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Spice Cat17/09/2010 21:36:48
1304 forum posts
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I have recently started to be a bit more methodical about my flying.
I now keep a log of each flight and at the end of the day transfer it onto a diary program downloaded free off the net.
I start with weather conditions, wind speed and direction and any other oddities with the atmospheric conditions. Barometric pressure is not taken; however I will start soon.
I then list which aircraft I flew, type of fuel, prop, max RPM and any mixture changes made. Then comes a description of each flight; intentions, training aims and results. The last paragraph details learning issues and changes that should be made. These are subsequently ticked off when completed.
I find this system is (I believe) improving my flying and also the basic administration around my flying day. Essentially, I am trying to eliminate any errors on the ground that may cause a catastrophe in the air.
My wife thinks it's all a bit sad.
Am I alone in this, or do other follow the same path? Indeed; is there a specific program on the internet to record such.
Your thoughts please along with a list of suitable medication.
Biggestgerbil17/09/2010 22:05:44
69 forum posts
1 photos
A few guys at my club keep written logs.  One guy has a seperate book for eack model.
I keep intending to, and have been for 40 years since I started flying R/C.
But basically, I'm with your wife on this one.

Southern Comfort
Prozac AND Southern Comfort.
Wingman17/09/2010 22:57:29
1145 forum posts
405 photos
Well SC if you have always been a pedant or mildy obsessive-compulsive then keeping a log as detailed as that is probably therapeutic and therefore good for you.
However, if this is a new trait to your personality it may be a symptom of stress, depression or some deeper seated medical problem and I would recommend a visit to your GP for a check up.
Failing that, just go fly - crashes are character building (I too am with your wife on this one - popular girl!!)  
Spice Cat17/09/2010 23:16:08
1304 forum posts
129 photos
Thanks for those kind words wedged in between the other ones. I agree, crashes are character building and anything that doesn't kill you; makes you stronger.
PS You have no idea how difficult it is to type whilst wearing a straitjacket..........
Wingman17/09/2010 23:20:05
1145 forum posts
405 photos
HA! Yeah it certainly is - I use my nose Heeee! Heeeeeeee! eeeeeee! wheeeeeee!
David Ashby - Moderator18/09/2010 05:53:08
10987 forum posts
1706 photos
614 articles
I'm with you Spice Cat, I keep a flying log, noting models flown, number of flights etc.
I started it a few years ago when guys on the flightline would point to one of their models and say " this has done 100 flights" - I knew the model hadn't and decided that my boasts would be 100% accurate so now I can tell my pals "this model has done 62 flights" etc. and provide back-up data to support my claims.........
They don't speak to me much now mind..........  

Edited By David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 18/09/2010 05:53:17

John Muir18/09/2010 10:03:42
378 forum posts
1 photos
My name is John, and I am a log-keeper. There, I've said it, I feel better now and I know I am not alone.
My Wot 4 had spent 104 hours and 15 minutes in the air by the time I had to retire it due to fuel seepage earlier this year. Like David, I actually know this for a fact. And like SC I am faintly embarassed to admit it.
Any alcohol based medication will do me and my straightjacket has been cleverly remodelled to look like an anorak, so I am quite happy.
David Turner 518/09/2010 11:37:10
106 forum posts
3 photos
I keep one. Fairly basic.
My one regret is that I flew models for 6 years before I began to keep the log. Those first years would have seen many revealing comments.
Adrian Smith 118/09/2010 11:56:01
2413 forum posts
1212 photos

Well I keep a log too and it may surprise you to hear I am not an anorak!! Usually using a basic Exell spreadsheet.
There are good reasons to of course. The logging of air hours helps when wishing to sell and engine and you can be truthful about its use rather than the vague "well used" or " hardly used" terms.
Furthermore I use it as a safety tool to prompt me to tighten bolts (particularly on planes with four strokes) at regular intervals and to check engine bearers, flight tendencies when trimming etc, etc.
So don't poke fun at us loggers because we are quite often still flying when others' plane drop out of the sky for no reason due to lack of regular maintainance!!
Myron Beaumont18/09/2010 12:56:31
5797 forum posts
51 photos
I never used to use a "Log" but now I spend more time keeping a record of everything & reading the forum etc that the actual fun I had has nearly gone out of the flying bit (But I really love building with traditional materials ).I actually have several files on hours done ,all the settings for each A/C on one of three Tx's & so on & so forth. I'm beginning to think that I'm just a bit TOO organised. To me ,to be quite honest ,I just think that everything has become far too electronics/computer orientated & the market pressures in mags and on the web have taken over from the innovative self -made creations of a couple of decades ago .I'm pretty sure that Peter Miller would agree & so would DB .
David Turner 518/09/2010 13:08:23
106 forum posts
3 photos
And so would I, MB.
buster prop18/09/2010 20:37:00
495 forum posts
13 photos
I don't exactly keep a log but what I am doing is keeping a spreadsheet listing each model with information, weight, Watts, prop used etc. The sheet has a few simple calculations so that I know Watts/Lb, C demand and predicted flight times from current draw and battery capacity. This all started when I downloaded a spreadsheet to keep TX programming details for each model in the Tx memory so if I change, say, the expo or rates I can record it against that plane. The spreadsheets are linked, so I thought I'd add more links to a photo of the plane and a short write-up record of problems and solutions and what effect any changes have had. I can't be bothered keeping a flight by flight log but like to analyse things and enjoy tinkering with spreadsheets. My wife would call me sad as well but I don't think she'd be very interested in such things. 
Spice Cat18/09/2010 20:54:37
1304 forum posts
129 photos
I think we should form some sort of society.......
I hesitate to ask; but has anyone got any ideas???
Garry Pollard18/09/2010 20:57:14
1091 forum posts
I would rather go flying. To my mind it seems like hard work logging every flight. You may land up doing more logging than flying
What happens to all the records when the model is in a bin bag?
Good job it takes all sorts lol
Phil Claridge18/09/2010 22:14:56
1924 forum posts
32 photos
i think its called doing it by the book the only useful log is a balsa one
Former Member19/09/2010 01:14:18
3577 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

David Ashby - Moderator19/09/2010 05:49:09
10987 forum posts
1706 photos
614 articles
Doas anyone have links to bespoke downloadable spreadsheets/programes etc. ?
Tim Hooper19/09/2010 16:50:04
2890 forum posts
2406 photos
Call me slapdash, but I've never......
Kept a log
Used the timer on my tx
Cycled a li-po
Discharged a li-po for storage
Costed a build
Worked out hours spent designing/building/flying.
Know what?  I'm certainly not about to start either!
Ernie19/09/2010 17:21:55
2525 forum posts
21 photos
good onya Tim
Phil 919/09/2010 17:43:25
4287 forum posts
251 photos
sounds like a lot of work that is not much fun. the Mrs says I send too much time on the hobby as it is

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