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Twin star

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Gaz Elliott31/07/2009 19:48:25
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I have a twin star that is magnetic!!! Each time I take off the field magnetically pulls it down and into the ground!! Each time it has chucked prop. This is despite me gluing the thing to the prop shaft after having sanded a key in to grip bettere. I think i will need to purchase prop adaptors to ensure they are secured better. I am running stock motor and 3 cell lipo. Plenty of guys have them in my club and they fly great...well all bar my magentic one!!! Luckily the elapor has survived at least 2 nose in spiral of death with minor scathing.!

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Frank Skilbeck31/07/2009 19:57:53
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Gaz, I had the same problem with mine when I went to a 3s lipo so bought a couple of prop adaptors and props, when great until one of the motors burnt out.................
Just awaiting a brushless upgrade now.
Former Member01/08/2009 01:54:55
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Gaz Elliott01/08/2009 10:51:20
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Well all advice greatfully recieved. The prop adaptor and prop have both landed in the field of peas . Not much chance of ever finding them ( 2) Good tip though. Will be getting prop adaptors from local store ( despite G.C being fantastic they can not deliver in time for tommorrow when the weather is supposed to be a little better..
Djay04/08/2009 07:55:40
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Mine continually threw its props, and occasionally the odd engine as well.
The secret I have found is to increase the throttle very slowly on take off to about 2/3rds power , it will take off and fly niceley at this setting, only use full power once it is flying, and then only for short periods.
I have not had a single problem since using this method.
I also made a plug in u/c which allows spot landings, touch and go's and nice take offs to be performed, and have also converted to brushless, which gives unlimited vertical performance and requires strengthining the nacelles (with the motors I have anyway)
good luck
Tim Hooper04/08/2009 09:16:19
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Short of using prop adapters (the little Gunther props will drill out to 5mm bore), then piercing the little black spinner with a pin will let the air escape when you glue it to the motor shaft.
Romeo Whisky15/08/2009 07:56:13
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Graupner do a great little aluminium prop-adaptor for the Permax 400 etc and I've used them on Twinstars and EasyStars for years and never lost a prop.   (The idea of glueing on a prop never appealed to me as a sensible proposal).
I have also fitted mine with APC 6x4 props (replacing the standard Gunther props) and this gives noticeably more power without overstretching the motors or ESC.
Gaz Elliott15/08/2009 10:09:44
665 forum posts
30 photos
Romeo whiskey,
where do you get these prop adaptors. I have bought ones from other palces but they are just a little too big. when I drill the prop I end up busting it. Twin star was supposed to be a gentle early morning park fly ( No kids or dogs there!!) but has turned into a night mare . Will persist though as I have seen them fly well.
Marc Humphries18/08/2009 15:13:21
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Agree about the Gunthers.  One kept slipping off and causing very interesting flight patterns until you realise what is going on and shut the throttle. I use 6x3 or 6x4 props with adaptors - much more reliable.

Edited By Marc Humphries on 18/08/2009 15:13:45

Romeo Whisky18/08/2009 17:24:52
724 forum posts
202 photos
Hi Gaz - well I bought mine a long time ago, but being Graupner you should be able to get them easily enough.
As a suggestion, try Model Shop Leeds, or Motors and Rotors (Graupner specialists I believe) or Gliders UK.  Alternatively I would have thought any of the bigger models shops could order them for you from Graupner.
For my money the TwinStar flies so well on the two Permaxes I can't see the point in the hassle (and cost) of going brushless on this particular model - after all it's a mini airliner not a rocket!    You can drill out the Gunthers for this prop adaptor, (I have done it in the past for several Multiplex models) but it really is worth fitting the APC 6x4s instead.
You can see my Twinstar in my photo album.
PS.  On a different tack - if you ever get a Mini-Mag (great little model) DO upgrade to brushless, but get a small inrunner as it is much easier to fit (and balance) than the recommended outrunner.
Marc Humphries18/08/2009 17:36:20
210 forum posts
14 photos
Agree with RW about going brushless.  I can't bear the the thought of burrowing out the wing for another wire to each motor, changing the mounts, replacing the rather neat PCB power connection board etc.
An easier upgrade might be to go for two 480s - if you can still get them - on 7x4 props.

Edited By Marc Humphries on 18/08/2009 18:00:39

martyn sharp18/08/2009 17:51:24
420 forum posts
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Gaz .if you are running the stock motors on a 3 cell lipo they will burn out ,as it is they could be geting hot, I use a 2 cell lipo also use a seperate Rx batery pack but using the props they supplyed and it flys fine a liltte slow but that suits me . I have got another one that I am going to paint and go brushless on so that should be fine.
Romeo Whisky18/08/2009 18:30:19
724 forum posts
202 photos
Just seen Martyn's note about 3S Lipos and I totally agree.  Much too hot for the stock motors - and that could also give another clue - it could be that your ESC is overheating and cutting out.  I get that sometimes on hot days even on 8-cell NiMh and a 30A ESC, and that will certainly lead to a death-spiral!
In fact because of this I have now started using a separate Receiver pack of 4x AAA NiMh cells (easy to make up or you can buy them).  If you do this you must remove the middle (red) lead from the ESC servo plug  and insulate it - or even better and easier, get a short servo extension lead and remove the centre lead from this entirely, so you can leave the ESC RX lead alone.

Edited By Romeo Whisky on 18/08/2009 18:31:31

J B18/08/2009 18:45:46
42 forum posts
Recently converted my twin star to a 2 cell lipo, a 3200mah hard case as used in model cars needed to add 60grams of lead to get c of g something like and after 11 mins of flight only needed 2000mah to fully charge it. Well pleased with it.( forgot to mention checked with watt meter and it was drawing 25amps)

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fly boy312/08/2012 21:48:48
3670 forum posts
22 photos

Hi all, I apologize first , as I have asked this question some time ago, it was answered, but I'm darned if I can find it again.! My Twinstar wants a new Brushed ESC. As I do not have the original ,can any kind person inform me of the correct amperage of this ESC. Cheers and thanks.

PatMc12/08/2012 22:13:43
4379 forum posts
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With my Mk1 version I used a 30A ESC with 8 nickel cells, Gunther props & the supplied Permax 6v motors.

Each motor pulled 12A max, I think the brushes would quickly burn out if pushed beyond 15A.

fly boy312/08/2012 22:26:36
3670 forum posts
22 photos

Thanks very much PatMc. One more silly one, why do they not put max. amps etc on the motor body itself. Cheers

Edited By fly boy3 on 12/08/2012 22:26:59

PatMc12/08/2012 22:34:40
4379 forum posts
524 photos

Pass. wink 2

fly boy312/08/2012 22:38:08
3670 forum posts
22 photos

Told you it was a silly one. Thanks for the info anyway. Cheers

Simon Chambers13/08/2012 00:00:27
789 forum posts
42 photos
My twinstar 2 combo kit came from Slough RC and it had a Jeti eco 35A ESC in it. If that's any help.


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