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How many motor on one esc

4 brushless motor on one esc?

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crispin church04/09/2009 16:40:58
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i got a GWS C130 quad had a motor burnt out going to go brushless can i put more than one motor on a esc was thinking of 2 12 amp brushless on 1 35 amp esc?
Bruce Richards04/09/2009 16:58:35
1849 forum posts
No most of the time this will not work because the ESC senses what the moter is doing and adjusts it output to the the motor stated. So normally you will need one ESC for each motor. I have seen people that say certain ESCs will run more than one motor but never seen it for myself.
Tim Mackey04/09/2009 17:06:08
20919 forum posts
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I concur
Craig Carr04/09/2009 21:10:29
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Those of us who remember Brushless gear first becoming mainstream may remember Kontronik (I think) advertising a single Brushless ESC that could drive two brushless motors at once.
It was sold as an upgrade for the multiplex twin jet
Always wondered how they did it (given that we know its incredibily difficult if not impossible)
but then my local e-specialist (Dave Andrew, Concept Models) told me if you took the heat shrink etc off the unit you would find inside....(wait for it)............2 ESCS wrapped up as one unit so it wasn't really one unit at the end of the day.

Edited By Craig Carr on 04/09/2009 21:11:14

MEL10/09/2009 00:07:29
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im about to up grade my twin star to 2x brushless with 2x esc ihave herd you haveto disconect 1 sensor wire anyone know how the setup works and how you actualy wire up ??? 
Bruce Richards10/09/2009 08:52:52
1849 forum posts
I think what you are referring to is disconnecting one of the red wires to the Rx, if you have BECs in the ESCs. This is to avoid the 2 BEC from "fighting" each other.
Tim Mackey10/09/2009 10:30:33
20919 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
On any one of the 2 x ESCs leads that go to the receiver, disconnect the red wire from the 3 wire cable.
Then join the 2 cables together with a Y lead or similar, and plug into the Rx throttle port as normal.
MEL10/09/2009 14:38:25
36 forum posts
5 photos
thanks il try that
John Sheehy11/09/2009 19:13:26
204 forum posts
I assembled my Twinstar 2 (the later Elapor version) with brushless motors and used a separate 2s 800 LiPo to power the receiver, so I disconnected the signal wire from both ESC's.  I used a small electronic transformer to bring the voltage down to 6 volts.  They are available from most online shops at about £6 to £8.  This gives great peace of mind as, whatever the state of your main LiPo (3s 2200 in my case), you know you have full control of all control surfaces.  I used the budget bell motors, available from BRC Hobbies as a combo, with motor and ESC for £12 and it goes excellently with bags of power and a great sound.  There are a lot of wires to connect but once the wing is on for the day it's a dream plane and flies very fast or very slow.  It's also very tough.
P.S. I fitted the motor forward of the motor mount and the ESC fit's into the mount behind the motor.  A word of caution, check the grub screws on the motor are tight.  I didn't and a motor flew off.  This is also a good argument for using connectors instead of soldering the wires (hotwiring I think it's called).
Eric Bray13/09/2009 00:10:37
6600 forum posts
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HARD wiring, John! Hot wiring is where the tealeaf shorts out the ignition switch in your car!
You disconnected the SIGNAL wire on both esc's? If you did, they would not work. I suggest you meant that you disconnected the POWER wires! (usually red)
John Sheehy13/09/2009 14:48:36
204 forum posts
Right on all counts.
Yes, I was writing from memory and too lazy to get out my Twinstar and check, and I knew all the relevent info was covered in the previous posts. 
I read about someone hardwiring something about an hour after I posted that message.
But disregarding my confused mind, I cannot recommend the Twinstar 2 (with the above mentioned brushless motors), too highly.
Sorry if I misled anyone, and thanks for the correction Eric I did (unthinkingly) have the signal in mind as the one to disconnect, but I suppose I would have found out if I ever needed to replace them.
laurent Muchacho06/06/2011 11:21:13
32 forum posts
8 photos
A bit late but important to post this YES I repeat YES 1 ESC work fine for 2 motors.
Most ESC will run 2 motors nothing particular here even if they are in theory made to work on 1 motor only. I'm currently using 1 40Amp esc instead of 2 18 amp to run a contra rotating brushless motor from robotbirds and it work fine.
Ofcourse you'll have to evaluate the risk of having 1 esc for 2 or more motors, !!! what happen if this 1 ESC fail == dead plane mine is a GWS spitfire then you see low cost and if it crash because of esc failure I will just be a bit sad
Tim Mackey06/06/2011 13:50:18
20919 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
Cant agree with this I am afraid.
in most cases running two brushless from one ESC is is a bad idea.
its not just about the current loading, but as stated earlier by Bruce, its all about timing. Its virtually IMPOSSIBLE for two motors to remain completely in synch with each other and therefore the back EMF generated will send tow mixed messages back to the ESC and confuse its brain.
With the price of today's many and varied ESCs being so low, its simply not worth it.
laurent Muchacho06/06/2011 16:38:04
32 forum posts
8 photos
IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE, please read the forum post below it contain 2 videos that show the difference between using 1 and 2 esc on a contra-rotating motor.
ps: Tim my problem on the gws spitfire was not price but space there is very little room and if I had the space I will have used 2 esc. My post is only mentioning that he work and that it's possible The last paragraph I think clearly speculate that it's not a safe options but I'm aware of the risk.
Mowerman06/06/2011 19:52:24
1542 forum posts
105 photos
I have always believed that it was not possible to run two brushless motors from a single ESC, However when I read this thread I was sure I had seen a build article in RCM&E where a single ESC was used to run two motors.
Some frantic searching through my stock of (I must build that one day) free plans and
EUREKA - January 2010 Eze--Twin by Nigel Hawes. Two brushless fans fron one Mtronics Genesis T60 ESC.
I wonder it the 'T' indicates that it is a twin unit? also dont know how the prices compare.
In this case it was a usefull space saver but would you want to take a chance. I certainly wouldnt rely on the ESC BEC in this situation so needing a separate RX battery.
In answer to the original question It may be possible but not advisable.

