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Ripmax WOT4 Mk2 ARTF chat

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The new ARTF WOT4

The new ARTF WOT4

First look...... - 28/9/09

Alex Flower12/07/2011 00:28:19
3 forum posts
Did it fly?!
CONSTANTIN TEODOREANU08/05/2013 08:44:10
2 forum posts

Hello Everyone

I have this WOT 4 MK2 kit and I would like to install an OS 55AX engine on it but I have a little problem regarding the engine right-down thrust line, like it is right know there is no righ-down thrust line, how did you resolve this problem?

Thank you and best regards to all


Mark a08/05/2013 09:04:33
321 forum posts
3 photos

I have a SC 52 in mine fitted as per instructions and it fly's very well indeed.

chris basson08/05/2013 09:42:36
168 forum posts
7 photos
Hi Constanin!

Welcome to the Forum!

If it is the ARTF the right thrust is built into the Firewall with a small strip of wood down the right hand side of the firewall which fits flush with the fuselage side, I think down thrust is built in to the line of the fuselage sides.

Hope this helps!
CONSTANTIN TEODOREANU08/05/2013 12:05:47
2 forum posts

Thanks .... I will double check to see if it is a right-down thrust build in and YES it is the WOT 4 MK2 ARF but as I saw there is not ....

Patrick Hardy01/09/2013 17:11:29
7 forum posts

I have just puchased a Limited Edition orange version and there is a problem with the engine mounting. The mounting is set at 37.5mm and there is no adjustment available. The engine I intend to install is an OS 46 FX, with a mounting width of 35mm. My first WOT 4 ARTF came with a mounting that allowed adjustment and the captive nuts were set 5mm closer together. As a result, I was able to mount an Enya 40XZ, which has a mounting width of 30mm.

Patrick Hardy

Masher01/09/2013 19:45:41
1109 forum posts
79 photos

There must be at least a dozen ways of overcoming this little hitch! Eg just drill another couple of holes and re-position captive nuts or use a different mount or file some elongated holes in mounts (if using the 2 piece variety) or make a separate motor mounting plate which fixes on top of existing etc etc

Masher05/12/2013 08:04:47
1109 forum posts
79 photos

I had an incident with a tree yesterday and found that Oak is stronger than balsa leaving my WOT 4 past repair. Being one of my favourites, it was a no-brainer to replace it. But I had a bit of a shock when trying to order one. I am used to this phenomenon because quite often when I want something that is as common as muck, it suddenly becomes a rarity!

For the WOT 4 Mk 2 ARTF (IC of course) I found that most suppliers are showing no stock, some just have the orange one and I'm not paying extra for orange and some have just removed WOT 4 off their pages. As always, there are a couple of over-priced ones.

I found a proper priced, in-stock one from Modelmaniacs which is now hopefully on its way to me.

So my question is: is WOT 4 going obsolete? Or has there suddenly been a massive demand? I couldn't believe that such a well respected staple was not easy to buy.


Edited By Masher on 05/12/2013 08:05:27

Bucksboy05/12/2013 20:07:18
578 forum posts
109 photos

I think that Ripmax introduced the 'Special Edition' thinking that we would happily pay £15 extra for a Wot 4 that is orange rather than red. Sales have obviously been dire for the orange version and most of the normal red Wot 4's have been sold leaving only the orange ones. I think Ripmax are hoping that we will weaken and pay the extra, thereby clearing these orange ones off the shelf. Then, and only then, will they re stock the red ones. Why they thought that an orange Wot 4 could demand a £15 premium for a mere colour change is beyond me. Give me better undercarriage or something and maybe I'll pay the extra. I too want a red one but have got other planes to fly until the red ones are back in stock.

Masher14/12/2013 13:13:35
1109 forum posts
79 photos

I may be mad, but sometimes you have to prove a point.

I received a nice new replacement from Modelmaniacs within 48hrs no problem, but as it seemed quite difficult to find stock, I had second thoughts about binning the current model.

So I set to and fixed it - just because I can I suppose.

