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Alula Evo

Who's got one and what do you reckon?

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Devon Flyer03/08/2011 10:36:29
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I now have an Alula Evo in my hangar, bought direct from Dreamflight in the States. Cost, including servos, battery and P&P was £71. It took about 2 weeks to arrive.
First impressions? Very nicely packaged kit. Clever design. Quick and easy build.
I've painted it very sparingly with Tamiya acrylics in a quasi black headed gull style - should be interesting on the coastal sites........
Maidened it the other day on a flat field and then flew it on the slope for the first time 2 days later in about an 8mph Southerly.
Took a lot of test glides to get it dialled in on rates/expo & trims. SLGs very easily - straight as a die. Flies in very little lift but does not like being pushed in these conditions.
I can see this one being taken on most sloping trips, just in case the wind decides not to play ball.
How many other guys on the forum have an Alula Evo and what are your thoughts?




Tim Mackey03/08/2011 12:07:07
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Had one, could never get it quite "dialled in" as it is VERY sensitive to COG and control throws, and I simply ran out of patience. I swopped it for the dreamflight weasal evo, which I love.
The Alula is a very good model if set up correctly, and will fly in a sparrows fart.
Devon Flyer03/08/2011 12:16:15
622 forum posts
You're correct about it being sensitive.
It took me about 20 - 30 test glides on a flat field to get the CoG, the rates and the trims to a workable point.
Another hour on the slope and about 10 seperate flights got it somewhere close to where it should be.
This plane is advertised as being suitable for novice to expert, but I doubt very much whether a novice would be able to get one set up properly before losing patience and/or dinging it!
I used to have a Mini Weasel, which was very similar to set up, but not quite so sensitive.
That said, I'm happy with the set up I'm now running and am looking forwards to many happy hours with it.
Conwy Soarer04/08/2011 09:10:11
351 forum posts
213 photos
I love my Alula, I have set my CofG as per instructions and set my throws to the max with masses of expo. Mine regularly has stick time with the kids in our school club(pic below), as long as they have had a bit of stick time with a chevron they cope well. Mine is still all white, its colour scheme has been on the to do list for a while.

Tim Mackey04/08/2011 09:44:38
20920 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
Lovely photo there Jon
ken anderson.04/08/2011 15:46:30
8625 forum posts
779 photos

here's mine out of its cage in the house..... i painted it/her with acrylic..paint-gave it/her a coat of clear water based proect the feather's!.....the now 7oz and it/she fly's like a goodin......the handbook recommends 0-10mph.........last week she was up in 20 mph at our local HTP cliff site.... no prob' day up in 7 mph ....
ken anderson ne...1 alula dept.
graeme malone13/08/2011 20:11:04
7 forum posts
this is my 1st post, please be gentle !!
i am Am one of those novices.
I fly hangliders and got the alula to research new sites i might find my self on.
I have a couple of beginners type questions.
1) the right hand servo occasionally sticks in up postion. few stick wiggles and its back in sync again. (flaps are free)
Any thoughts ?
2) how do i set my mixing ratios ? i have futaba skysport ss3. I think its fixed with no manual option
3) In a similar vein how do i restrict the flap movement mentioned above to 3 mm or there abouts ?
any offerings gratefully listened to !:.


ken anderson.13/08/2011 20:23:12
8625 forum posts
779 photos
hello have to have a radio tx with the facility to make the two servo's work as one for the elevator electronic mix.....both move the elevators up or down...and again you need the facility to restrict the movement as well......allthough you could do it mechanically...from memory i dont think the sky sport tx can do electronic mixing?......hope this is some help for away with any more Q's......
ken anderson ne..1 ... alula dept..
updated....had a look on S Webbs Servo shop site and they list the TX  and it  has elvon mixing .... so you should be OK...... the sticking servo will need sorting

Edited By ken anderson. on 13/08/2011 20:41:49

graeme malone13/08/2011 20:53:01
7 forum posts
.very prompt ! thankyou Ken
.you have to have a radio tx with the facility to make the two servo's work as one for the elevator electronic mix.....both move the elevators up or down.MINE DOES DO THIS IE BOTH UP OR DOWN FOR PITCH OR OPPOSITE FOR ROLL .and again you need the facility to restrict the movement as well...CAN YOU ELABORATE ON THIS PLEASE. WHAT IS THE RESTRICTION ACHIEVING AND WHERE DOES IT OCCUR ?...allthough you could do it mechanically...from memory i dont think the sky sport tx


