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Tim Mackey22/01/2009 09:47:47
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Please include chit chat about your / others choices in here - keeps the main voting thread easier to handle when ballot time arrives
A.A. Barry22/01/2009 10:21:00
1922 forum posts
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Timbo is there going to be a "top 10/12"   Barry
Erfolg22/01/2009 10:31:32
11639 forum posts
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I personally believe that the vote will as a matter of course result in a Spitfire or equivalent being selected.
I guess there are a number of outcomes that both the proprieters and readers want. That is the sale of more covers and a good issue, repectively. I think there is nothing wrong in these motives.
Yet as a modeller I yearn for something different. Not necessarily a Amiot, quad plane with six engines (if there ever was such a beast). But something along the lines of Grunman Bearcat, as a quite conventional aircraft. For something a little more adventurist, a Dornier 335. To be outrageous a Douglass X3 stilleto.
I think there will be many other aircraft that would interest me. That have not been modelled, kitted, or planned to the point of complete boredom. What ever is selected it could be that it will another 2 issues that I will not buy.
Is there a practical way of running a selection process that results, in a less than predictable result, which increases cover sales, gives the designer builder satisfaction, really pleases the purchasers of the magazine and may result in a good parts sale (canopies, rib sets etc.)
Dave S.22/01/2009 11:05:55
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Is the aim to appeal to the experienced builder, or to tempt the new generation of ARFers to discover the joys of blood-stained balsa? 
I anticipate a 'both' answer, but the middle ground may end up satisfying neither camp.
Andy Ramsay22/01/2009 11:37:03
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Think my original vote went astray but have posted again. More probably I fouled up and didn't hit the Post button!

Given that the finished design will presumably be for a plan to be published as a freebie in the special edition it would presumably, almost inevitably , be for a single engine design and probably suitable for ic and/or electric?
Personally I would love to see an electric Shackleton but I can't see that being a runner.

In the voting thread I have gone Italian and think Tony should think the same, he has done most of the other fighting powers. Also there is something about Italian design, be it aircraft, automotive, or ship.

Of my three choices, Fiat CR32, Fiat CR42 or Macchi MC 202 Folgore the CR32 and MC202 are my favourites.  If a multi is possible in the format an SM79 Sparviero would be fantastic.

