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Returning after a 20 year absence!

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Rogeo198311/06/2020 18:27:47
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hi all,

new here, just came across the site. So with time on my hands, I went digging in the loft, found my old rc models. One is a cub replica that I was building, and the other was a new trainer kit, new Yamamoto 1600.

This is the one I am going to hopefully get back flying, but it will need a lot of help, so if anyone can help I would be most grateful.

the engine is an SC 40A, from ABC super Sport? If that makes any sense. The engine was completely seized, so a day sitting in fluids loosened it up. However, with the engine stripped, the crankshaft will not come out. The bearings are in bad shape, so I was planning on a new bearing set, and gasket set.

so would anyone have any idea if these parts are available?

the controller is a sanwa vanguard 4 channel. I found the charger a few minutes ago, so I am charging it, I would be amazed if these batteries would even charge, so let’s see.

Can I get replacement batteries for these?

my 7 year old son is so excited with the possibility of seeing it fly, he has been flying on a model trainer on my iPad the past few days, he is actually better than I ever was!

so that’s the plan, if anyone could give any advice I would be most grateful.

thank you

Former Member11/06/2020 23:58:10
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[This posting has been removed]

cymaz12/06/2020 06:31:42
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After stripping the engine as much as possible of all the plastic parts, have a heat gun and some welding gloves and heat the engine.

Make sure the heat is even over the bearing housings, it will need to get very warm if not hot ....a hair dryer is no good. Once the old oil is smoking well the bearings should drop out. Make a note of which way the crank pin, liner and piston come out as well.

Modelfixings or Simply Bearings are excellent for bearing replacements.

when putting back together, replace the o rings, any fuel tubing and glow plug.

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Ray Wood 412/06/2020 07:20:49
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Hi Rogeo,

I would guess you radio is 35mhz which has been superseded now by 2.4mhz and glo motors are not so popular with the advent of electric flying.

New equipment is so cheap these days I'd buy new if you can ??

Regards Ray

Nigel R12/06/2020 09:19:57
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Welcome back

The engine, bearings are no problem, as already said, I would not be surprised if a little heat (if it does not result in divorce, pop it in the oven for a few minutes to warm through) did not get the crank out

As for radio, I would be reluctant to suggest using the 35mhz gear, sometimes storage is not kind to electronics, and modern gear is more reliable in my experience. my advice would be to buy a transmitter / receiver and a fresh battery for the model.

The servos are simple to check so see if they are ok before replacing the whole lot.

Cuban812/06/2020 10:04:07
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Hi Rogeo and welcome back to the hobby, nice to be able to share it with your son.

A couple of points from my perspective........that old Sanwa radio IIRC was a very basic outfit even back in the day in the 80s-90s, I think you'll find it very restrictive and if you decide to progress again, you're going to need something more flexible. Quite apart from that is its age, and the fact that 35Mhz has been redundant for many years now. A few people do persist with it for a number of reasons, but I don't know of anyone in the two clubs that I frequent (so a couple of hundred members) that still use their old 35 gear. Do yourself and your lad a favour and keep the Sanwa as a display item on the workshop/shed shelf, and invest a few quid in a new 2.4 system. You're going to have enough to occupy youselves with by getting the engine and airframe up to scratch and getting back into the air safely, and doubts about a very old radio system that's been out of use for ages is something you don't need.

You don't say how far you managed to progress with flying before your lay-off, but technology has come such a long way recently, and if not for yourself, then for your lad, a system that has stabilisation and a panic/levelling function is very common now. I've seen a few beginners models saved from destruction due to such a system cutting in and they are not expensive to buy. Your boy might do better with one of the electric foamy trainers that are everywhere now - depends on your budget of course. The hopes and aspirations of so many beginners has, over the years, been scattered over and augered into the country's flying fields - technology doesn't have all the answers, but it sure does help.

Anyway, good luck and I hope all goes well.yes




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kc12/06/2020 11:17:44
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One thing to watch out for on old radio gear is black wire corrosion which can affect wiring, so suspect that and examine everything including the switch harness. Not really worth buying new nicads as the large pack required for Tx is expensive. Far better to buy modern 2.4 ghz gear.which will have trainer lead ( buddy lead) connection, rate switches, multiple memories, expo and all mod cons even in fairly basic sets.