.hope this is some help for away with any more Q's......
Devon Flyer13/08/2011 22:18:25
622 forum posts
Hi Graeme
I think that you need a more sophisticated transmitter to get the best out of the Alula - certainly one where you can adjust the the end points of the servo travel (EPA).
One that provides exponential (EXPO) and dual rates would also be beneficial.
I would think that something along the lines of a Futaba 6EX would be the bare minimum to get an Alula set up somewhere near properly.
PatMc13/08/2011 23:02:56
4379 forum posts
524 photos
Hi Graeme, in your first post you mention that you might find yourself at new sites. The Skysport SS3 you have is a 35MHz. If you're likely to be unfamiliar with the sites I think it would be best if you got a 2.4GHz transmitter in case there are any other model flyers within range that are using 35MHz. This will save any possible inadvertent clash of frequencies.
Wiltshire Flyer14/08/2011 00:00:45
1565 forum posts
477 photos
Posted by Tim Mackey - Administrator on 03/08/2011 12:07:07:
The Alula is a very good model if set up correctly, and will fly in a sparrows fart.

I assume that would be a technical phrase probably originating from the latin tribesman that first tamed the Orme back in the day??

ken anderson.14/08/2011 07:53:05
8625 forum posts
779 photos alula has aprox 3mm each way for the elevator movement and aprox 6-8mm for the aileron...i dont use expo...and find this ok.....dont worry too much about exact the end of the day - use what you are comfortable with..... and as said they like many flying wings are sensitive to the c of g setting---its worth adding/taking bits of lead out to get it set......
ken anderson ne...1 .... alula dept.
graeme malone14/08/2011 16:18:50
7 forum posts
what a greta and helpful set of replies. Many thanks. you have saved me a pranged wing I think :>
I just got in from a couple of hours playing around with all the helpful suggestions.
Big thanks to everyone.
She is now flying straight and level from an SAL.
Needed a touch off down elevator and a touch of right turn on the trim settings to not balloon up or peel off left

Re control stops;-
I blue tacked some matches across my TX to limit deflection to 3 mm each way at the trailing edge of the wing
In roll none were required as full side to side gave the suggested 8mm.
I needed to add a ten and 5 p piece right on the nose to get the COG to be where the dimples are.
So thank to you guys I AM GETTING THERE :>
ANY suggestion of nose down from me on the stick and she 'tucks'.
The handbook suggests this indicates more nose weight required.
Current weight is 180gm .
Will get some fishing weights tomorrow and also move control rods one hole closer to the pivot point on the servos to minimise my heavy beginners hand.
Re sticky servo. :- I have noticed this often (but not always) happens after a heavy landing. If ,I flick the offending unit with my nail it squawks and returns to centre.
question- can i put a drop of sewing machine oil on to help it free up ?
They squawk a lot. . is this normal ?
Ah the joys of begginerdom !




Devon Flyer14/08/2011 18:43:26
622 forum posts
What servos are you using, Graeme?
Nosing down in a dive is indicative of the plane being tail heavy.
graeme malone14/08/2011 19:09:39
7 forum posts
They are the ones suggested by dream flight (hence a perfect fit )
they are ;-
Sub-micro Servo
They sound a bit 'crunchy' to my ears, hence the idea of oiling
what do you think ?
Will add some fishing weights tomorrow to address the tail heaviness.
ken anderson.14/08/2011 19:26:49
8625 forum posts
779 photos
well done graeme--- i love the matches/blue tack...that wins first prize in my are now an honoury member of the HTP.....the servos squawking suggest they are past their best ... treat it a couple of new ones..they dont need to be expensive ones.....
ken anderson ne.... 1.... alula dept
graeme malone14/08/2011 19:54:37
7 forum posts
Thanks ken.
the servos are brand new from dream flight, so maybe i will ask their opinion.
I am not able to fly again till septtember 7 so perhaps they could send some replacements or something during that time.
do you know roughly how long the batteries in the glider will last for betweeb charges?
HTP honourary membership sounds impressive if i could just figure out what it means !? Has Transmitter Problems., Hasnt Tried Properley, Horrendous Takeoff Procedure ?
ken anderson.14/08/2011 20:17:22
8625 forum posts
779 photos
graeme ...... HTP ...means Hill Top Posse ... check out our thread/posts on the forum here....'return of the hill top posse'...your invention..the blue tack/matches entitles you to join us.... one of our foreign members(enrico) is allways looking for way's to save money etc....... he had the chimney pots taken off his roof...because he was giving the smoke away for nothing.... ..
ken anderson ne...1 .. HTP.... PR dept....
Devon Flyer14/08/2011 20:37:43
622 forum posts
The standard Alula battery (300mAh ?) will last for an hour, constant flying. Probably best not to push them much further than that.
An hour is a looooooong time on the sticks.

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