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Modes 1 or 2


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thomas salisbury28/12/2009 17:19:49
63 forum posts
Which mode do people prefer 1 or 2 ?
I know 2 Is more close to real life flying cause I think mode 2 setup Is the same as a normal aircraft....
I have mine setup on mode 2 and have been practicing on the sim well a cheap sim but that will be replaced soon by the phoenix....  Hopefully .....
So mode 2 throttle on the left and rudder.... and elevator and ailerons on the right stick...
Silly question but Is the elevator supposed to be setup as to where you pull the stick down for elevation and push up for dowm elevation... ?
Just trying to check I have them setup to what they should be many thanks Tom..
Phil Cooke28/12/2009 17:37:33
2651 forum posts
1851 photos
Im not sure its a case of what mode people prefer - more what mode they are taught.
There is no right or wrong of course. 
Some people can fly both, maybe in these instances there is a preference - but the average modeller will fly only the mode he or she was taught on.
I fly mode 2 myself, you are right this has the right hand stick best replicating the control column or stick in a full sized aircraft, controlling elevator and ailerons.  It is for this reason that your flight sim set up suggestion is correct - although its less confusing to say push and pull - when the right stick is pushed forwards the elevators should go DOWN, and when the stick is pulled towards you the elevators should go UP.
Hope this makes sense.
Phil Cooke
Frank Skilbeck28/12/2009 18:15:00
4824 forum posts
107 photos
Does this help.
Pulling back on the stick will increase the angle of attack (i.e. raise the nose).
Also, just thought I'd mention, on the throttle stick, pushing the stick forward increases power.
thomas salisbury28/12/2009 19:08:32
63 forum posts
cheers for replies I only asked cause I want to try and stick to a mode for now and try and get used to flying on the sim that uses the same mode for my trainer plane so when I come to fly the trainer the controls should be familiar...
Thanks for the link also...
Ross Clarkson29/12/2009 19:07:18
1438 forum posts
106 photos
I started on Mode 2 Tom and have remained with it as i am right handed so i have more feel for the right stick in my right hand which is the stick you probably want more sensitivity with.
Totally down to personal preference though.
i12fly30/12/2009 11:50:46
642 forum posts
22 photos
I learnt to fly mode 1 many years ago as the group I joined recommended it and I flew for a year. After a 30 year total break I joined a club flying mode 2, so I thought I'd better go mode 2. I just couldn't get on at all, so changed to mode 1 and success was instant. Strange how the brain works. If starting out the best choice is how your club flies. Having said that, a left hander, like me may find it easier mode 1......
Allan Bowker04/01/2010 21:41:35
1640 forum posts
228 photos
I started out on Mode-1 20 years ago but was then flying both modes a 5 years ago when I added helicopters to the collection.
For the past 2 years everything I now fly has been configured in Mode-2 (my recommendation).
Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator04/01/2010 22:29:18
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
Personally I fly mode 2 - but as has been said it probably depends purely on how you were taught.
I'm quite happy flying mode 2 - but one thing that occurs to me is that mode 2 might be a slight disadvantage in one respect. There is a tendency in mode 2 flyers - especially in the begining - to ignore their left hand. You know sort of "set the throttle and leave it, and what do I need a rudder for once I'm airborne anyway"! i think this leads to a lot of mode 2 flyers having to put a bit of extra effort in at some point to get their left hand fully operational!
One thing that does interest me. I've been told many times that mode 1 vs mode 2 is approximately a 50:50 thing. Now this might be true, but it doesn't tally with my experience. I know a lot more mode 2 flyers than I do mode 1. I'm not saying anything against mode 1 - just saying it doesn't seem as common to me as I'm told it it is. Curious.
Maybe we should open a thread and do a sort of head count - not why or what are benefits etc. just simply state "mode 1", "mode 2" or "both"!
thomas salisbury04/01/2010 23:11:33
63 forum posts
I have stuck with mode 2 on the sim I have and have pretty much got to gell with that mode for now so hopefully I will stick to that but depends on the mode they use In the club I tend to join I guess..
Fingers crossed It's mode 2 cause my brain Is programmed that way now ...

A head count on a sticky thread Is a Interesting Idea though would be keen to see the results maybe someone couls set the sticky thread up...