Here is the mess after ploughing through the oak tree. Wings and elevator stripped off and fuselage travelled further 20 yards into hawthorn tree which we knocked out with a long pole:


Only real damage was broken servo and engine backplate which left the NVA dangling free. All other repair materials came out of scrap box. Fuselage was easy enough. Firewall came out cleanly (not much glue used by the Chinese?) and then had to repair splits at tail end and repair elevator:


Wing repair was a bit more involved. Made rib template then set to:


Had to use a bit of initiative on joining the 2 wings with new wing joiners:


Bit of final fettling and tarting up with new covering and here is end result:


Quite good fun and therapy and I also still have a BNIB WOT 4 for next time!

Lee Damms14/12/2013 13:59:02
223 forum posts
64 photos

A mate of mine ordered one from Leeds Model shop, they'd sold out of the standard one so sold him the limited addition one for the same price, beat that.

Regards Lee

Bob Moore14/12/2013 14:36:31
736 forum posts
124 photos

Brilliant job. I repaired one of my Wots that had a bad smash including the fusi broken in half below where the main wing sits. Beautiful job, BUT word of warning and something to watch for ...

First flight after repair I took off OK but even with max up elevator it would not climb, my flying site is on a hill so ground drops away after take off. I knew throttling back would make it drop even quicker, not enough height to turn and try a landing anywhere flat, so I just had to watch as it dropped and flew into a hedge line and smashed into a million bits.

When I checked the bits control surfaces were functioning so the only thing I could figure was I'd messed up badly with the angle of attack of the main spar? ie negative. I was a a bit heartbroken I must admit but learned a lesson I guess.

Your fusi looked ok so doubt it will be worry for you.

Masher14/12/2013 16:38:10
1109 forum posts
79 photos

Thanks Bob

I have had the same issue as you before when I repaired a WOT 4E balsa. It was an extensive repair and I think I lost the angles - did same as yours on take off so I gave up.

Hopefully nothing much has changed on this one except, perhaps, lateral balance - I will expect the unexpected on first flight!

Scruffmeister11/06/2014 11:56:00
297 forum posts
41 photos

Anyone flying this model on an SC52A-S? If so, what's vertical performance like - unlimited?

Same question for an OS 55AX?

Any other suggestions for engines that fit/balance well, I've not bought anything yet but the SC is obviously a lot cheaper so erring toward that if performance roughly equivalent? I have a requirement for unlimited vertical flight (although obviously I plan to stop at some point!).

Edited By Scruffmeister on 11/06/2014 12:00:06

Peter Jenkins11/06/2014 20:16:08
1644 forum posts
305 photos

I've got an Irvine 53 Mk 2 with short pipe and that gives my Wot 4 unlimited vertical!

Bob Cotsford11/06/2014 22:21:08
8756 forum posts
489 photos

I've got an ASP52 in mine which is pretty much the same thing, it is most certainly not short of power even loaded down to get under 80dBa

Scruffmeister12/06/2014 08:40:27
297 forum posts
41 photos

Thanks, I think I'll give to OS55AX a try on a 12x7 at 20% OptiFuel and we'll see how it goes :D

Edited By Scruffmeister on 12/06/2014 08:40:44

cymaz12/06/2014 09:12:34
9334 forum posts
1211 photos

I have had one for over a year. I decided to strip and recover the entire plane. Good job I did as the build quality underneath was very poor in some areas. A bit of repair and modification was needed before I was happy.

Glyn4412/08/2015 12:02:50
733 forum posts
93 photos

Hi fellow flyers,

I had the unfortunate experience of a buddy crashing my wot4 foam E Mk2. I need a new fuselage. I have looked around on the web, and can only find ones with the part number Z-CF020/02. None of the visited sites state which actual mark it is for. Even after telephoning one supplier I was no wiser.

So my query is are all the foam fuselages the same? ( I never owned an earlier version ) I just don't want to be ordering an incorrect item.

If some knows, please advise, cheers,


Colin Carpenter12/08/2015 12:28:24
650 forum posts
36 photos

Glyn. I have put a new fus on my foam e and just bought a spare from Hobbystores as it was the only one I found. Perfectly ok as far as fit was concerned, but do a dry run with everything installed as I missed the weights included, and had to add lead in the tail to balance. I had to buy some Chinese glue off the net to glue halves as all the contact adhesives I had peeled off and so did epoxy. Hope this helps. Colin.

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