds" covering film, especially for sheet surfaces. Then maiden tomorrow morning, if we're successful I'll tidy up the covering and do a bit of decoration.

I've just started a trad' British kit - a Galaxy Wasp who's been bought for an SC32. Beautiful laser cut balsa and ply, and quality foam wings etc etc, excellent plan too definitely a VFM kit (value for money!). If I had to have a moan - shame considering the general quality of the kit - the instruction sheets are very poor photocopies, and to be honest although pretty comprehensive, they would benefit from better laying out and spacing - as I say, shame, as the rest of the kit is excellent value and the instructions look cheap.

BUT - despite the grumble - I'll still keep buying Galaxy kits.

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