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Decisions - Blaze or Blizzard?

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ST Model Blaze

ST Model Blaze

first look - 12/8/10

matt mason29/07/2010 10:03:06
33 forum posts
last month i bought an easy glider, which i have to say was immensly disappointing.
the motor in he box is extremely under powered.
ailerons are not as good as thought they would be.
anyhow i have been looking at the mx blizzard and the st blaze and was thinking of giving one of these ago. anyone have any experience of either and is the st worth buying or are the installed servo's and motor too cheap?

Edited By matt mason on 29/07/2010 10:04:34

00129/07/2010 10:19:44
2212 forum posts
1 photos
Matt, I have both the Easy Glider (electric) and the Blizzard (Slope only).
I have no experience of the Blaze.
It really depends what you want to do with them, the Easy Glider and Blizzard are like chalk & cheese. If you want more performance out of the Easy Glider you could change the power set, but then what you will have is a glider that will get up to height in a shorter time. It will never roll quickly because of the size of the wing and it was not designed for that.
The Blizzard can be quite a handful (but it is extremely good as a nearly hotliner) and Multiplex own power set is very expensive.
matt mason29/07/2010 10:41:16
33 forum posts
yeah i have upgraded the easy glider to a brushless set up and 3s battery.
you are right about he multiplex power set,  price wise you could as easily buy another model. there must be a cheaper alternative..............!
ken anderson.29/07/2010 10:55:32
8634 forum posts
779 photos
hello matt - check out the many 'blizzard' post via the search on the forum here----you'll come across my set up-----for me -i would go blizzardo any wont be dissapointed....a fun model in every sense...and good value as well....
      ken 1....
Lee Smalley29/07/2010 12:16:28
2125 forum posts
68 photos
2 articles
no experience of the blaze but me thinks it a try and copy the b;izzard effort and with most copies its prob not as good blizzard is expensive but utter quality
Allan Bowker29/07/2010 12:55:16
1633 forum posts
227 photos
Richard is correct, the Easy Glider and the Blizzard are completely different aircraft to fly.
One being a glider and the other being a hot liner!
The Blaze looks identical to the Blizzard and I would imagine there is very little difference between them (depending upon power set).
I have a Blizzard with the Multiplex tuning set installed and she is a very slick mover with unlimited vertical. Don't let her get too slow or she will bite you, stall and most probably crash.
The blizzard is for the experienced pilot, she's taught me much.
I made the mistake once of making a full power on dive which led to a speed stall, that the aircraft would not pull out of. Thankfully I got away with it at the very last second.
Lee Smalley29/07/2010 14:22:53
2125 forum posts
68 photos
2 articles
blizzard is a warm liner at best and me thinks your servos struggled to pull the elevons at that speed never heard of a speed stall in level flight and my blizzard does full power dives no problem (and yes i have the tunning set up) the only problem i have is the wing flutter i now get in full power dives, i never used to get it but i think it comes with age and the foam starts to get a bit soft and flexes more than when new
Lee Smalley29/07/2010 14:26:31
2125 forum posts
68 photos
2 articles
the forums that have tried it say its nowhere near as fast as the blizzard so thats a tepid liner then !
Allan Bowker29/07/2010 14:35:29
1633 forum posts
227 photos
No, the speed stall was not in level flight, it was in a -90degree dive.
I thought about the servo's not being up to the job too but they are MG and are well over specified for the job.

