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Hey there everyone

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Night Crawler26/03/2011 01:58:08
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Hi everyone.
I'm Pete from Stoke On Trent.
I have recently got into model aircraft so im pretty much a complete noob. I have been interested for a while, but never really bothered until my lovely girlfriend said that she would get me one for my birthday. So we went off to the model shop and I spotted an Art-Tech Cessna 182 (brushless and Lipo). I asked the guy about it and he said that it is a goot aircraft for a beginner. I wasnt 100% sure about it because its polystirene, but the guy said that they are stronger than thet seem. He offered loads of tips and advice, so i decided to go for it.
I took it home, built it up, charged the battery, tested everything to make sure they work and go the right way. Then decided, right, lets go fly. Needless to say... i crashed it a couple of times. No major damage. Just a broken prop and i snapped the tip off the tail end of the fuselage. Its all fixed now though.
Anywhoo, a bit about me.
Im a complete noob to model flying but not to actual flying. When i was younger, i wad in the Air Training Corps. I flew the Buldog (2 seater powered) and the Viking (2 seater glider, winch launch). I got my gliding scholarship (level 1) meaning i flew solo once. So flying isnt new to me.
Im a mechanic by trade, but i work for a large telephone and internet betting company.
Im into allsorts. Cars, computers, fire dancing, roller blading, reptile and tropical fish keeping... the list goes on.
I found this place on google, while looking for a UK based forum. Now i'll be looking for help, tips, advice... from you guys.
Well, thats it for now. See you all in the forum or in the air. Or in the trees.

p.s. Most of the time, i'll be accessing the forum on my mobile. So i'll appologise in advance if the stuff i do on here seems basic.
Tom Wright 226/03/2011 02:36:36
3908 forum posts
297 photos

