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Flair Cub Kit.

Kit building thread by Simon N.

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Simon N11/07/2009 16:12:07
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Hello all,
I am returning to model flying after a long layoff, and have decided to build a Flair Cub kit.
I built and flew one before in the 1990's .... albeit with a foam wing, so I thought it would be a nice steady model to start me off again.
This time however I have gone for the built up wing version, as I have never built a wing before, so I am looking forward to it
I have decided to do a build thread as the mods suggeted, so any comments, help or advice will be gratefully recieved
Here is a photo of my first cub.
Irvine Q40 powered and Futaba 4ch radio.
I really enjoyed building and flying it, and used it to pass my BMFA "A" .
A very stable plane, great for learning on .... I used to like doing touch ' n ' goes on that floaty wing, long lazy loops and stall turns ... lovely
Right ... starting at the beginning ... this is what you get for your money.
All Balsa and Liteply parts are good quality, no warped bits ( allways a help !! )
and the kit contains just about everything you need to make the model ... wheels, tank, horns, linkages, pushrod and u/c wires etc ...
Ok thats the introduction over, so on with the build 

Edited By Simon N on 11/07/2009 16:16:36

Stephen Grigg11/07/2009 16:41:30
8691 forum posts
1128 photos
Built one over the winter,yet to fly it,have it on a stand for finishing off.Had a problem with the wing placement,kept slidng to far back when I fitted rubber bands.Fixed mine by putting a wooden block at the back underside of the wing so the 3wing cant slide back.After Ud fitted the wings I could see a bit more finishing was needed,itll be for when the sun and no wind returns
Simon N11/07/2009 22:48:33
176 forum posts
117 photos
The first job is to join the front and rear fuselage side panels together.
They fit together snugly enough, without any sanding required, considering they are curved at the ends.
 I like to use white pva glue for most joints ... more time to get things straight  ... no point building a banana 
I built a pair of sides, one on top of the other so they are exactly the same.
To stop them sticking to each other and the building board, I used thin plastic freezer bags (courtesy of the missus) !! 
The next stage is to fit the doublers on each fuselage side ... balsa for the wing seating, and Liteply for the engine bay, u/c mount and tailplane. (as shown above ).
There is minimal sanding required on the Liteply parts which makes life easier
Next job is the first formers on this right hand Fuselage side.
Gemma Jane11/07/2009 22:58:02
1349 forum posts
53 photos
Simon that is an insanely tidy work area! Watching with interest, I also built one of these way back when. I never got to fly it as I was in the situation of no club and eventually sold all my RC gear without even trying it. Returning to the hobby a couple of years ago and finding success with electric foamies I keep thinking back to the Flair Cub I built.  Seeing those first stages of the build really brings it all back. Glad to hear the kit parts are straight, back then I wasn't overly impressed by the ply parts as many were warped, perhaps I was just unlucky.
Simon N11/07/2009 23:22:19
176 forum posts
117 photos
Ok the next step is fitting formers 8,9 and 10 to the right hand fuselage side.
The servo mounting plate 7 slots between these three formers and was a near perfect fit
The undercarriage doubler was glued in with 5 minute epoxy for extra strength.
As with my previous Cub, I am going to add Liteply doublers across the fuselage side joints inside for added strength. No offence to Flair but I prefer a belt and braces approach to these joints.
This last picture shows the servo mounting position better .... plenty of room inside for everything being a largish model
All things considered a good start .... and a very relaxing build .... I don't like to rush things .... too easy to make a mess of it.
" Measure thrice cut once " as my old gaffer used to say 
Simon N11/07/2009 23:34:49
176 forum posts
117 photos
Hi Gemma,
thanks for the post .... I like to work tidy .... too many bits on the bench can lead to mistakes and risking damaging your work 
You ought to build another Cub, its a great model .... go on try it !!  
David Ashby - Moderator12/07/2009 05:45:09
11059 forum posts
1740 photos
619 articles
Watching with interest Simon, Yup I think we can award you the 'tidiest workbench 2009 award' a clear winner   
There was a time when there were 3-4 Flair Cubs on our club flightline most weeks, they were very popular in the 1990s. Glad to see they're still available.
Tim Mackey12/07/2009 10:18:22
20920 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
Nice work ( and shop ) Simon ...keep em coming!
Simon N12/07/2009 20:13:25
176 forum posts
117 photos
Cheers Mods
Its a good way to keep a record of what you are building .... I'm quite enjoying this
It makes it easier being able to upload pictures into a gallery,  then straight into a post.
Here's todays progress.
Firstly I glued Former 11 to the fuselage side .... I use a mini square to keep things true.
Next glue Former 12 to fuselage side. This is the back wall of the engine bay, and the engine bearers glue into it, so I used 5 minute epoxy for added strength.
This completes the building on this side for now. The next step is to fit the left hand side to this assembly making the basic fuselage box.
By the way .... do I win owt' for Tidiest Bench 2009 ?
Phil Claridge13/07/2009 09:51:03
1924 forum posts
32 photos
yes you do win something simon, two ton of (USEFUL) RUBBISH from my loft to make your workshop look properly used
Simon N13/07/2009 20:00:24
176 forum posts
117 photos
Oh Eck  !!! 
That will go well alongside the two ton of ( USEFUL) RUBBISH already up there   
Gonna need a bigger boat ....   
Simon N13/07/2009 22:07:48
176 forum posts
117 photos
Ok, progress so far today ....
I glued the left hand side on, weighting it down until the glue dried, to keep it all flat.
Front former 12 was glued with epoxy, the rest with pva.
Everything looks nice and straight so far     
Nice one Flair.
The next job is the undercarriage mounting blocks .
The kit is going together very well so far, every bit as enjoyable as the first time I built it.
I'm in two minds about engine choice at the mo'    .... I was thinking 50 ish 4 stroke originally , but having no experience of them, I might stick to a 2 stroke.
The K.I.S.S principle comes to mind till I get some flying under my belt !!!
Any thoughts on this anyone ?
Klippy14/07/2009 06:39:39
753 forum posts
13 photos
Hi Simon, this plane is just crying out for a 4st, can't imagine a 2st screaming away.
Richard Robertson14/07/2009 06:42:27
15 forum posts
Hi Simon,
Enjoying your build blog.
Question - Is this a good kit for a first time builder?

