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Ideas for articles in RCM&E

suggestions are always welcome

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David Ashby - Moderator07/01/2010 13:55:15
10987 forum posts
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614 articles
It is at about this time of the year that I tend to put my thinking cap on and look at what to put into our special issue that's out late Sept. The issue is devoted to larger tutorial type articles. I never assume I have the monopoly of good ideas and wondered if there are any topics readers would like to see? Suggestions always welcome, thanks.
BB07/01/2010 14:13:10
1182 forum posts
32 photos
Having just replaced both bearings on my 2st OS .46ax.  Perhaps readers might like to see a pictorial account of such a proceedure covering both 2st & 4st.
Perhaps similar (pictorial) of an engine build - For those with a lathe, or those thinking of having a go.
Different types of hinge and the way they are mounted. Glues/equipment used etc
Setting up servos: EPA, EXPO (pros&cons), Servo mounting (best practise) and types of etc.
Making up snakes, connecting control wires (snakes & loops)
Canopy making, cutting & glueing
Specialist tools and how they are used correctly
Detailing for that scale look

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Phil 907/01/2010 14:14:05
4287 forum posts
251 photos
Not seen for a while in a mag and have seen a few people asking about types of linkages.
It would include types of linkages ststems ie closed loop, split elivator
different materials for linkages and there aplications types of connections ie ball joints, torque rods. scale type linkages. hidden linkages.
there is alot you could inlude
kc07/01/2010 14:18:14
6418 forum posts
173 photos
I would suggest you name a number of techniques and let modellers tell you their methods......
How I........fix canopies
How I ........cut wing ribs
How I.........transfer plans to balsa
etc etc
The idea being to get a variety of methods for the tricky jobs.
Chris Card07/01/2010 14:33:49
458 forum posts
41 photos
1 articles
I'd like to see a stage by stage IC to electric conversion article.  Starting with an ARTF designed with IC in mind the article could explain all the various considerations/calculations that are taken into account to decide battery type & location, motor and prop selection (including ground clearance issues David! ), component access, ventilation, custom wiring loom, etc. 
Apart from detailing the fitout, the whole testing process to check motor, battery and ESC are within safe limits could be illustrated and if you want to push the boat out you could even try comparing a few props to see how the efficiency of the system and flight performance changes. 
I'm not saying that none of this has been done before, it's just sometimes magazine articles focus on one aspect of electric flight in isolation, or cover the same basic information at beginner level over and again.  A practical start to finish project showing why each decision was made might be of interest to a wide audience as I think there are lots of folks who are familiar with electric flight and have experience putting a recommended setup into an ARTF designed with electric in mind, but wouldn't necessarily know how to tackle something from first principles as it were.
David Ashby - Moderator08/01/2010 10:58:14
10987 forum posts
1706 photos
614 articles
Thanks guys, some good ones there, appreciate the thoughts 
Romeo Whisky08/01/2010 11:27:22
724 forum posts
202 photos
One thing I have always felt was seriously lacking in all the aeromodelling magazines is Comparison Reviews, tests or surveys.  All the PC magazines compare PC, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Software et al.  Other magazines compare Cameras, TVs, Hi-Fis, Cars etc.
Why not compare Engines or Brushless Motors of similar spec, Li-Po batteries (although the BMFA mag did a good job of that recently), Speed Controllers, 2.4GHz TX/Rx systems etc etc.  There are loads of similar models (especially electric) - how about Extra 300s,  Decathlons, Cubs, Trainers etc.  There are loads of similar models available for numerous manufacturers.  Why not test a few and give us the pros and cons of each.
James4008/01/2010 12:45:14
885 forum posts
3 photos
I agree with RW, back to back testing reviews are great reading and also lets you know exactly what the best kit available is and where you should be spending your money.
At the moment, every review the magazine does seems to come out glowing so we are non the wiser as to what exactly is the good stuff and what's average.
Just a nice simple  comparitive test on for example Servos, measuring like for like on all the different aspects such as Speed, Torque, power consumption, etc.
 I also enjoy the 'How To'  style guides, the list for these is endless, recently I could do with a how to uprate your metal pushrods with carbon fibre.  Sounds simple but it involves a totally different method of terminating the rod ends so you can still adjust length, etc.

TonyS08/01/2010 13:16:54
1145 forum posts
323 photos
If I might suggest, an article on "New to modelling" including basic equipment for 'starters' (I've discovered loads of things I'd never thought of - wattmeters, my invaluable Fusion Smart Guard, a soldering iron etc),  good models for beginners, selection of connector types, resources for info about motors, ESC's, electric v nitro, clubs and certificates etc etc
Just a thought.... 
Stephen Grigg08/01/2010 13:20:14
8691 forum posts
1128 photos
Conversion of a Free Flight vintage model to R/C
winchweight08/01/2010 15:41:06
2516 forum posts
67 photos
How about an aerobatic manoeuvre of the month? Each mag a step by step with pictures, showing a new manoeuvre, each more difficult than the last. I don't mean prop hanging and the really scary stuff, just  things that mortal men might achieve.
winchweight08/01/2010 15:43:09
2516 forum posts
67 photos
How about a Showcase each month, highlighting someones model that has been extensively modifie, either converted from i/c to leccy, or poor scale artf to near scale? Ask readers and forumites to submit pics and text of the model they're most proud of, pick one each month and show it off.
Oh and I don't just mean pro builders and real scale buffs either. Just good old club fliers doing stuff like my Seagull Sea Fury (as a poor example ), or Timbos Spitfire, or Danny's E Flite Sea Fury. They attracted a lot of attention here on the forum, so why not in the mag?

