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New Parkzone P51

The new kid on the block.

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New Parkzone P-51 Gunslinger

New Parkzone P-51 Gunslinger

First Look - 29/5/09

Tony Read 229/06/2009 09:14:25
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Picked up my brand new Parkzone P51 'Gunfighter' at Wings and Wheels on Saturday. What a show! Who could forget seeing Ali Mashinchys jet 'prop hanging' (OK I know it does not have a prop, so what DO you call it?) just above the runway.

Anyway, back to the P51. All my foamy fliers to date have needed a bit of down elevator for level flight, even with some extra weight in the nose. The factory elevator settings on the Mustang seemed fine, with just a hint of down. I added some up trim on the Tx just to make sure. Applying the throttle there seemed to be plenty of power available. Nothing for it, I took a deep breath and launched. It dived steeply towards the ground. A bit of frantic stick twiddling had her heading up into the blue. I had to apply full up trim and then some to keep her level. She seems a bit sprightlier than the Trojan or Corsair with a better vertical performance. Rolls were slow on low rates, have yet to try them on high. I was concerned that the small battery would run down fast but flying on half to three-quarter throttle I got at least fifteen minutes out of it. The landing was easy just floated her in. Im one happy bunny! After I reset the elevator it was clear that she needed one to two degrees of up to keep her level.

I have to say that I love this plane. I was initially disappointed when I heard that Parkzone had bought out another Mustang but this is streets ahead of the previous version. It looks good (a bit less lizard skin finish than the Corsair) and it flies brilliantly. Well done Parkzone!

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David Ashby - Moderator29/06/2009 09:20:25
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Yes agreed Tony - I found that unlike the Trojan and Corsair it doesn't need any nose weight - add a rudder servo when you get a chance - makes all the difference  
Duration is excellent on the 1300mAh Li-Po and as, you say, she doesn't hang about. 
Why not leave a review here.

Edited By David Ashby - RCME moderator on 29/06/2009 09:22:16

Tony Read 229/06/2009 11:05:55
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For those who are thinking about buying one go for it! Just watch out for prices. The plug n bind version has the extra control rod for the rudder but no battery or radio. At W & W it was cheaper to buy the full version and throw the radio away!
Gemma Jane29/06/2009 11:24:54
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Ah the ideal partner for my P-38  I had a feeling it was going to be good 'un, on the Christmas list... along with all the others
Tony Read 229/06/2009 13:55:38
965 forum posts
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Go for it Gemma!   It flies as good as it looks, real sweet, as the young folkes say!
Been doing a bit of research over lunch but cant seem to find too much info on the original P51 'Gunfighter'.

 Parkzone have painted their Mustang to look like the one flown by the CAF, (complete with retired USAF pilot!). This plane is painted in the colours of the 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group, 66th Fighter Wing, 8th Air Force. Not sure if the 'Gunfighter' name is fictitious or not. However, I did find a P51 in similar colours, 'The Millie G' flow by Maj Ed Giller. Anyone know if Gunfighter is an original WW11 name? Not that it matters much at all, but Im just curious.

Gemma Jane29/06/2009 14:26:17
1349 forum posts
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Try typing 44-73264 into google Tony
Tony Read 230/06/2009 09:07:40
965 forum posts
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A bit more info on the new P51.

 Some manufacturers think that packaging consists of taping components in bags inside flimsy cardboard boxes. Not so Parkzone/Horizon. You get a sturdy polystyrene inner with everything held securely in place. It is a joy to behold.

 With the RTF version you get everything you need to get into the air, including TX batteries. All servos are fitted for you. You just need to fit the stabiliser, which is held in position with four bits of tape (it works – I’ve never had one come loose), screw on the wing and connect the aileron wires to the Rx. Charging the battery will probably take longer than putting the plane together!

 Those who have bought the older version of the P51 (or the Spit/FW) will be familiar with the transmitter. It is 27 MHz and has a slider for throttle control. There is no option for rudder.

 The model itself has the same wingspan as its predecessor – 990mm but there the similarity ends. It is made of tough EPP which is lighter and more impact resilient than the old version. The weight is 25 oz and comes fitted with a 480 size 960Kv brushless outrunner, 18A ESC and a 9x6 prop. It comes with a short 3 cell 1300mAh LiPo.

 Whilst some people may baulk at the ‘lizard skin’ effect of the EPP you do not notice it from just a few feet away and anyway these planes are made for flying, not static display. It is in the air where the P51 excels. Stock it will fly better than just about any other RTF. Flight times are really good on the supplied LiPo, but you should be able to squeeze in larger packs if you so desire – just watch the C of G.

