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Model Glasses breakage

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Bruce Richards26/08/2009 20:55:01
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Has any one had a problem with Model Glasses particularly the "Elevate" product.
Mine broke on the nose piece after only one months use. I returned them but was only offered a cut price replacement frame. I am intrested to see if anyone else has had  a similar problem.
WOETC (Rob)03/05/2010 03:01:24
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I just stumbled across your post.  I have a set (can't remember which model at the moment), which after around the same period broke halfway between the nose bridge ad the arm when I was changing lenses.  I don't consider I was using excessive force and was doing it as per the instructions.
I've been meaning to contact them re a replacement but didn't hold out much hope.  You've now prompted me to have a look on their website where I found this statement  - "don't be afraid to do this - the frames are shatterproof and will not break)."
All that aside, I found them fantastic whilst they were still in one piece.
Cheers, Rob 


Bruce Richards03/05/2010 08:34:21
1849 forum posts
I went through several pairs which had red frames. I think the colors are specific to the different models. I started out with a blue pair that were very good but I lost them. When I got replacements I went for red ones not realizing that they were a different model.
The red ones broke after only a dozen or so uses. The guy at Model Glasses was quite helpful. He asked for £7.50 to cover the cost and postage and the cost of the frames for first replacement. When these also broke very soon after I got them. I was waring them and flying as the broke. The second replacements (free) were another pair of blue ones and these have been good. I did suggest to them that they had a problem with the red glasses but they refused to accept this.
Anyway I must say that I was please with the outcome in the end and I love the glasses, they really add to my enjoyment.
WOETC (Rob)03/05/2010 10:59:18
47 forum posts
122 photos
Guess what!!  Mine are the red ones and I wouldn't say I even got a dozen uses out of them.  Glad I've spoken to you - I'll contact them from their website and see how I go.
Do you mind if I refer to your experience if I feel it may help?
As you say the glasses (when they are in one piece) are great.
Bruce Richards03/05/2010 12:27:00
1849 forum posts
I thought so! Please feel free to mention my experience.
Bruce Richards04/05/2010 17:05:50
1849 forum posts
I see, that in the June RCM&E, it says they have changed the material they are using to make the frames. Maybe they have had more problems than they are willing to admit to.
WOETC (Rob)05/05/2010 00:26:59
47 forum posts
122 photos
Interesting.  I contacted them via their website yesterday - no response as yet.
John Clark 305/05/2010 07:19:44
10 forum posts
Hi Guys, I am the MD of the company making Model Glasses.
I am very surprised to hear that you have been having problems with Elevate, since out of all the pairs we make, these have traditionally been the toughest of the lot. The issues we did have were with the Nimbus (silver / grey), where we had a couple of batches that had a small fault line above the lenses - these started snapping. We solved that one by upgrading the material to TR90, and I am pleased to report, we've had no problems since.
We are always happy to cover breakages under warranty, but I can only do that if people contact me and ask. It is slightly disappointing when people start these discussions on forums and just start putting a downer on what has been, and continues to be, a very successful product range. This sort of thing can seriously damage our business. I am always happy to be 100% honest when problems arise, like with the Nimbus, and to address them.
Now, if a problem has developed with the Elevate that we need to know about, please tell me about it - then we can fix it!
Best Regards
John Clark
Managing Director
C&M Rapid Ltd
01622 755944 
Bruce Richards05/05/2010 08:02:59
1849 forum posts
I am glad you have posted here it is good to get your perspective. As I have said in my post above I have been pleased with the way you have dealt with my issues and I am very please with your products apart from the breakages.
I am sure Rob is most relieved to hear what you have to say and will be in contact if he has not been already. 
Peter Miller05/05/2010 08:16:47
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I have recently bought a set of Innovation prescription glasses. I can actually see better with them than my new Reactolite prescription glasses when driving.
I had a problem that road sign lettering was double in the distance even though my sight is excellent inb all other respects. The Innovation glasses don't have that bouble vision effect.
GReat for flying too.
Allan Bowker05/05/2010 09:43:25
1633 forum posts
227 photos
Nice to see John Clark's post, comforting to see that a company can communicate directly with the UK hobby community and not just interested in selling online.
I hope 'woetc' get his website reply soon.
Here's hoping that John posts more feedback soon.
Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator05/05/2010 11:55:08
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
I think small to medium size companies do take forums such as this very seriously. Such a forum has the potential to do them tremendous good - and of course tremendous harm as well!
I was speaking with the owner of one smaller company yesterday on the phone (no names no pack drill!) who asked where I had heard of his company. When I said on here he did indeed confirm that his outfit took this forum very seriously.
I think this is potentially a good thing for both parties. It puts company and customer in contact which can be a great benefit for both - customers have a platform to air their views (good and bad) and companies have a ready made feedback channel they don't have to fund.
But...ah there is always a "but"! It does mean I believe that we have to be responsible about what we say about companies on here (I am not suggesting that in this thread anyone has been anything other than fair and accurate - but there have been other threads were that hasn't always been the case IMO). So as long as people are fair and are prepared to praise as well as complain I think forums such as this have a major role to play in customer/company relations - alongside of course the more usual channel of contacting the company directly if you think you have a probelm.
Bit off thread, sorry, but I thought it relevant
John Clark 305/05/2010 12:10:03
10 forum posts
You are correct.
From a manufacturer / distributor's point of view, the problem is that you may have a situation where, for example, you sell 200 of a product and 5 are faulty - the owner of one faulty item then posts negative things about the product on a forum, a mate of another guy who had a faulty one posts underneath that and those who see it tell their mates at the field, and before you know it, a perfectly good product earns a bad reputation, and sales suffer. It's worth remembering that most of the companies who sell into RC are small; despite our best efforts, we don't always get it right but please always give us the chance to sort out issues where we can before shooting at us because we need unfair publicity like a hole in the head!
Thanks for the nice comments above, by the way, they are all appreciated.
Allan Bowker05/05/2010 12:21:05
1633 forum posts
227 photos
I couldn't agree more with Biggles and John
We have to be responsible and always try to resolve issues directly with the company first and give them fair chance to rectify. It's hard for a business to turn a profit in these times, especially in a relatively small RC market.
By doing this an initial negative experience can be turned around into a very positive experience and I hope the positive stories make their way on here to promote good customer service.
Tim Mackey05/05/2010 12:46:19
20920 forum posts
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I have owned a pair of the "red framed" version for around 3 years or so, and have used them in pretty harsh sloping conditions as well as "normal" field use, and they havent broken yet!
My only complaint s the tiddly little rubber nose pieces which fall off at the slightest fact I have dispensed with them after losing one down a rock crag, and "blobbed" a goodly dollop of siicon sealant onto the little pins insted. This, although ugly, has stayed put through all weathers and conditions - on the slope I wear them to keep the wind out of my eyes rather than as "shades" so they get a rough life in winter gales and hailstorms!