Find where your local club is from BMFA clubfinder and go along and see what equip they use - most clubs have a preference for a make used by their instructors. Find out whether they fly glow models as some clubs are now electric only.

Peter Miller12/06/2020 12:21:23
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If I remember rightly, Sanwa servo plugs were different to others so look out for polarity before using them.

Former Member12/06/2020 12:57:17
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Former Member12/06/2020 13:01:10
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[This posting has been removed]

Nigel R12/06/2020 13:07:23
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You're the first person in the thread to mention China, Doc.

Cuban812/06/2020 13:19:13
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Just trying to think of an advantage that 35 has over 2.4 (don't know about 2.7 though Doc.)................answers on the back of a postage stamp please.wink

Just saying "I've already got it" doesn't count.

Retreats swiftly to bunker avec tin hat laughlaugh.............................

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Former Member12/06/2020 13:19:52
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Former Member12/06/2020 13:23:21
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[This posting has been removed]

john stones 1 Moderator12/06/2020 13:52:58
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No issues with 35 mhz myself, however I agree with C8, Vanguard 4 ch is very basic, you have your Son interested, update for me, by comparison radio is much cheaper these days. To which Radio ? Well the Worlds your Oyster, plenty out there.

Former Member12/06/2020 15:52:32
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[This posting has been removed]

Cuban812/06/2020 17:26:13
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I had zero problems with my old 35 gear over the years, from its inception to the 2.4 change - for me in 2012. However, all was not rosy if one thinks back.....essentially an analogue system that relied on tuned circuits that did drift (we always sent our gear back for annual realignment, didn't we chaps? yeah right!) hence the ruling in most clubs that 20khz channel spacing be maintained (odds or even channels) - every club had it's menace with dodgy gear splashing over adjacent channels - and the race to land when old Fred or Bill or whoever was seen to be walking to the peg board (if he remembered to take a peg) before firing up his old glitching gear was astonishing.

So prone to operator error - shoot downs........wrong/dodgy crystals, wrong frequency flag, forget to take/replace peg, leave RX aerial rolled up in fuz, dirty TX aerial or TX aerial lubed with oil (true!), noise immunity could be very poor with electric power and petrol sparkies. Pretty much dismisses the 'dedicated band' argument for me. Unexplained glitches that some flyers always used to suffer with before they had to worry about alleged 'brown outs'. wink and not forgetting PCM lockouts that I saw with my very own eyes on so many occasions and  cost a flying buddy a wrecked model. Never used PCM myself.

Happy days, I suppose, at least so few sets are in use now, the chances of getting shot down by another flyer are remote.

Edited By Cuban8 on 12/06/2020 17:30:28

Rogeo198315/06/2020 09:29:59
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Hi all,

thanks for for all the suggestions, yes going to work on the engine today, the model is in excellent condition, so just engine and electrics.

i need to get new batteries first, and I will see how it goes, see what works.

for the moment, if I can replace the batteries on the receiver, then I’ll see if it can work.

i don’t want to spend two much money on gear, only to find out that it gets parked for another 20 years!

thanks again for all your help.

Nigel R15/06/2020 09:49:24
4406 forum posts
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Posted by Doc Marten on 12/06/2020 13:19:52:

I was the first (and only) to mention Overlander and Eneloops. Your point?

Edited By Doc Marten on 12/06/2020 13:29:30

Why bring your recommendation of Overlander and Eneloops up? It's irrelevant to my point.

My point was, China was not relevant. All anyone on this thread recommended was updating the old, 35MHz gear to a more recent 2.4GHz set.

Rogeo198317/06/2020 23:51:41
27 forum posts
18 photos

Hi again,

so so I have the engine stripped and put back together again, however the carb is absolutely seized solid. I cannot get it free. Any suggestions? Can I buy a replacement carb?

with regards to the transceiver, it is a 35 mhz unit. I actually have 2, one 4 channel, and one 6 channel. Surprisingly, they still work great, but I will have to buy some new batteries. They are just 1.2v AA rechargeable bundled together in a pack of 4, would these be available?

I haven’t started on the other model yet, the engine is seized, it’s an MDS 40, probably from around 1996 ish, but the model needs quite a bit of building, so I have time for that.

thanks again for your help and posts, it is very much appreciated.

oh when I figure out how to upload photos, I’ll send some on.

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