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Super Chipmunk build

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Phil 909/01/2010 10:26:54
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With the weather being so bad and flying out I thought I would make a start on my new kit. The kit is a 64 inch wingspan Carl Goldberg Super Chipmunk
I plan to modify the control for the ailerons. The kit connects a single servo via bell cranks to each aileron . I intend to add separate servos one in each wing.

Phil 909/01/2010 10:28:27
4208 forum posts
198 photos
I also bought a Fiber Glass cowl to replace the ABS cowl provided in the kit. I thought it would be more durable

Phil 909/01/2010 10:39:39
4208 forum posts
198 photos
The build starts with the stabilizer and fin. Both went together well with no problems.

Also I started putting together the first wing. It is partially sheeted but I need to add the servo mounts in the wing before I can apply the sheeting.

The wing went together ok but I did have a couple of problems. The firts being the smaller spar (forward of the main spar) did not quite line up with all of the slots. So when I added this spar some of the soft balsa rib slots got slightly crushed.
I think the problem was caused because while the glue was drying for the ribs onto the TE some of the slightly moved. It is minor bot means some of the edges dont line up exact. I think i can get over this buy sanding out any small overlaps.
Ross Clarkson09/01/2010 11:02:25
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I love a good Chipmunk.
Good luck.
Delta Whiskey09/01/2010 12:47:07
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Yep keep us updated, gotta get round to repairing mine!
Phil 910/01/2010 01:12:20
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the spars and ribs for the other wing are noe together but there is still a lot of work to do before the wings are completed.

Phil 911/01/2010 14:11:22
4208 forum posts
198 photos
I need to start sheeting up the wings. I have not done this before and could do with some help. I know if yoy damped the sheet a little it helps it bend (the cure is not to severe on the wing). I have been using Aliphatic Resin so far. Is this ok for the sheeting or should I use CA glue.
Phil 911/01/2010 18:28:33
4208 forum posts
198 photos
I sheeted the underside of both wings. it did not turn out to well. the second wing is a litle better than the first. I am hoping once it has dries i can re glue some points that have peeled back. some filler and sanding should take care of the rest. I am hoping  the topside sheeting will turn out a litle better.
Phil 916/01/2010 23:11:11
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Some of the sheeting dried out a little curvy. With some tips from Peter Miller the trick here was to pre form the sheeting at the leading edge. this i did for the top side and it turned out a lot better

Most of the sheeting on the wings is now completed. Still to be added are the ailerons and moulded wing tips. Then it will all have to be filled and sanded.

Phil 919/01/2010 20:01:59
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The fuselage starts to take shape

Phil 925/01/2010 11:12:42
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I need to work out thr linkages for this model. the kit comes with steel push rods and the two halves of the elevator atr connected with a bent tortion bar.
I see on here a ,ot of people prefer to remove the tortion bar in favor of two push rods (one for eack halve) connected to one servo.
Is the any great advantage in doing this or shall keep things simple. I do plan in replacing the stell push rod for a carbon one however
Phil 928/01/2010 13:40:34
4208 forum posts
198 photos
This is how things shape up so far

I got a new JEN 57 in the front. the main sections are almost finished now they now need ataching together and covering


Edited By Phil B on 28/01/2010 13:42:40

dumb thumb29/01/2010 11:56:43
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i am planning to start mine soon, where did you get the fibreglass cowl from and did you use aliphatic glue on the sheeting and if so how did it work with dampening the sheeting..........many thanks
Phil 929/01/2010 14:43:34
4208 forum posts
198 photos
Yes I did use Aliphatic glue on the sheeting and it works well even if the sheet is damp.
I had never sheeted a model before and made a bit of a mess at my first attempt. I tried to form the sheeting on the wing dry and it did not work. I re did the sheeting that you can see in the photo with much better results. Peter Miller gave me some tips as follows
"There are one or two tips. Hold the sheet to the spar with clothespegs. Pin the sheet to the leading edge with lots of short, round head map pins.
If the sheet is a bit stiff, wet the out side and apply heat with a heat gun or iron and it will bend easily.
There is another technique that is not well known. I have used it successfully but prefer my own method as above.
You can apply Aliphatic resin wood glue to the rips and spars. Press the sheet down and then lift it off. Make sure that there is a coat of Aliphatic resin on the sheet to mathc the ribs and sparss. Leave to dry while separate.
You can now iron the sheet down with a domestic iron. IT will polymerise the glue and bond them, this is a once only operation, get it wrong and you are stuck."
Something I did was using aliphatic glue wet but when it was dry any pionts I was not happy with I ran an iron over and it helped re stick that area.
As for cowls there are a few choices. I ordered my kit from the US so I also ordered a cowl from the US from Fiberglass specialties
But there ia a uk company called Carbon Copy they do a fiber glass cowl for this kit but you can also get it in carbon fibre.
I am pretty sure that Great Planes Super Chipmunk 90 is the ARTF vertion of this kit. If you could get a spare cowl for this model it would come pre painted But I dont know if that would be fiberglass

Edited By Phil B on 29/01/2010 14:48:58

Phil 915/09/2010 19:45:02
4208 forum posts
198 photos
Building on this project is at a halt but it is not forgotten
This was my first proper kit build and I have been learning as I go and it has not been a cheep kit to build.


My wife inconveniently (just Kidding) had a baby just before Christmas and more recently I have been working away from home


Before I left I did start the covering using white solartex and planned to paint on the colour but was not very pleased with the initial results


I covered the tail first but it only showed I had made a poor job of sanding


then I covered the bottom side of the wing. I tried at first to use just one piece but this was a mistake as did not fit well around the centre section. Also the wing tips on this kit were plastic mouldings. I over heated the plastic on one side with a hot air gun and the shape is now badly distorted.


Now I am unsure what to do.


I could just carry on as it is and finish it in solartex (with all the errors as they are) just to jet it flying


or take my time strip the covering of re sand make new balsa wing tips and re cover using film and trim (that I think will look better when finished).


Richard Wood16/09/2010 13:08:44
1063 forum posts
163 photos
Sorry to hear that you had trouble with Solartex - I find this stuff much easier
to use than Solarfilm. 
(I think it was my recommendation to you on another thread).
Careful heating with a heat gun can get rid of many stubborn wrinkles
& dings.
Stripping off the solartex might leave behind some of the coloured
adhesive which will be quite difficult to completely sand off a built-up
You could trim it with pieces of 'tex instead of painting.
Unfortunately covering always seems to highlight surface imperfections
& film can be the worst for this.
Doing new wing tips in light balsa shouldn't be too difficult.
Phil 917/09/2010 02:41:30
4208 forum posts
198 photos
thanks  Richard.
the solartex was not at fault just my use of it (and lack of experiance)
I am unsure what to do it just having done it once I now know I could have made a better job of it the second time round .
you are right about the ease of use for solartex it is forgiving but the plastic wing tips were not.
maybe I just set my sights to high for a first build and hoped I could do a perfect job. my other thought was solatex and paint would add more weight than film.
I will try and continue as I am and see how it turns out. if it not tat great at least I would have learned alot from the proccess. maybe the ARTF's have spoilt me on how the finish should look?

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