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The December 2010 issue

Feedback, thoughts and commentary

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The December issue preview

The December issue preview

in the shops 19th Nov

David Ashby - Moderator17/11/2010 10:33:11
10988 forum posts
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614 articles
The December 2010 issue has started arriving with subscribers today so, as always, we welcome thoughts, critique etc. Let us know what you think
Remember we've opened a new forum section where you can add your own thoughts relating to the review models in the magazine and chat to the reviewer too.

Edited By David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 17/11/2010 10:34:13

Doug Ireland17/11/2010 12:13:55
2088 forum posts
42 photos
Mine arrived this morning just before my taxi arrived to take me to the heliport. At least I'll be able to give the mag a good read over the next two weeks!
ken anderson.17/11/2010 14:44:28
8636 forum posts
779 photos
mine arrived this afternoon...well done tim for the plan......hard lines about the mew gull.......def candidate for the matches......the weather up here is reading i will go....
thank's all for the mag....
         ken anderson  ne..1.
Steve W-O17/11/2010 15:16:22
2775 forum posts
310 photos
Found mine when I got home.
First impression is puzzlement.
When I took it out the wrapper opened on the plan,and without looking further than the plan, I see a "freeflight" model with servos .
But in the 10 seconds Iooked at the plan, it looks like a nice one to build, cheap and relaxing to fly.
More reading later when I have answered emails and cooked supper.
flytilbroke17/11/2010 16:34:52
2083 forum posts
5 photos
Quick shufty through the pages. Looks well up to standard, and has something of interest to me. Will enjoy later as usual.
Peter Miller17/11/2010 18:57:26
10961 forum posts
1272 photos
10 articles
Reading the letters. John Norman talking about how much cheaper  petrol engines in things like leaf blowers and petrol chain saws compared with prices  from  a model dealer.
I bought a Strimmer from Focus for under £70 (Including pensioner discount.) IT has a 25 cc engine.
My old Brushcutter had a 24cc Kawasaki engine. IT has now been adapted for use in a model by onw of our members.
Stephen Grigg17/11/2010 22:39:54
8691 forum posts
1128 photos
Its amazing,you open your front door,see the big silver envelope and your whole evenings plan fly straight out the door.Spent the first part of the evening reading about the Mew Gull History and then Graham"s review on S eagulls  model.If Graham couldnt retrieve it then its not the model for me.
David Ashby - Moderator18/11/2010 07:57:11
10988 forum posts
1714 photos
614 articles
Having witnessed the event Stephen, one thing I would say is that by his own admission Graham did the stall test just a bit too low - it's a model that, as long as you keep it moving, it'll be fine.
Stephen Grigg18/11/2010 08:15:14
8691 forum posts
1128 photos
Thanks for that David
Plummet18/11/2010 08:27:45
1418 forum posts
41 photos
Those of you who are interested in the Mew Gull might like to read about what Tony Smith of the Real Aeroplane Company has been doing.  He has been trying to do the Cape run again, but in a different aircraft.  Have a look at -------link removed by moderator - please use correct linking procedure, thanks. of relief on their face as they land back on Breighton's shortish runway.  In the air - it's fast, and looks and sounds fast.  

Edited By David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 26/11/2010 07:16:48