Gemma Jane30/06/2009 09:21:49
1349 forum posts
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Tony you mention the price difference between PnP and RTF, but doesn't the PnP include a speccy rx? Is it still cheaper to buy the RTF and then also the rx for speccy for example?
Tony Read 230/06/2009 14:01:27
965 forum posts
3 photos
Hi Gemma,
Not 100%  certain whether you get an Rx or not with the Plug N Bind version, although I suspect that you do. I paid £118 for my RTF version, PNB's were £109 (show prices). I found a 20C battery for £16, so you could put a PNB version into the air for £125. As I say, these were show prices, they may differ from what you have to pay in a shop etc.
Having flown mine again I have to say that its a fantastic little plane. To me Parkzone have set the standard against which others should be judged.
Tony Read 230/06/2009 14:12:25
965 forum posts
3 photos
Just checked SL's site. The PNB version does come with a AR500 receiver, also says that a LiPo is supplied as well. There was NOT one in the box that I saw at W & W. If anyone is going for the PNB P51 make sure that you get the battery included.
Merlin spit30/06/2009 14:19:21
431 forum posts
1 photos
i thought they were doing a BNF version ,everthing you need battery, ar500  reciver etc.just use your dsm2 tranny and away you go ,i didnt see this version at the show but if ihad and it was £109 i would have snaped their hand off ,the ar500 and batery alone are  worth £60 ,then factor in esc, motor ,servos bargain!!!!!!!
bnf version herefor £144

Edited By austen rover on 30/06/2009 14:20:13

Tony Read 230/06/2009 15:50:50
965 forum posts
3 photos
Sorry, for Plug N Bind read Bind N Fly. As I say I did open up a BNF version but there was no battery. When buying one make sure its included!
I was MORE than happy with the prices! Austen, If you PM me I'll let you know who had them, maybe you can do a deal!
Fantastic weather, show and flying, and went home with a P51 - it does not get much better than that!  What did you think of the flying Austen?
Merlin spit30/06/2009 16:12:29
431 forum posts
1 photos
The flying was great for me ,not being a member of a club its nice to see other people flying and diffrent models and it gives me a few hints along the way .got me thinking i might join a club as i dont know any fellow flyers and it would be nice to  dogfight now and then
i went home happy with a dx6i,2 ar500s ,a seagull ep extra and a  gws me 109  all at a nice price .ill have to wait for a while before i can get a mustang but its on the list
Tony Read 213/07/2009 13:52:06
965 forum posts
3 photos
If anyone wants a NIB 'Gunfighter' have a look at my classified ad.
Tony Read 216/07/2009 14:11:47
965 forum posts
3 photos

I've got an update to my comments on the new P51. There would appear to be three versions of this aircraft available, which probably accounted for my initial confusion concerning versions and batteries.

There is the RTF version with Tx, Rx and battery included (show price approx £120).

There is a Plug n Play which I believe has no Tx, Rx or battery (I saw this for £109).
Finally there is the Bind n Fly which should include the battery and a Spektrum receiver (I don't think this is available yet).
That clears that up then?
Andy Harris16/07/2009 22:17:01
464 forum posts
30 photos
We use a 2250 Loong Max in my son's T28, Its possible that flight durations are measured in days.  No weight needed up front ..
john williamson 120/08/2009 16:56:39
1 forum posts
I've just received my Bind & Fly version which took no time to put together. However,on checking the CofG with the pack installed find it is way nose heavy - nowhere near the suggested 70mm from the l/e.It seems a pity to have to add tail weight to balance the model.Looks like I'll have to relocate the pack - anyone else found/corrected this problem?
Also, how on earth are you supposed to launch the model with no fingerholes provided?They could have used dummy wheel wells.
Tony Read 224/08/2009 13:05:39
965 forum posts
3 photos
You can cut away some of the foam to the rear of the current battery location to shift it to the rear a bit - I've read of owners doing this to get larger packs in.
As for hand launching I grip mine just behind the wing with my middle finger forwards to help support the model on the radiator skid.
buster prop22/01/2010 10:05:41
504 forum posts
13 photos
I can't find any mention of the name 'Gunfighter' in books I have about the P51. A picture of a P51 in the same colours including the prancing horse on the rudder but not the black stripes on the wing roots, appears in my Aerodata International profile published in 1978. That plane is of 343 fighter squadron, 55 Fighter Gp,8th AAF as someone pointed out above, I wonder if he has the same book? The model though is brilliant, I went flying yesterday (cold with little wind) and a mate had the plug 'n play version with an AR500. It flew as if on rails and looked really good in the air particularly on fast low passes. Next on my list!
Tony Read 225/01/2010 13:28:32
965 forum posts
3 photos
It is a great flyer. I only have one complaint - its not big enough! Should have been the same size at the newer 109. I'm converting mine to a B/C version.

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