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Jonathan Lewzey08/01/2010 15:46:12
1136 forum posts
683 photos
4D flying! would love to hear from someone who has some experience of that writing something for the mag as i really must have a go at it one day.
winchweight08/01/2010 15:47:13
2516 forum posts
67 photos
And finally how about a free plans follow up? That is who built from the free plans and how did they turn out? Pick the best to feature it, but include a few pics of the others who tried it.
Might serve as inspiration?
You could even get a picture by picture blog type article, showing how the builder turned the plan into a real flier.
Erfolg08/01/2010 16:15:24
11706 forum posts
1309 photos
How about a bit on the model trade in the UK
Manufactures, such as West Wings, Replikit, Green Air, TN and RCM&E marketing and any other producer. A little about product range, how they got to where they are. What their aspirations are. Which part of the market they serve.
Perhaps a bit about UK engine producers, if they exist, their history, the range of product, where they are going, how they see the market developing home and abroad. Wren and Irvine?
You did a piece on working in a model shop. A variation could be live in a distribution business.
Book reviews, as an example I have just purchased "French Aircraft from 1939-42" Vol 1 &2. This type of publication are useful to scale modellers.
An article on what is scale model, what is scale for competitions, practical models for week-end flying. You can write a book on techniques for scale models. So an aspect per month should fill a page or two. 
More of the BD5 type article, size is different, but more interestingly are the materials and how they can be used. There are similar bloggs on a large a foam Hercules and a large Hurricane, by Tony Re.........
How about the state of data logging systems currently available on 2.4 and what is just over the horizon and what may be possible. In a similar vein, how do brushless speed controllers work, the differences in how they achieve what they achieve. How relevant is motor timing etc and all the other functions.
I guess there is a balance between what the majority of modellers do and there dreams and aspirations.
How about an abusive letter page where we can all be offensive to each other, typical topics can be "Best RC sets". FPV, Insurance requirements. Joke
David perry 108/01/2010 16:15:45
1033 forum posts
10 photos
Blimey, poor old Ashby...there aint a single thing in that lot above that hasn't been done in what seems like recent years. But as an Old Git my memory might be playing tricks...recent years MIGHT be the last twenty!  Good luck David / Graham!!
Here's a thought, I have just taakeen the gubbins out of a crashed parkzone P51 and made a superb "Airboat" style snow sled that goes like stink.  Would you like THAT as an article??
Simon B08/01/2010 16:28:27
1936 forum posts
284 photos
I would second a model comparison article.  As was said, far too many articles are positive about even weak planes.   I'd rather not spend a review trying to read between the lines
Mark Millward08/01/2010 16:33:02
50 forum posts
    Comparison tests used to be the lifeblood of some of the other hobby magazines such as boating and sailing.  Would RCM&E be a little leary of upsetting those manufacturers / advertisers who fall short.?  I have often bought a mag just for the comparison. Another benefit is that less detailed more waffly articles are nudged out. or at least the editor weilds his pen with more vigour !
kc08/01/2010 17:00:42
6418 forum posts
173 photos
Its the glowing reviews of  ARTF models which take up far too much space ( and far more words  even than articles about building from scratch ! ) which are so boring.   But who is going to lose the chance of another free ARTF by writing a review critical of the model?
We need articles by real enthusiasts about technical matters and less columnists   ( remember when David Boddington was editor of RM, RCME, AMI and MF he got all sorts of people to write interesting articles. )

Edited By kc on 08/01/2010 17:02:07

Myron Beaumont08/01/2010 17:12:41
5797 forum posts
51 photos
I agree with Shaun about maybe a manoeuvre per issue ( & yes I can spell it !)
Today I was directed to sites on aerobatics on another RCM&E forum thread (Thanks Romeo Whisky)  that taught me quite a lot & inspired me to "have a go"when the weather is flyeable There is an awful lot of repeat stuff about ARTFs and how to carve a hole for a servo etc -their redeeming features/ cheapness & their failings /no glue. OK this is helpful to most entering the hobby BUT how about something informative for us more experienced / life- long modellers  learning from similar peeps with more/different knowledge/experience ? We are all capable of looking up specs of one kind or another but not actually learning from those who seek to improve skills we have aquired
I know what you'll say. It doesn't sell magazines & I appreciate that !
Grumpy Myron again  BUT ?

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