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World Cup

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Jonathan Lewzey13/06/2010 19:18:49
1136 forum posts
683 photos
can't find any threads on it so thought i'd start my own
who's watching? i'm watching as much as i can despite revising for 3 A level exams next week
all been good so far except those annoying horns that it seems everyone in the crowd has and of course 1-1 with USA
any early predictions on tournament winner? i have to say it'll take a lot to beat spain they look very strong, but come on england  
Phil May13/06/2010 19:58:37
1520 forum posts
154 photos
I must apologize , but I'm already sick to death of the world cup - it's messed up my Eastenders!!     Am I the only one who feels this way, or, am I a total nutter                             B.P 
Dusty13/06/2010 19:59:59
1632 forum posts
560 photos
germany are looking good at the mo! The opening game was brilliant and SA were unlucky and underestimated?
Paddy Fidling13/06/2010 20:33:32
122 forum posts
6 photos
Have to say im agreeing with Phil, as not a natural football supporter, I don't really care much about the footie, and I doubt england will fare well, given their track history...
I don't watch eastenders though.......
Stephen Grigg13/06/2010 20:41:16
8691 forum posts
1128 photos
What World Cup,whats Eastenders,good GP though,and some good flying this W/E.
Andy Gates13/06/2010 20:44:16
639 forum posts
20 photos
I totally agree with Big Phil.
I do not understand the enthusiasm or fanatisim that surrounds the GAME of football, or why it has to alter all the telly schedules.
As for the obscene amounts of money that seem to suround the game, just don't get me started.......
I will be very glad when it is all over and we go back to what we call normallity.
No BP, you are not a nutter, unless I am too?
Alan B13/06/2010 20:51:42
680 forum posts
92 photos
I played a lot of football in times past. I like football and I like watching the big tournaments such as this and have my own opinions.
However I cant help thinking I'm sat in a Bee hive while wacthing it!  Best of all it gets louder when the African countries play!
Alan B13/06/2010 20:53:32
680 forum posts
92 photos
I played a lot of football in times past. I like football and I like watching the big tournaments such as this and have my own opinions.
However I cant help thinking I'm sat in a Bee hive while watching it!  Best of all it gets louder when the African countries play!  Hmm - Great!
Eric Bray13/06/2010 21:10:20
6600 forum posts
2 photos
Football Gah! 22 men(?) chasing a bag of wind around a field, while 22,000 have a mass fight!
I was flicking in and out of the 24 hrs Le Mans, and had to smile at poor Nige, crashed after the third? lap!
I've all but given up with F1, and where has the Red Bull air racing gone? There are no tv showings listed, although I can see when and where the actual races are being held.
At least in the bike racing, there is plenty of place-swapping and elbows-out overtaking going on!
Allan Bowker13/06/2010 21:20:59
1633 forum posts
227 photos
I'm only watching the England games, I can't be interested in any other team.
I'm more of an England fan than a football fan
birdy13/06/2010 22:20:37
1423 forum posts
110 photos
I'm supporting Spain. I have £15 resting on them.
And poor Whatever-His-Name-Is Green... How embarrassing. Other than that, now that I can say I have watched an entire game of football, I can confirm how rubbish watching is, compared to playing.
Myron Beaumont13/06/2010 22:26:06
5797 forum posts
51 photos
Couldn't agree more -but it seems that mob ,non- participatory ( so called "supporters") mentality has taken over in so many fields of money making organisations under the name of sport . As for millions spent on the olympics to watch people running & jumping etc , I rest my case .I have seen about 10 minutes of the England match but I do wish the producers of the programme would reduce the "Bee hive" effect.Not that difficult surely .As a musician ,it really hurts my ears to hear that rubbish (empty vessels make the most noise comes to mind).I think it just reinforces most of our opinions so far about modern football doesn't it ? On a channel called Yesterday I happened to watch a game played in 1940 I think it was Wolverhampton .What a difference .That was when it was a sport .
 I' ll stick to actually making or doing something ,like the rest of us
Stefan Hafner13/06/2010 23:06:35
382 forum posts
15 photos
I'd have to agree, while I do enjoy playing for a laugh its so boring to watch.
Eric, I think channel 5 have the Red Bull air race, but its pretty random as to whne its shown. I've been watching it online, its shown live on the air race website
Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator13/06/2010 23:38:57
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
Seems like I'm like a lot of others on here - football does very little for me.
I quite enjoy kicking a football around with the kids (or at least I did when they were younger!), but watching it is a yawn! I can't see why people get so excited about it?
Now if it was watching the BBMF doing flypast, or the Red Arrows that I could understand the attraction of...or spending 4 hours standing in a cold muddy field in mid winter flying a toy aeroplane around - no problem . The attractions of these things are obvious - I'm sure you all agree 
But foorball? Cricket? Athletics? or (worst of all) Golf? Nah, I don't think so.
IanN13/06/2010 23:43:02
1675 forum posts
119 photos
My, there's some fairly dismissive comments here so far
Each to their own. Many people don't like watching football. Lots of people watching us don't understand why we play with toy aeroplanes
Que Sera....
ken anderson.14/06/2010 07:45:16
8630 forum posts
779 photos
eastenders or footie.................there's only one way to decide..........Fight,,,,,,,,,,
 someone near.......knock on big phil's door and get him oot before it's too late......
Rick Devonshire14/06/2010 08:08:05
66 forum posts
It's a sobering thought but the emergency services are bracing themselves for a big increase in alcohol fuelled violence as was encountered during the last world cup. I understand some hospitals experienced a rise of some 30% during the last competition.
Peter Miller14/06/2010 08:42:49
10946 forum posts
1272 photos
10 articles
Twenty two overpaid louts kicking a lump of leather round a field.
Steve Houghton 114/06/2010 08:47:04
1905 forum posts
128 photos
I shall only be watching the England games although I will keep my ear to the ground to see how Australia and Italy fare as I have money on them in a works sweepstake.
I watched the England game on HD, and what pigs ear ITV made of that cutting to an ad break 4 minutes into the game, just as England scored. What a bunch of numpties!
Still, with so much footie on the tele it gives me more chance to do model stuff.
David Ashby - Moderator14/06/2010 08:49:52
10987 forum posts
1706 photos
614 articles
Keep the conversation clean and civil chaps. Given the nature of the R/C hobby I'm surprised if we find any footie fans here but each to his own. 

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