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Cyanoacrylate safety

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John Cole17/07/2009 14:36:46
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I keep a plastic bowl of water to hand when using CA.  Yesterday I used it, and I thought I would tell you what it's for:
The top came off my large bottle of CA, and I got quite a bit on my fingers.  I immediately put the fingers in the water.  If you do that the CA "goes off" instantly, eliminating the risk of your fingers sticking to each other or something else (like the rag you thought you could wipe it off with!).
Merlin spit17/07/2009 15:07:38
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i pulled the top of some thin ca and it splashed up on my cheek resisted the urge to touch it till it was dry ,but if that had gone in my eye .you may laugh but i wear protection now saves a lot of hassle.
Myron Beaumont17/07/2009 15:30:16
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Can you bite it off or pick it off like balsa cement & dope ?  Ahhh  Nostalgia !
John Cole17/07/2009 16:26:06
615 forum posts
24 photos
Myron: I think you probably could it you really wanted to, but it wouldn't taste the same.
Seriously though, hardened CA is quite brittle and after 24 hours most of it has just disappeared from my fingers.  As I'm sure you know, CA was developed for emergency wound-closure on the batlefield (which is why modellers' packs are marked "Not Sterile" - to dissuade you from using it to "heal" scalpel-cuts -but it works for me), but although it glues flesh nicely, the oil coming out of your skin makes the CA detach from it.
Eric Bray17/07/2009 18:24:26
6600 forum posts
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but i wear protection now
Won't stop the cyano sticking your zip shut, though!
Merlin spit17/07/2009 18:49:16
431 forum posts
1 photos
Dusty17/07/2009 19:35:58
1632 forum posts
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ha ha
Martin Harris17/07/2009 20:30:59
9103 forum posts
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I picked up a bunch of tools I'd been using indoors to take them out to my shed and the bottle of thin cyano which was amonst them leaked...a few seconds later I had spanners, screwdrivers, scalpel, fingers etc. in a big blob - Edward Scissorhands eat your heart out!
10 minutes in hot soapy water and the tools had been separated from their new home and I had some serious finger picking to do over the next day or so...
Engine Doctor29/08/2009 10:53:37
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Pumice stone in warm soapy water removes it very quickly from hands . Haven't tried on face though
Simon Roberts08/10/2009 17:02:03
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Talking of Cyano incidents! ive just been making a wing for my Gangster Lite (see build blog) and managed to stick 2 fingers together quite nicely, a bit of the wifes nail polish remover sorted me out, now i get the pleasure of picking it off me fingers woop woop haha...
ken anderson.08/10/2009 18:37:00
8527 forum posts
773 photos
up north east - we use sand paper for loo roll--Beat that........... 'ssss
         ken anderson(haven't sat down for week's)..........
Myron Beaumont08/10/2009 19:20:25
5797 forum posts
51 photos
I think you need a change of diet ! Try Cornish pasties  or Yorkshire puddings .The way I make 'em they can be used as glue as well before and/or after "cooking"
fly boy322/12/2009 21:42:21
3602 forum posts
21 photos
Hi all, not quite off topicI hope, but years ago I was told and promtly forgot, that Araldite will last longer if kept in the fridge?  Do you think this is correct, in the hope of getting permission from the wife.  Thanks Fly Boy3
birdy22/12/2009 21:50:32
1423 forum posts
110 photos
If your using it that slowly you might as well send your spare araldite to ken... I know he'll ask.
Myron Beaumont22/12/2009 22:08:38
5797 forum posts
51 photos
Us NE 'steners don't need fridges
All chemicals last longer at low temps!
ken anderson.23/12/2009 08:25:10
8527 forum posts
773 photos
birdy is now my official agent-any free sample's send via him.....
       ken anderson......
Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator23/12/2009 21:40:04
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
Surprised Myron hasn't told you this one - but guitarists sometimes use CA for toughening up the finger tips on the fretting hand if you haven't played for little while. Not tried it myself - never not played for long enough obviously!
The other day my daughter got me making some waving streamers for a christmas party. I decided to CA the ribbon to the sticks - ended up with my fingers covered! Fortunately the same daughter spends a lot of time on her appearence - so I "sequestered" some of her nail vanish remover. She then complained because "You've used loads". Never happy unless they are complaining women, and it starts at an early age  It made me think of another possible use - one that might get me a little peace and quiet, at least for a while! (Only joking dear...honest)
Phil Claridge24/12/2009 16:47:25
1924 forum posts
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beb cyno makes very good clear nail varnish, i found out when i spilt some it stays on your nails for weeks and it polishes up with wear
Adam Lomax24/12/2009 16:54:42
142 forum posts
4 photos
never thought of using it on my fingers when playing guitar, just tried it works great and once youve done you have the joy of trying to peel it of without a layer of skin coming off with it. makes typing interesting aswell
Mowerman05/11/2010 10:51:25
1544 forum posts
105 photos
Following an 'arrival' with my MS Blade dancer I setabout gluing the front end back on.
Coating one mating face with CA kicker then putting the other face almost touching I squirted CA into the gap then pushed the faces tightly together. At this point I noticed my hand getting very hot. OH BOTHER I said . I then realized that the excess CA had dripped onto my hand and found that it gets very hot when setting with kicker, result, two painfull blisters between ring and index finger of left hand.
Luckily I can do the Vulcan salute to prevent them sticking together .
Take care.
PS The repair worked.

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