A.A. Barry22/01/2009 12:38:10
1922 forum posts
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Erfolg, Andy  and David , I feel excatly the same way,, my push for the whirlwind is for all of the above reasons.
Qs.......... does Tony build a not so "evergreen  plane" as in your words Erfolg, another boring "done before" or is The "gang" trying to "sell the mag" ?
Personally I will buy it anyway,  what ever is the outcome, because there is more than the "plan"in it
   Will it give the new boys a look at what can be achived?
 I would hope that the "speciel" is aimed at the more experienced builder, because, there is enough of simple plans  in every month for the "up and coming" please don't get me wrong.
 Yes David,it will be what the mutitudes.......... , but again, I say, lets have something that is not on the  "shelf" already.
YEA me, the dreamer     Barry 
flytilbroke22/01/2009 12:40:34
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I am pleased that this thread started. So many posters do not read, or pay ANY attention to the original starting post. I was rather fed up trying to read through the rubbish to see what anyone was proposing as a contender for the next model.
Bet it does not stop the rubbish on the main thread though
Steve Adams22/01/2009 13:25:57
196 forum posts
       Hi All these are my three for the pick a plane comp
       1] Gloster Javelin [EDF]
       2] Blackburn Buccaneer[EDF]
       3] Hawker Sea Fury[WW2]
       May i say  that regardless of what wins it,ll be a cracking model,coming from the
       board of the ever proliffic Mr Nijhuis.Good luck to one and all voting for a model &
       I,LL still buy the magazine!! Steve Adams.
David Ashby - Moderator22/01/2009 14:31:28
10951 forum posts
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Wrong thread Steve, please vote here
00122/01/2009 16:05:15
2212 forum posts
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I wonder how much thought is put into these 3 suggested aircraft. What is probably needed is something reasonably easy to build, easy to trim or balance (no short noses) cheap to power, whether it is to be I.C. or electric and something that can be flown by the majority without specialised equipment. The most popular commonly known aircraft have all been modelled dozens of times in many scales and there are ARTFs, kits and plans available for those who want to put the effort into looking for them. 
But for somebody to suggest something that would be slightly out of the ordinary (not unorthodox or with more than 4 motors, for example), they are never going to get a plan drawn. And they could be posting details of a subject that is very attractive. 
Quite a puzzle.
So do we actually need more plans of Tiger Moths, Piper Cubs and Extra's..?
Dave S.22/01/2009 16:47:55
220 forum posts
20 photos
How about similar, but different prototypes if it has to be a scale model? I suggested the DHC2 Beaver, but there are kits and ARFs available (though neither would suit my building preferences), so why not an Auster or, better still, a Puss Moth rather than a Cub? Wasn't it Tony N. who built the enormous Bronco I saw at Hastings last spring, so why not a 'normal' sized version of that? There must be plenty of aircraft worth modelling that the average modeller can tackle with a fair hope of completing it and flying it successfully.
Fanyak22/01/2009 17:07:46
79 forum posts
31 photos
Richard, I agree with you. Some of us forget that the plan will go folded in the
magazine and for this the design and the information will be limited. Many of the
planes suggested are multiengines and therefore more difficult to design in only
one sheet and even more difficult to build. Besides, there are people that think
everything can fly but it is not so. I think the elected model should be as impressive
as possible but easy to design, build and fly.
Erfolg22/01/2009 18:03:14
11639 forum posts
1294 photos
I do think with advent of cheap, powerful electric flight, it is very possible to model multis, which many could build and fly sucessfully.
If twins were to be considered there becomes a wealth of infrequently modelled or if modelled at all aircraft. A twin set up would keep power train costs, reigned in, also operation would not be over taxing.
The range could be Me 110/410, Junkers 88, Dornier 215 Fw 189, Horton or Avro Manchester, Blenheim, Comet racer, Airspeed? Elizabethen or Boston, Locheed Lightening, Liberator. Or even the Dornier 335 for symetrical  thrust line, to keep things simpler.
With regards to what is possible for a magaine pull out plan, spreading the plan over two issues, is more than enough. The plans RCM&E and others have produced have been excellent in a single issue, with two they would murder the problem. It would enable them to do a profile on the full size aircraft to add more value to the venture, without the plan becoming to dominant for the monthly issue.
I do think the commercial aspects are important. We all want this mag to continue, as well as the competitors. Yet it seems that selling plans is not as profitable as it has been. May be that linking hardware sales to the plan could benefit us all. Times are becoming very hard for many, new niches and markets may develop,  the free plan could develop this market. To date Bel-air and SLM do not seem to get their price right for these ventures to become a mass market (in modelling terms).  But i do not really know if this is viable. 
Although I do not build from plans as much as I used to. I do it more frequently than the kits I buy, think I must now have over about 8. Including a Pat treakle Vega from 10 or so yeras back.  
Ben Mullins22/01/2009 20:58:25
850 forum posts
51 photos
When I voted i went against almost every thing in this thread . Apart from the common and now dried yup subjects like the spitfire, uuuggg, there are so many better planes! Anyway, my first vote was for a Fairey Gannet. Specialised equipment needed for that I suppose, or you could have one free whriling prop. I think a plane like this would be marvellous for teh slightly more experienced builder (not quite me yet!) With folding wings, Contra Rotating props, tail hooks and radar hump things. Something for a modeller to acctually have to think about, rather than just a straight forward build..
Think of the wonder of a Folding wing mechanism!
Fanyak22/01/2009 21:40:38
79 forum posts
31 photos
  Erfolg, if the magazine decided to spread the plan over two issues it would be perfect. You have refered about the Dornier Do- 335, I think it could be a great election. I like this plane a lot and I have to recognize that although I have got the
fantastic American Al Masters´ plans ( one of the reasons which I have not posted
it ) I have not started its construction yet because it has a lot of work but some day
I must.........  
Referring to the continuity of the mag, my desire is like many of you, I want the mag to continue. I think it is one of the best mag in the world. I can say this because I know nearly all of them and nowadays I am a subscriber in four mags, three English
and even one French and although I live in Spain I never buy a Spanish magazine. I do not like them.
I also agree with you about the quality of the plans, they are magnificent
Tony Richardson25/01/2009 01:19:39
622 forum posts
25 photos
Erfolg if I remeber correctly a plan was spread out over two issues, a sport flying boat called Di- Fleidamous? I think it translated to the flying mouse ( a bat ? ) I think the fus was printed one month with the wing the following.
As for making them really simple "why" we would be building from a plan or a wood pack can usually be purchased to make it a little easier, if simple is what we need then ARTF's are available for all kinds of aircraft.   Let's see something a little different, the Spit was the first model three years ago followed by the Typhoon ( cracking little model and not offered as a kit or ARFF too often. now we have the Hurricane, at risk of getting it wrong I would say the most well known British warbirds have been covered, let's see if we can find one that is not too common.
Tony Richardson25/01/2009 01:23:10
622 forum posts
25 photos
Ben if you are into electric models there are a few motors that have counter rotating shafts for twin props so the Gannet is a perfect model.
flytilbroke25/01/2009 15:18:14
2083 forum posts
5 photos
I want IC, Yes I want IC.... Do a decent own design flying boat Tony, using the best designed bits from known planes and of .46 to .56 motor size. Flying boat rather than a float plane as the boat hull can usualy handle choppy wave better. A flying boat can also readily have a wheeled undercarraige fitted.
Contra-rotating power units tend to need "deeper pockets" I believe.
Fanyak26/01/2009 15:59:10
79 forum posts
31 photos
It seems a little stopped this year, what happens?.
Last year had opinions up to the end but this year..................?
Terence Lynock26/01/2009 21:07:55
2453 forum posts
46 photos
As most of you have pointed out the membership base is so wide who do you aim tyo please the most? the balsa bashers or the Depron choppers, the ARTF army or the specialists who delve into exreme flight and dynamic soaring etc?.
Again whatever is offered it has to be buildable by the majority and as much as I would love to see a Lockheed 1049 Super Constellation I know it wont happen because it is just far too advanced, whatever is decided on I think it has to be two engines max and usable on electric or i/c power, no fancy bells and whistles and as stable in flight as possible even if it means compromising the original design.
It would be nice to have something that other mags do not have, daft as it sounds I have yet to find a mag offering a plan for a Me bf 109G or K, I ended up having to buy a Taylor plan for a 109F from Traplet so perhaps something non-RAF/RAAF/RCAF or whatever would be more acceptable, cant remember the last time RCM&E offered a scale or semi scale German/ Italian/Japanese WW2 offering,
regards. Terry 

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