Edited By Mowerman on 06/06/2011 20:01:23

Jump Jet06/06/2011 20:04:38
28 forum posts
I dont like the sound of 1 ESC and 2 motors and whereas it might work it does not mean its the correct way to do it.
I have always and will always use one ESC per motor on all of my twins etc.
laurent Muchacho06/06/2011 20:41:06
32 forum posts
8 photos
I agree possible but not advisable, I don't think I'll do it again unless the same situation rise and there is no space for 2 esc. However I've done it on this gws spitfire and I will be really scared when I maiden it. But I think the result is somehow worth it.


Edited By laurent Muchacho on 06/06/2011 20:52:56

Scott McKie07/06/2011 19:01:42
1 forum posts
HI Guys,
For what it's worth, and it is based on two years of selling Depron based true scale profile kits with 40" w.s. all over the world; on our twin motored models we always specified that one ESC could be used with the following caveats. The motors needed to be two of the same make and model, and the ESC should have 15-25 % more amperage capability than the full power total of the two motors to be powered. I also, specified that the builder should, if at all possible, replace all power cables that came with the battery pack , the ESC, and especially with the motors; with a much larger thread number, silicon shielded power cable. When I specified thread number, I'm talking about the number of individual wires making up the cable, not larger diameter wire. We sold a scale P-38, a scale Grumman Tigercat, and were just testing out our scale P-61 Black Widow when we had to fold up shop due to one of the major participants moving out of the area. We never received a complaint, and never had a flight failure due to electronics problems.
So, there it is. Draw from it what you will, but 2 motors on 1 ESC can and has been successfully done.
Scott McKie - Gamma Star Models - USA

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