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Hangar 9 Taylorcraft BNF

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Phil 928/03/2011 21:38:06
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But I may need a small lotto win first

Dusty28/03/2011 21:41:33
1632 forum posts
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Looks a good combo? Break the bank treat yourself!
Phil 928/03/2011 21:46:57
4287 forum posts
256 photos

I doubt I could sneak that one past the wife especially when there will be no food in the house for a couple of months>>

andy williams 228/03/2011 21:50:35
26 forum posts
20 photos
Do you not have a small child you could sell Phil LMFAO
Phil 928/03/2011 21:51:33
4287 forum posts
256 photos
Alan Cantwell28/03/2011 21:52:31
3039 forum posts
ive got one, but i bought thestandad H9 kit from a mate, and put my own gear in, if you are into this size of model, then its a good chance you have most of the gear to equip this model,
Phil 928/03/2011 21:57:33
4287 forum posts
256 photos
No this would be a step up into larger models. I would need all the kit to go with it
Alan Cantwell28/03/2011 22:00:25
3039 forum posts
futaba 3001 servos are all i throw mine around with, engine is a zenoah 23, that i bought of the BMFA classifieds for 75quid, its ample power, you dont have to spend a fortune to enjoy this model, but it would be nice to just buy the one shown, hobbys future is evident, innit?
Phil 928/03/2011 22:08:13
4287 forum posts
256 photos
I could muster up the servos a tank and petrol bung
but having it all arive brand new with the desitions of what bits to use sorted for is a nice idea
even the model without the gear is expensive though
seagull do a good 120 decathon that is less than half the price. (but it is not as nice)
Phil 928/03/2011 22:11:19
4287 forum posts
256 photos
it is a pipe dream really i already have enough models for now.
maybe one day.

Edited By Phil B on 28/03/2011 22:11:38

andy williams 228/03/2011 22:54:44
26 forum posts
20 photos
Just watched the video can see why you would want one.
Alot of money though
I have a hanger nine PTS mustang and a few of the lads at my feild have hanger nine stuff and it is al built really well so much better than anything from the east
I had a look at your pictures and you can obviously use a knife, have you thought about building something this size from plans it would make it a considerably cheaper model
Steve Hargreaves - Moderator28/03/2011 22:57:22
6763 forum posts
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Posted by Phil B on 28/03/2011 22:11:19:
..... i already have enough models for now.

Sorry...I don't understand the concept.....

Phil 929/03/2011 07:18:23
4287 forum posts
256 photos
Steve i know what you meen
Andy the idea of a build did pop into my head and I had a look around the plans.
I could not find a taylor craft of this size a couple of decathlon plans though but i do prefer the taylorcraft though.
I could have a go at drawing my own plans but that is a scary thought and I feel may take years. I will save a pound a week this will propably be quicker than an own design.

Edited By Phil B on 29/03/2011 07:21:27

r6dan29/03/2011 07:28:36
1110 forum posts
46 photos
It looks sooo good, maybe you could gather all the stuff you never use and flog it all on Ebay and raise a few quid (thats how i have kept going of late!)
I have a hanger 9 P51 Miss America and it is really well built, from good quality materials.
You knows you need it.....
Give the wife a and a them all will be !!!
Or maybe and ......
ken anderson.29/03/2011 07:46:43
8683 forum posts
808 photos
Phil-you cant take it with you....suggest you go straight down to the 'hole in the wall' and get the needed dosh and a bit more .... and treat know you're worth it..... worry about how to get around her indoors-when she finds Out....anyway whats a black eye or two.....
ken anderson ne..1.
Phil 929/03/2011 08:16:43
4287 forum posts
256 photos
Dan ebay? I had a clear out already and have not much left to sell (although any RC stuff did sell very well)
Ken your like the devil on my shoulder.
in reality I dont have the aerobatic skills to do the model justice so this is what I should do.
1. start saving
2. get the models I already own flown to death this summer untill aerobatics are up to a good standard.
3. buy one the start of next year fit some smoke to the petrol engine and have a blast.
what I want to do is get a credit card go online and order it
Craig Spence29/03/2011 08:26:13
1170 forum posts
615 photos
Hi Phil,
I would do as Andy said above and go for the build. I know its not really practicle for alot of people but its economically sound and the wife wont notice £500 to a £1000 spent over the year, trust me im doing it now.
The good thing about a long build is you dont have to buy the kit until you need it. Or you can get the bits as presents over the year and carry on spending inbetween, get the picture.
I got £400 worth at xmas, but before that and up to know ive probably spent in all well over a grand and I could have made it alot cheaper but im not that skilled yet.
I know what you mean about that amount of cash in a onner, if I went out and spent that in a day without running it by the misses id be the one with the black eye.
And boys you all know who really is the boss in the house whether you like it or not, those who think there the boss have normally lost more money to divorce and not the hobby lol!.
If youv got your heart set on it, go for it.
Phil 929/03/2011 12:56:45
4287 forum posts
256 photos
well some balsa arrived today for my next build (not a taylorcraft)
As you say Craig I am buying as I go along over the long rum you end up paying more postage but you can spread out the cost.
Sensible head on I will have to forget the taylorcraft for now and consentrate on the build I already had planed before I saw this one on the web.
the build i planned is a 64 wingpan cabin model from db sport and scale. it will be a good practice and help develope my skills. Maybe after that a large petrol powered build could be on the cards (At least I will have time to think about it before doing anything rash)
Erfolg29/03/2011 13:22:11
11749 forum posts
1337 photos
£1,000 sounds a lot, yet the number is relative.

Every time I see an F3b scream up the line, or an open electric fully moulded Kevlar/Carbon take to the air, I suspect I am looking at plus £1,000. Yet I do see a fair few, and guess many more of you see similar sums of money take to air.

It is not all, the Tx being gripped cannot be a basic model, with equally juicy price tag. Do I want to spend days programming the transmitter, to set the model into the various configurations, dependent on task, climb out, thermal, penetration, speed run, landing. It must be like a F1 car, all the switches and knobs to operated at the appropriate manner at the correct moment.

Am I jealous, not really, the stress of not damaging anything would require ample doses of Valium. Plus even more Valium after crashing due to the effects of the Vallium. Nope my £50 all up cost models suit me.

Yet a little bit of me dreams
Phil 929/03/2011 16:59:08
4287 forum posts
256 photos
Erfolg at last the voice of reason.
This one will have to go in the dream basket for now.

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