Edited By Timbo - Administrator on 05/05/2010 12:49:21

WOETC (Rob)05/05/2010 13:25:06
47 forum posts
122 photos


 As mentioned in my original post my glasses broke a while ago (about 4 weeks) after owning them for approximately four months. I guess I was lapse in not contacting Model Glasses immediately to make them aware of what had happened. I stumbled across Bruce’s post and that stirred me into action and I duly contacted Model Glasses via their website.

As I said, I found the glasses themselves to be fantastic and in fact they greatly enhanced my flying enjoyment as I was able to where them around the outside of my prescription glasses. 
Please all be aware that John contacted me this morning, less than 24 hours after my original website contact so, allowing for time differences I think that was pretty responsive. He was most helpful in trying to confirm what specific model my glasses were.

John, I was not intending to cast any aspersions on either the product or your company – it was just that stumbling on the original post prompted me to post a reply and stirred me into action. On reading back over my posts I will say that I didn’t intend anything negative, although  I can see perhaps that saying “nothing heard yet” may be interpreted as a negative comment on your customer service. If so then I apologise and reiterate that is not what I intended.

Other than my broken frame, I cannot recommend these glasses highly enough for their functionality and at this point can only say that the company’s response to its customers is very prompt. Thankyou John.
Regards, Rob (and I never had any problems with the nose pieces)
A.A. Barry05/05/2010 13:40:01
1922 forum posts
186 photos
Guys a little confused here ( that's not hard for an Aussie), are these glasses , sunny's that fit over prescription ones ????????
A.A blind Barry
WOETC (Rob)05/05/2010 13:50:51
47 forum posts
122 photos
I'm an Aussie as well!!!  No, not my particular type however I have prescription glasses with fairly small lenses and I found that the "Model Flying" glasses sat over them quite comfortably without touching lenses and it works quite well - not sure if that's what they intended.
Having said that, they do make a set of frames (Innovation Plus) in which you can have prescription lenses fitted and the various filter lenses provided fit over the outside.
John Clark 305/05/2010 14:34:58
10 forum posts
Yeah, they can pop off but the best solution is to stick them on - surprised you replaced them completely with glue! Incidentally we do have spares if you lose them.
John Clark 305/05/2010 14:41:44
10 forum posts
Australians should note that, if you wear insect repellant, this will break your glasses because it contains a chemical called Deet which is very harmful to polycarbonate. We've had a number of confirmed cases of this 'Down Under'.

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