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Spektrum Receiver Plugs and Sockets

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Tosh McCaber02/07/2020 14:13:03
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Hmm, a peculiar situation.

I purchased my Spektrum DX( Black Tx a couple of years ago.. It was bundled with a fairly high spec Spektrum AR9020 Rx. I've had no need to use the Rx until now. On trying to fit standard servo connectors, which have a rectangular cross section, into the Rx outputs, they just won't fit, On looking closer at the Rx set of nine pins, I see that the casing around them has a definite wedge chamfered profile in the corner of each servo outlet section.

I haven't come across this with any of my independent receivers- Orange, etc. I had no problem connecting standard servos to them and a Spektrum AR410 Rx (the one with the internal aerial!). I also just tried to fit a servo lead into another Spektrum Ar620 (another with internal aerial)- it's a tight fit, but the plug will go in.

Is the AR9020 a one off, or do Spektrum servos plugs have a different profile to all the others on the market? Certainly the two other Spektrum Rxs don't have the wedges!

Denis Watkins02/07/2020 14:21:22
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Always been a problem Tosh, since day one.

The only plugs that fit are Spektrum servos

On my servos, I run down on sides and flats of the plugs until the shine has gone, and then they fit

As some do have the chamfer but are still tight

Peter Jenkins02/07/2020 14:30:51
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Always have to cut the tab off Futaba servos to use with my JR Rx. Not a big problem to chamfer the edges of the servo plugs. If you make your own servo leads, you quite often have to do that to get the plugs to fit. I was under the impression that all servo plug receptacles had the polarising feature to help stop you plugging in the servo the wrong way.

What's the problem?

Nigel R02/07/2020 14:49:06
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All my RXs - mix of A400, A610, A6210 and A6600 - have that shape in the casing around the plug block.

Cannot comment on the new 410 or 620.

BackinBlack02/07/2020 14:56:09
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Spektrum/JR standard plugs should have a small chamfer on 2 "corners". Futaba plugs are the same size, but with no chamfers and a tongue. Many "look a like" plugs are not quite the correct profile, usually a little too large, hence the problem getting them to plug in.

There are also some "universal" (fits nothing) plugs around which have neither chamfers or tongue.

Better they're a tight fit than loose, but it is annoying that the alternate manufacturers can't get the dimensions right.

Steve J02/07/2020 14:57:36
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The sockets on some Spektrum receivers are very tight. As far as I am aware, they are all designed for JR/Hitec/etc type plugs.

Martin McIntosh02/07/2020 16:08:23
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Spektrum, JR, Corona and Hitech plus many other servos all come with a chamfered plug, you must be using some strange ones. Even with the chamfer JR and many some Spektrum Rx`s such as the 9000 are a very tight fit.

The HK plug kits are exactly the same as supplied on the above servos, as are the female ones from CPC.

Trevor Crook02/07/2020 16:25:27
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All of the second-source "JR style" plug and extension leads I have bought have the chamfered corners on one side for polarisation. Generally they fit my Speccy receivers ok, but they are a bit tighter in some of the smaller ones.

Some of the Futaba style leads I've aquired have the chamfers as well as the tab, which I cut off.

Cuban802/07/2020 16:45:18
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I always now specify Hitec style plugs when I order extension leads, they fit my Spektrum receivers perfectly. Looking at few others that I've got in my spares box, the plugs are not chamfered at all and will probably be a tad tight without a little 'adjustment'. Have a few clipped Futaba plugs as well, but it's a pain to fiddle about with them. Some plugs I've noticed in the past are a bit thicker than normal with a slight step around the cable entry giving an awkward fit for the plugs in a fully populated receiver. Plug polarity is not an issue no matter what make you use.

A quick moan......I wish Spektrum never used those tiny little connectors for satellites, why not a standard servo plug? Very easy to strain the connector at the miniscule crimp and some of my genuine Spektrum leads have failed because the crimp was too tight and compromised the insulation through to the conductor. No strain relief and hence failure - link at switch on. Hobbyking ones meant for orange RXs are much better and cheaper, when you can get them.

Edited By Cuban8 on 02/07/2020 16:47:57

Paul Marsh02/07/2020 16:59:14
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I've found the Futaba 617's sockets are very loose - too loose for comfort and just to be safe, added heat glue, especially to the switch socket.
Prefer tight, to loose, but as said, Spektrum are very tight, and found that some servos plugs are little thicker than others and when connecting a few up, the rx either cracks or gets deformed.

Ronaldo02/07/2020 17:02:42
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I found some servo plugs a tight fit on my spektrum Rx's. I take a sharp blade and scrape some of the plastic off the chamfered area on the corners of the plugs. That does the trick for me thumbs up

Tosh McCaber02/07/2020 18:19:05
128 forum posts
23 photos

Wouldn't it be nice if they all settled for rectangular section plugs- can't go wrong- even fitting them upside down by miostake!

Steve J02/07/2020 18:29:01
1983 forum posts
54 photos
Posted by Cuban8 on 02/07/2020 16:45:18:

I wish Spektrum never used those tiny little connectors for satellites ...

No strain relief and hence failure ...

JST-ZHs. Mine usually get a gob of silicon for strain relief. The Spektrum designer on RGC recommends plastic tape.

Tosh McCaber02/07/2020 20:14:59
128 forum posts
23 photos

When I scrape chamfers to suit the Spektrum AR9020 on the plugs on my existing miscellany of servo plugs, I don't want to get these chamfers the wrong way round.

Can anyone give me a heads up on where the negative pins are on this Spektrum receiver? There is absolutely no indication on the receiver body nor instruction booklet!

So, if we are looking at the sockets facing us vertically on the Rx, with the chamfers of the case on the right hand side of the hole, is the negative pin top or bottom of the socket?


Denis Watkins02/07/2020 20:18:58
4544 forum posts
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It is marked up Tosh

Below AUX 1

Minus, plus and signal

Tosh McCaber02/07/2020 23:10:56
128 forum posts
23 photos

I looked at the Rx, (literally) got out my Jewellers loop, and can see the tiny inscrption! It was hidden on the edge of the protective film which was still there!

For clarity, can I confirm then that the negative pin is on the bottom of the socket with the chamfers of the case on the right hand side of the hole?

Denis Watkins03/07/2020 07:22:09
4544 forum posts
123 photos

The AR9020 has 2 banks of pins arranged both ways Tosh

It is easier to show one bank of pins from an AR6210 that is clearer, illustrating all the minus pins align to the

outer wall of the casing. The chamfer and pin out is the same On your rx.

The line drawing shows the AR9020 alignment minus to the top of the case in the top row

Minus to the bottom of the case in the bottom row



Edited By Denis Watkins on 03/07/2020 07:50:08

FlyinBrian03/07/2020 07:48:28
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The great thing is even if you plug a servo lead in the wrong way round the magic smoke stays put.

Tosh McCaber03/07/2020 07:59:09
128 forum posts
23 photos

Many thx. I know that sticking plugs in the wrong way does no harm- but I didn't want to cut a set of chamfers on plugs to fit this one Rx, to find that I would have to do it all again because I got it wrong!

Thx again guys!

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