Tim Mackey04/01/2010 23:21:50
20920 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
I seem to recall this has been done before...about a zilllion times - and serves no useful purpose TBH. Any of the four modes will work, and it simply depends on who teaches you.
Phil Wood.05/01/2010 01:20:05
3638 forum posts
27 photos
Get it right Tim.......your mode doesn't work because you just get your but kicked in combat.............Oh shut up, I've got to try it haven't I?
TonyS05/01/2010 02:06:20
1190 forum posts
325 photos
Just out of interest, it seems to me that Mode 2 is more usual here and Mode 1 is more the norm 'across the pond'. Is this right, or do you think they also have a similar mix?
kiwi g05/01/2010 05:42:34
1257 forum posts
For what its worth , I learnt to fly mode 1 and can just as happily fly mode 2 but my friends who fly mode 2 cannot seem to be able to fly mode 1 ..
Vecchio Austriaco05/01/2010 07:20:56
1515 forum posts
728 photos
started with mode 1 some 30 years ago - changed to mode 2 when restarted some years ago. So the break was long enough not to get confused. For my opinion: if it comes to helicopters mode 2 is the better one. For planes it is more or less the same. May be mode one has an advantage when hand launching a plane. (as you are on the elevator with you left hand)
Hamish05/01/2010 08:28:12
642 forum posts
47 photos
I spent hours on my Sim on mode 2 and trained my fingers to react accordingly which helped no end when eventually got a real flight with a buddy box and instructer.
I have now taken up gliding and at the moment feel  a slight awkwardness with mode 2.  Being right handed I use this hand to launch and then find myself scrabbling about to get my fingers on the right sticks.  Will try left hand launches or change to mode1
Any views?
John Privett05/01/2010 11:08:14
6081 forum posts
243 photos
Posted by TonyS on 05/01/2010 02:06:20:
Just out of interest, it seems to me that Mode 2 is more usual here and Mode 1 is more the norm 'across the pond'. Is this right, or do you think they also have a similar mix?
From what I recall of discussions years ago on usenet across the pond they regard Mode 2 as normal and Mode 1 as some sort of European oddity.
Just expanding on what I said in the "poll" thread,  I learnt 30+ years ago in the North-East - Newcastle Town Moor if anyone else flies/flew there.  Mode 2 was presumably the norm there as that's what I used.  I now fly in Surrey and struggle to think of anyone who flies Mode 1 currently.  I think I saw one person on Mode 1 in the last 6 months, though I don't remember who it was.  Somebody who I've not seen for several years flew both helis and f/wing - but on different modes!  Fairly sure it was 2 on the helis and 1 on f/wing.
On Hamish's hand launch question,  I'm not yet a glider flyer, though I have built one after spending a morning with two of our club members at our local slope - now just waiting for the wind to swing back round to the south!  One of the two flying that morning hand launches with his left hand - though he uses a Raydiowarm "trani mitt" so getting his right hand onto the stick would be a very slow process! 
Clearly left-hand launching is not necessarily as good as right-hand launching (assuming you're right-handed!) as you'll see at around 2 minutes 50sec. into my video of that morning!  Nice touch-and-go, Lee...
thomas salisbury05/01/2010 12:17:29
63 forum posts
Cool vid John .
As I have said before hopefully the club I join will be mode 2..
If It's mode 1 then It's tough I guess
Simon Chaddock05/01/2010 20:20:06
5777 forum posts
3055 photos
Mode 2 is good for left handers - it means your "better" arm is free for launching!
Jeff Langley13/02/2020 19:09:57
38 forum posts

Rather strange question regarding mode selection & stick allocation if I may guys. I'm returning (slowly) to rc after some 25 years glued to the floor, having just achieved reasonable 4 channel flight. Returning now at 70+ years of age, I thought to myself, be sensible, go 3 channel & graduate again to 4 having gained at least some control over a model, when a thought suddenly struck me, which has caused much head scratching & grey matter stirring amongst my flying club compatriots.

Why, when learning to fly/upgrading from 3 to 4 channel, in mode 2, do we swap the rudder from right to left stick, when having progressed to 4 channel, you only swap back again? Especially if you're right handed when the more dextrous thumb is usually the right, should you move a control away from that thumb, only to move it back again when flying 4 channel?

Can somebody please explain this to me? Many thanks.

Gary Manuel13/02/2020 19:37:56
2296 forum posts
1558 photos


In mode 2, the two PRIMARY controls go on the right stickl. With a 4 channel setup, the rudder becomes secondary to the Ailerons, and so it is relegated to the left stick.

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