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Weather's getting a bit better, how much flying you getting in?

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David Ashby - Moderator12/03/2011 13:45:10
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I thought that, seeing as most of the country is getting a tad warmer, it might be an idea to start a new flying update thread.......
Popped down the patch this morning and very Spring-like it was. The mud has dried so we can get our cars in the field and the wind was below 10mph
I was down to two clothing layers too!

Anyone else get out?
Phil 912/03/2011 13:48:49
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I had a great fly this morning. Recently moved house and temporarily without a car I bought a mini ultra stick. I have only flown 40 size ic trainers before this but it needed something small I can carry to a nearby field

Its very small and flity compared to mu previous models and the first flight resulted in a broken prop and some wing tip damage got that fixed and went out again today

not to much wind this morning but even the little wind there was still effected this small model. I tried programming in flaperons but there not great and this model does not need them so I dont think I will bother with flaperons again.

the small model getting thrown by the wing requires more control than I’m used to but I felt my skill level had risen a notch by the time I finished. I even tried a few spins for the first time they where fun and found I only needed to centre the sticks to recover.

I pulled of some very sweet loops and rolls (in between a few hundred scruffy ones) and left very satisfied. still a lot of improvement required to fly this model smoothly but I feel I am getting there
Romeo Whisky12/03/2011 13:52:11
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Spring has been put back for a few days here in south west Scotland. Cold and wet here, and snow a bit further north and east. Some useful workshop time this morning though.
Tom Wright 212/03/2011 14:18:25
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My better half is in the garden ,it must be getting warmer,mind you look in the top LH corner she has got a thermal generator going ,how considerate, .
r6dan12/03/2011 14:24:51
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Posted by tom wright 2 on 12/03/2011 14:18:25:

My better half is in the garden ,it must be getting warmer,mind you look in the top LH corner she has got a thermal generator going ,how considerate, .

WOAH!!! I would love to live there!

Pete B - Moderator12/03/2011 14:33:25
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Some really nice weather earlier in the week and up to 18c with clear blue sky - maxed out with the Easyglider when she hooked a boomer - had to bale out when she was just a speck - but today, it's blowing a hooley, the windsock's on the far side of the field and I'm staying in the warm!
Rain forecast for the next few days, too...........
Steve W-O12/03/2011 14:35:03
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Posted by tom wright 2 on 12/03/2011 14:18:25:

My better half is in the garden ,it must be getting warmer,mind you look in the top LH corner she has got a thermal generator going ,how considerate, .
Lovely garden.
(There's a piece of gravel out of place on the bottom left of the photo )
Tom Wright 212/03/2011 14:36:43
3908 forum posts
297 photos
Yea alright r6 but you will have to mow the lawns and build me lots of big scale models Now Davids mentioned the weather it does not look bad at all might ring the lads and get to the field , havent flown the tripe for a while ,so see you later.
Edited By tom wright 2 on 12/03/2011 14:37:2
Oh sorry Steve i will mention it to my better half  .

Edited By tom wright 2 on 12/03/2011 14:41:04

Eck12/03/2011 14:51:01
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We've got sleet, snow and gusty winds.....a BUILDING day!
Lima Hotel Foxtrot12/03/2011 15:40:56
392 forum posts
Nobody else was at the patch during the good days this week, and this morning my car was blocked in, so no go.
Mutter, moan, grumble.
flytilbroke12/03/2011 17:46:35
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Who's daft idea was the name of this thread? Oops, sorry David. Jump into your cars guys, the Skiing will be excellent.
Hogster12/03/2011 19:17:46
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It started out a lovely afternoon, a beautiful spring day but it soon deteriated. But not so bad to stop flying. Spent most of my session tearing round the sky at full throttle practicing my loops. The fuel certainley burns faster when you push your thumb forward! 1st time since passing my test I went dead stick because of running out of fuel!
Tom Wright 212/03/2011 19:43:07
3908 forum posts
297 photos

Got back at 6 .15 pm ,good session six turned up ,thanks David for the prompt,first time this year came back not feeling cold .Today i checked the travelling time to the field,it worked out at 4.5 min , we all live within 10 mins ,so a lot of flying goes better half Joanne was still in the garden and commented "you could have waited until i got it tided up before posting a photo" ..
Bob Cotsford12/03/2011 20:18:20
8624 forum posts
483 photos
First flight of the year was maidening a second-hand Flair Heron on thursday, half an hour and my fingers were complaining and the wind had given me earache.
Friday, put the Heron in the car again (we knock off early on a Friday) but it was flat calm when I came out of work. No problem, pop home and swap the Heron for Peter's American Nightmare twin and a Wot4 FoamE, quick cup of tea and off to the club field - beggar me it was blowing hard when I got there! Still a couple of flights, the American Nightmare to get the adrenalin going and the Wot4 to calm down again - does that tell you how 'exciting' the Nightmare is to fly?

Tony Bennett12/03/2011 21:03:13
5082 forum posts
129 photos
been decorating for the last week.
so no flying or building for me.
Phil 913/03/2011 10:43:55
4287 forum posts
256 photos
after a great fly yesterday I went out this morning for more of the same.
All was great if not a little cold but I was still having fun.
well the cold got the better of me so decided to land and pack up (after about 4 flights) I brought my mini ultra stick around in a big loop to land in front of me (Iwas facing into the wing). I lost hight and turned the model towards me then oh no. I had made a biiger than normal sweeping loop to line up the model but I was so fixated on it I had not seen I had drifted the wrong side of the tree line. power on try to gain hight but too late and hit the top of the trees. wings a fus broken but there is no way I can get it down so looks like I have also lost all the radio kit in it to.
just when you think you are gettin there
Tim Mackey13/03/2011 11:33:21
20920 forum posts
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Oh dear - those magnetic trees again Phil!
Im sure with a bit of thinking /climbing /long pole /young lad etc you could retrieve it?
PS this is just the time you need to recall the fun and satisfaction you got from your earlier flights....DONT get disheartened this sort of thing happens to ALL of us at some time, and you just need to accept it as an inevitable part of this sport.

Edited By Tim Mackey - Administrator on 13/03/2011 11:35:22

Phil 913/03/2011 11:53:26
4287 forum posts
256 photos

Cheers Timbo

Dangers of flying at an unfamiliar location.

Not much chance of getting it back. It was in an isolated location that you can’t get to by road. the branches are too thin to climb. A very long pole would get it down but I don’t have one and even if I did I could not get it there.

Will have write it off and put it down to experience. Shame as I was getting to like that model and it is not easily replaced. I ordered it from the USA and the taxes and charges makes it to expensive really.

TWO questions what can I replace it with (needs to be no larger)

As I lost a spectrum Rx can I trust a orange Rx in my Wot trainer IC

Lima Hotel Foxtrot13/03/2011 12:06:26
392 forum posts
Walk across with a chainsaw and cut the tree down. You'll get your model back and be doing a everyone a favour by preventing future incidents!
Eck13/03/2011 12:08:09
660 forum posts
124 photos
A similar thing happened to me two years ago, Phil. It was only a GWS FW 190, but it contained a Spektrum 6200 Rx that I couldn't afford to lose.
The model was eventually retrieved after eight days using a bait catapult to lob a car wheelnut over the model. The wheelnut was tied to heavy (30lb strain) fishing line, which was used to "scrape" the model free from the branches. The model was damaged in the retrieval, and after eight days the LiPo was dead, but the model is still flying.
Don't give up!

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