Peter Miller18/11/2010 08:47:38
10961 forum posts
1272 photos
10 articles
Now I know why Graham wanted me to design a Mew Gull for him...I declined! That thing does not have enough wing area. Stretch it to be enough and it won't look like a Mew Gull.
andy watson18/11/2010 09:24:00
1942 forum posts
20 photos
I was really interested in, and looking forwards to,  the review of the Mew Gull.
The reason being I have always been a bit.....well lets say sceptical, about the impartiality of magazine reviews.  I was interested to see what the result was after some appaling comments on various forms- including this one.
I guess I came out with it as a narrow win for the mag!  There was reference made to the undercarriage issues even though they didn't appear on the specific model being reviewed.  This is normally the defence offered by the magazines, and it has some validity.  There was praise for build quality, where I know there were questions asked about various aspects.  What I would like to see added to all reviews is a link to the follow up section here on the forum that was established, so people know where to go for a wider perspective.
On a wider basis- I am not interested in gliding or helis.  BUT...... I think their inclusion is more valid than another review of another ARTF cap/edge etc etc; and one day I might just spot something that makes me give it a go.  I also felt there was a definate shift in emphasis towards scale modelling, and that was also very welcome.
So for me it was the best one for a while.
David Ashby - Moderator18/11/2010 10:03:38
10988 forum posts
1714 photos
614 articles
Posted by andy watson on 18/11/2010 09:24:00:
I was really interested in, and looking forwards to,  the review of the Mew Gull.
What I would like to see added to all reviews is a link to the follow up section here on the forum that was established, so people know where to go for a wider perspective.

 Good call Andy, I'll be pursuing that.

Lee Smalley18/11/2010 15:57:10
2125 forum posts
68 photos
2 articles
i read the review on the mew gull first in that other mag (you know the one with the terrible pictures) and the review was Absolute nonsense some reviewer who decided he knew more that the manufacturers set the c of g more forward than what was recommeded and then moaned that he needed loads of elevator movement to stop the modle nosing over and to give him enough to flair with at touchdown (duh) what people forget is that this is a challenging model to own and it requires some real care during flying, sometimes we get lulled into a false sense with aircraft like this and think we have got it sorted and then we do somthing daft .... and guess what it bites you on the botty, we have all done it !! people seem to think that as everything is artf should fly like a trainer, they don't, i think the review wasabsolutely spot on, it is a challenge and thats part of the fun  
Big Bandit18/11/2010 22:23:44
2436 forum posts
947 photos
Hi All,
Arrived this mourning,  cracking article and plan from Tim, been waiting for that one and am not disappointed. Lots of good articles as well.
GrumpyGnome19/11/2010 07:05:45
528 forum posts
145 photos
Loads of good stuff this month - good reviews too -  nice and honest !
Mr Hawes needs to read RCM&E though - Planemaster isn't really a new sim; it's been advertised in the mag for years, and it was even offered as a subscriber incentive I believe  Just joshing - still my favourite bit of the mag.  Closely followed by Andy Ellison's stuff - even though I'm not really a big glider fan and don't have/want a  jet ......................
DH 82A25/11/2010 19:36:53
198 forum posts

        Have not received mine yet!
birdy25/11/2010 20:53:56
1423 forum posts
110 photos
As usual, a good mag. I especially liked Mr. Whittaker's column, and the glassing feature. However, here comes the constructive criticism;  
- Would Mr Hawes please note that his Christmas goodies selection wasn't really that great; most of the new "innovative" things I had already seen, and other than that I assume that the idea is that things are good value. TBH Giant Cod will sell you a UBEC for less that  4-max, and A123 cells are not new.
- In power planning Andrew Gibbs writes how you get what you pay for, and gives a story of his overly flammable ESC. Sorry, but I don't agree - a lot of budget stuff can be very good, and don't think most budget ESCs go around  spontainiosly combusting -  I personally think that he could be putting off a lot of possible new electric flyers by saying that you must buy expensive equipment. Rant over.
- Finally, I suppose this is more of a suggestion than a criticism; You always have maths free aerodynamics articles - How about one with numbers for people such as my self who are interested...
Merry late November,
Frank Skilbeck25/11/2010 21:51:11
4684 forum posts
101 photos
Good issue, I liked the article on glassing, having done that to my Pat Teakle HP18 (see avatar) 20 years ago using a mini roller. But for those of you who haven't tried using epoxy glass its worth a go you do end up with a very resiliant finish.
Tim Hooper26/11/2010 12:46:01
2892 forum posts
2406 photos
I see that bloke Whittaker has come up with the goods again!
I'm referring to that fantastic shot of the wonderful (Pete McDermott) DH9a on pages 14/15.  There's no way I could tell that was a model if I didn't know any better.

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