Hi Night Crawler.
Firstly welcome from me to the forum,no doubt you will get an official hello from the exulted MODS that keep us all in order (well most of the time ).
Its a good idea to post your personal profile via the link in the top left box so other members can respond in the best way possible.Have you thought of joining a club to help progress with your model flying training ? its all a bit out side in by comparison to full size ,and have you got your insurance yet ? one good source is the BMFA , although this would usually be included in a club membership subscription.
Fire away with any questions you will find a host of members and MODS friendly and willing to help.
David Davis26/03/2011 07:13:40
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Hi Pete!
Welcome to the addiction. Please join a club, as Tom says you'll get lots of help with learning to fly from the members. I'd advise buying a proper trainer as thy're stonger than scale models but some clubs even have their own trainers which you can use for a while.
At the Shropshire Model Flying Club we have three; an electric powered "Apprentice," a glow powered Irvine "Tutor" and a second glow powered trainer which was given to us by someone who lives in France. We are in the process of changing the radio to comply with British legislation and testing its MDS engine to get it to run reliably!
If you go to the British Model Flying Association's website (google BMFA) and follow the links, you'll get the contact details of your nearest club.
Happy landings
Dave Davis
Aka Webbiteer 15.
Josip Vrandecic -Mes26/03/2011 08:25:32
2993 forum posts
260 photos
Good morning Pete , greetings from Adriatic Sea and welcome Jo.
Night Crawler26/03/2011 10:19:12
43 forum posts
Good morning guys. Thanks for the welcome so far.
Im not a member of any clubs yet, so i also have no insurance. But I have found a club local to me and will be paying them a visit this weekend. Actually, later on today because its now saturday.
I thought the cessna would have been a good choice for a trainer because a lot of pilots learn in them and the guy in the shop said that its good for newbies. I also didnt think of it as being a scale model, but looking at it now... maybe a little bit.
Im happy with it so far though. It has stood up to a couple of pretty hard crashes so far. If my local club has a trainer, then i'll be using that one as much as i can instead.
As for model flying being outside in... You can say that again. The basics are the same, but when you are used to controlling something from inside and then you move to controll it from outside, its soooo different. Left on the stick isnt always the left that you want... I'll get it in time though. Just dont ask me to fly real again. Although, i have seen wireless fpv and it puts you right in the drivers seat. Think i'll wait a while before i fork out for one of those kits.
Tim Mackey26/03/2011 10:25:38
20920 forum posts
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15 articles
Welcome NC.
Doug Ireland26/03/2011 10:31:22
2088 forum posts
42 photos
Hi Pete, I thought the same as you did going from full-size to models thinking "how hard can it be", what a mistake that was!
Night Crawler26/03/2011 11:35:57
43 forum posts
Thanks Tim.
Hi Doug.
Yea, tell me about it. I thought, flight sims are easy. Turn left, it goes left, turn right, it goes right. Ok, it still does, but not the left and right that you want when its comeing towards you. Just need to get my head around it and also, just tiny movements on the stick. The Cessna I have was a bit twitchy on its first flight. I added some weight to bring the c of g forward a bit and it felt better. I was in the air for a good 5 mins before i got all exited and crashed. I also need to learn to stay calm as well.
Its all good though. Part of the learning process. Gonna pop over to my local club later and have a chat with them.
ken anderson.26/03/2011 11:44:09
8630 forum posts
779 photos
wellcome from me pete....
ken anderson ne..1.
Trusty26/03/2011 17:07:19
77 forum posts
hi Night crawler,
Welcome from me...... read about the crash nitemare!!!!, i'm also new to the hobby, and also from stoke on trent!!! what model shop did you use???? and wheres your local club, as I've just joined one last week, mid cheshire mfc, nr sandbach...... they have been ace!!!!!
i'm about to fly an arising star trainer, the xmas pressie from the wife!!!
i've got a field visit tomorrow hopefully the weather is good..... the batteries are charged!!!!
happy flying!
David Davis26/03/2011 17:12:22
3671 forum posts
688 photos
Just a further note to say that trainers tend to be more robustly built than scale models. All that cabin glazing seems to weaken them. As a second model however, a high wing scale model aircraft is not a bad choice but I would favour a WOT 4 first myself.
Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator26/03/2011 17:49:04
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
Hi NC nad welcome on board.
Sorry didn't post to welcome you earlier - but it being weekend I've been flying!
As you have already found out there is a friendly lot on here - and advice is always available.
How did the trip to the club go? Model flying is a pretty socialable activity and I must be honest I enjoy the banter down at my club nearly as much as the flying . A club will also support you learning and make sure you know all the right "safety drills" so you can fun flying without unnecessary risks you, your model or any one else that happens to be about!
When you get a chance take a quick look through the threads here. They contain advice on how to post pictures, links and videos etc on here and they will help you to get the most out of your time on here.
Enjoy your time on here and enjoy learning the fly R/C models - but be aware, as someone has already mentioned, both are highly addictive! Have fun.
Night Crawler26/03/2011 19:05:14
43 forum posts
Hi Kev, Trusty, Dave and BEB. Thanks.
Nice one, another stokie.
The shop i went to was Model Maniacs in Castle. The guy was really helpful. Had to take the Cessna back because the ESC just randomly died, so he replaced the 20A with a 30A ESC. Offered loads of advice on how to set it up, tips on flying...
I paid a visit to the club in Bentilee. Unfortunatly they ainn taking on at the mo because they aint sure whats happening with the land that they are using. They did seem friendly though and offered some advice. Unfortunatly it was too windy, so nobody was in the air.
Where is the club in sandbach? A postcode would doo, i can use google maps on my mobile. Might pop up to have a nosey.
Im pretty familiar with forums. I have signed up to many for different things. I'll still have a nosey though, thanks.
Trusty29/03/2011 19:52:18
77 forum posts
Hi Nightcrawler,
Hows things, the field doesn't have a postcode it's a farmers field, but the club has a website, mid cheshire mfc have a look, I think you can contact the sec on there too.....
Yeah I went to model maniacs in castle, seemed a bit empty, but as you say the bloke seemed really helpfull, not a great selection of fuel though???, I don't know of any other model shops in sot do you?
So what state is your aircraft in now? will she fly??
regards trusty...
Night Crawler29/03/2011 23:17:22
43 forum posts
Hey Trusty, yea im good. You?
I had a nosey on the web site, but there wasnt much info really. I wanted to be able to have a nosey on my own before going to flying day.
Yea there wasnt much in Model Maniacs really. Its a bit small. I went to one in Talke Pits today and they had quite a bit in there. Loads of bits and bobs, servos, motors, props, wheels... They are mainly focused around electric flight, but they do have glow and petrol engines as well. I dont remember seeing any fuel, but i wasnt really looking for that. The place is All Electric. 142 High Street, ST7 1QG. Owned by father and son (I think). Very helpful, friendly and offered lots of advice.
The Cessna is fine. Only damage was, I snapped the tail end of the fuz (about an inch) and I snapped a prop. Other than that, I keep bending the nose wheel wire support thingy. I have now replaced all the landing gear with springy piano wire. How much of a pain that was without a bench vice. All done now though with slightly bigger wheels. Looks a lot better now. If the weather is good tomorrow, i'll take her out and see how she flys with her new undercarridge and prop.
Oh, how did your day at the club go?
Trusty03/04/2011 20:23:19
77 forum posts
Hi Nightcrawler,
Talke pits, sounds good I will go along for a look!.... Sounds like you got your aircraft fixed, great, good luck with the flight!!!...
My field visit was good thanks, but the field is now being ploughed up and re seeded, so flying is off for 3 weeks!! best I buy a sim!!!
Let me know how the flight goes...
Regards Trusty.
Night Crawler05/04/2011 01:43:16
43 forum posts
Hey Trusty.
The flying isnt happening at the mo. As you are aware, the weather has been a little poor.
I have emailed a guy about visiting a club, but at the mo i cant go anywhere because the car is off the road. I think it was the same club you are with. I cant remember now.
Hopefully the weather will clear up soon so i can try out my new prop and landing gear.
I also know a guy that owns a carbon fibre business and im thinking about making a new place out of cf. That wont be for a while though.
CARBON_ROD05/04/2011 18:23:17
146 forum posts
1 photos
Pilot Hia pete! welcone ,join a club you get to keep you'r plane a bit longer ,good luck

fly boy305/04/2011 19:16:50
3670 forum posts
22 photos
Hi Trusty, have you had a maiden flight with your Arising Star yet.? Cheers FB3

Edited By fly boy3 on 05/04/2011 19:17:57

Night Crawler05/04/2011 19:59:07
43 forum posts
Hey Taildragger. Thanks.
I have been looking at a few clubs and i'll be going to visit a couple when i get my car back on the road. She's a little poorley at the mo. Im stuck in with the sim, but its not the same really. And i cant go out and practice because its way too windy.
I have been looking at a couple of fields near by, just need to find out who owns them so i can ask if its ok to fly there.

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