Edited By Richard Robertson 1 on 14/07/2009 06:42:50

Terry Whiting14/07/2009 08:10:15
154 forum posts
The Irvine 40Q doesn't scream , but puuuurrrs   mine was quiter than many a 4st
A really nice precise trad build Simon, keep it coming pal.
Chris Channon14/07/2009 17:25:43
554 forum posts
Hi Simon, i had a Saito .40 four stroke in mine, suited it perfectly.
Really good aeroplane, you can do a whole flight with just throttle and rudder, good fun !
Regards as always
Stephen Grigg14/07/2009 17:43:48
8691 forum posts
1128 photos
Hi Simon Ive fitted an SC52 4stroke in mine ,Ive an old OS 40 surpasse 4 stroke in a Super Scopion and it just sounds right .Yor build reminds me of my builing the Cub over Xmas,very enjoyable

Edited By Stephen Grigg on 14/07/2009 17:45:23

Simon N14/07/2009 22:21:40
176 forum posts
117 photos
Thanks for the comments, much appreciated one and all  
Firstly .... Richard .... this would be the perfect kit for a first time build 
The instructions and diagrams are easy to follow, and the kit contains everything you need to build it, apart from radio, engine and covering.
It goes together very well, and is a nice aeroplane to fly ....  much more satisfying to fly something you have built yourself
I would recommend it to anyone as a first build
Glad to help if you get stuck with 'owt
Cheers Terry    ....  that Q40 was a quiet one !!!  thats why I chose it as my first engine.
Thing is ....  I know where I am with a 2 stroke, but I love the sound of a 4 stroke.
Just not sure if it might be over complicating things till I get some flying under my belt again.
More pondering required methinks ...   
Simon N14/07/2009 22:48:13
176 forum posts
117 photos
Here's my latest progress ....
The two undercarriage mounting bearers need fitting into the underside of the fuselage.
They fit into the square cutouts in the U/c doublers on each side. They were a shade long, but a quick rub on a sanding block and they fitted perfectly.
Also there is a Liteply plate that fits between them .... this is the fuselage floor.
Here are the parts ....
The slots in the bearers locate the undercarriage wire legs .... very usefull as a jig when soldering the legs together. 
The above picture shows the parts glued in place.
Again I used 5 minute epoxy  for added strength.
The next stage is to fit the front former and engine bearers .
I can almost smell the nitro ...
Myron Beaumont15/07/2009 08:08:16
5797 forum posts
51 photos
Something I have mentioned before when someone else was building a Cub a while back . I reinforced the fuselage join at the rear wing seat position ( the angled ones ) with a few pieces of thin plywood to spread the load a bit more - looked like a weak spot to me from the outset. No probs with it on mine .
I regret not mounting the engine (OS 52 Fs ) as a side winder but not worth the work involved  now .I
 built in the wing strut mounting points as per plan but have never used them . I would if the wing was bolted on .
Also had the problem of the wing wanting to sit behind its proper position ( foam on the TE underside). The front dowel is too far back in other words . You don't realise until you've put on the bands .
Hope this helps

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