I've often read people calling the Blizzard a 'warm liner' but have resisted confusing the category by referring to it as a 'hot liner'. I think it only serves to confuse.
What's next 'luke warm' ?
Bob Cotsford29/07/2010 17:08:12
8389 forum posts
463 photos
a clubmate has a Blaze, and for the price it is very impressive,  All servos, esc and motor come installed and the finish of the foam is smooth so it looks better if nothing else.  I've not seen a Blizzard, but the Blaze is very aerobatic, and I would have thought more than fast enough after an Easyglider.
matt mason29/07/2010 19:10:27
33 forum posts
firstly thankyou for the replies.
i must say not a novice to this hobby.
i bought the easy glider as i just wanted another powered glider. i fly an edge 540 most of the time and have a 3.5 metre L S 3 glider i would very much like to convert to electric motor. i don't have the knowledge to slope this thing and would most likely prang it.
i do like the look of the blizzard its just that the recommended power systems are expensive.i agree its a hotliner from what videos i have seen of it on utube.i just don't want to buy the blaze to be sucked into another plane knock off, main reason why iasked.
i had a mx2 for a while but no where near as impressive as the edge that i have now, which is also electric.
anyway we can forget the easy glider as i put that into a very fast dive from a good altitude today and pulled up(well idid the plane didn't)BANG, CRUNCH AND MANY OTHER INTERESTING SOUNDS... enough said...!!!!
ken anderson.29/07/2010 19:47:41
8634 forum posts
779 photos
hard lines about the easy glider------the blizzard i fly has a turnigy/250 watt outrunner in that cost me £20.00...the m/g servo's i'm using cost me £9.00 each...matt-get up sharp on fri/sat and wizz down to your LMS......and get a blizzard......check out the post's and build set up thread's and happy matt....
00129/07/2010 20:06:47
2212 forum posts
1 photos
 Matt, As some people might know I am a big fan of the Blizzard.
 Please don't think that the foam is the same as the Easy Glider. It is much denser and has a smoother surface finish. It is aso very strong. I have bounced mine off the rocks at The Orme a few times.
Fitting the fibreglass rods is a bit of a pain, but worth it in the end.
matt mason29/07/2010 20:15:23
33 forum posts
so what you saying then chaps?........ a blizzard then ...?
i may just  do that !!!
i have a box of servosof different sizes and about three speed controllers. so all i need is a motor..
ill have to tell the missus another story about why i need another model....AND WHY SHE DOESN'T NEED MORE CLOTHES...
.. or i can just flannel her with over exagerated complements again..

Edited By matt mason on 29/07/2010 20:18:18

manuel lombard29/07/2010 20:33:47
5 forum posts

ken have you ever considered sales?

after reading your post, you have gotten me hyped up to buy a blizzard!!

you sir are a LHS dream!!

ken anderson.29/07/2010 22:44:01
8634 forum posts
779 photos
go on manuel--get one-you cant take it with you(the dosh)...........the blizzard is a load of Fun.........there are a few who have tried to copy it since it came out......but for quality cant be beat.........
 head salesman ken anderson(not)........
Lee Smalley30/07/2010 12:48:53
2125 forum posts
68 photos
2 articles
I have had my blizzard for some time now and thrashed the pants off it most consecutive loops out of it on the glide is 42 and its very locked in just don't slow it up too much, it does not retain the speed like a true hotliner, if fact it bleeds off very quickly but it is a great smooth aerobatic machine yes the kits costs a bit but you dont have to buy the multiplex setup (although it is great despite the price) as for the build,  when you come to do the fiberglass rods (the thin re-inforcing ones) can i suggest an easier method measure and cut rod to length, trial fit tack one end down with thin cyno, press down tack middle and then end with thin cyno and when happy the rod is flush down then fill rest of recess with thin or medium, and spray with kicker  much less mess
jez30/07/2010 13:20:18
245 forum posts
137 photos
my blizzard is also fitted with the power set , fab performance , but just watch them slow turns which seem to include a wing drop !!!!! but all said fab performer  well chuffed with it
A.A. Barry30/07/2010 13:24:38
1922 forum posts
186 photos
When Lookin at this I thought you where going to moved to another country, Blizzard ...UK
Blaze.........Africa/Sudan/Alice Springs 
But , it's a model

Edited By A.A. Barry on 30/07/2010 13:26:03

Edited By A.A. Barry on 30/07/2010 13:45:27

Bill_B30/07/2010 22:00:01
1145 forum posts
11 photos
I've had both the Blizzard and the Blaze and both have their merits and faults. The Blizzard has a slightly tougher airframe and a higher wing loading meaning a faster flight envelope, though beware of aileron flutter at extreme speeds.
 The Blaze's wings can be made to break down into two halves for transportation along with a removeable tail, and the servos can be easily removed for replacement if neccessary, but beware of soft elevator response at high speeds.
 IMHO the Blaze is the better looking and sweeter flying of the two, is better value for money, and is easier and quicker to get in the air. Also, if the Blizzard's spinner assembly is fitted to the Blaze, it matches the colour of the decals perfectly and provides additional cooling to the motor.

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