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E-flite Scimitar

E-flite Scimitar

long term flight report - 6/7/12

Former Member04/12/2011 19:13:38
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[This posting has been removed]

Mike Holderness04/12/2011 23:02:59
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Well as promised here are my thoughts on the Scimitar after the maiden.

Fist of all I have to mention that the latest offering from E-Flite is certainly the best as far as build quality is concerned, all the screws and bolts are Allen head, a big plus in my books. Everything fits as it should with no unsightly gaps between mating surfaces. Well done Horizon !

Now onto the Maiden, I balanced the Scimitar at the forward end of the recommend settings for the first flight using a bigger than recommend battery, a 4350mAh 4s pack, this gave me another 2 minutes of flight time at the expense of a little extra weight. I reasoned that the extra weight should not affect the handling as this is not a 3D model where every gram counts.

The wind was blowing straight down the strip at 10-12 mph and rotation occurred after 25m or so. The model climbed out strongly and only needed a couple of clicks of up to get a near perfect trim, I left the gear down for the first couple of circuits and recorded a straingt line speed of 74mph, after retracting the gear the speed went up to 79mph, a little slower than I was expecting. I later resoned that with all the extra drag inducing surfaces and the open wheel wells, plus the moderately pitched Prop (10x8) 80ish wasn't too bad. Handling held no nasty surprises, you can crank and bank without the model trying to snap out and vertical was truly unlimited. I'm using a DX8 and download QQ's settings from the E-Flite website, these setting gave a very balanced feel to the Scimitar but the differential will need some more tweaking as the rolls were a little barrely.

After the timer went off I brought the model around for a landing, I kept the speed up a little it insure I kept it in on piece for another flight 😜. I need not have worried as the Scimitar behaved impeccably and sat down on the mains without problem, once the speed bled of the nose came down too.

I waited until the second flight to try out the vectoring and slow speed handling, again no real surprises unless you pushed in too much vectoring at too slow a speed or to high a angle of attack as this would bring on the Boomerang 😁. It's a fun maneuver, just be ready for it! I next tried out some low/slow passes, this model really does slow up nicely, just like a Delta should, no oscillating and everything very predictable, so much so that when it came time to land I really dragged it in with a very high AoA and touchdown had main wheels and sub fins contacting the ground at the same time, very nice.

In conclusion the Scimitar isn't quite what I was expecting in the speed dept but it more than makes up for it with superior handling.


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Dave Bran28/12/2011 05:10:18
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Sorry, but $300 ish to £300ish?? (and for a fairly simple foamie) = MAJOR RIP-OFF ALERT!!!!!
Yaw only vectoring also puts me off a little

Thanks for review, but at that cost even without the retracts I'll stick to my own design deltas.
Maybe once Al's starts dumping them at 2/6 for two in a few months time (as has become only too often for those paying the going rate on entry) I might look again.

Never say Never..................
TonyS28/12/2011 12:04:02
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Hi Mike,
Thanks for posting up the maiden!

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bouncebounce crunch06/07/2012 16:07:56
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man that is dear for a model, but if you want it built for you i can understand the price, I have just started a sig 1/6th scale cub and it may come out at about the same price or more but she will have my pulse and weathering (wrinkles in the covering just like me) cheers bbc.

Dean B18/02/2013 16:56:47
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Looking in the manual the control throws for elevator and aileron appear to excessive. The manual states that the elevator up and down should be 44mm up and 36mm down. I can only get 36mm up and a even with the radio setup on 125%. I didnt want to start drawing lines on the rudder as suggested in the manual so am using a tape measure as shown in the photo.

Are these amounts right or I missing something.





Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 15/03/2013 10:11:14

Brian Hammond15/03/2013 09:52:22
351 forum posts

I wonder why several model shops are selling the Parkzone Scimitar at half price?It seems too good to be true as it is a lovely bit of kit and the bits and pieces are worth the money allmost!

Edited By David Ashby - RCME on 15/03/2013 10:12:00

David Ashby - Moderator15/03/2013 10:14:46
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They are indeed Brian, as you say.

Frank Skilbeck15/03/2013 11:39:40
4751 forum posts
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They did the same with the Mk1 Habu at the end of it's life to make way for the mk2, so maybe there is a MK2 Scimitar in the wings. Seeing as I managed to nab one of the Mk1 Habu's when they were on special offer, maybe the I should nab one of these as well wink

Simon B15/03/2013 13:04:18
1936 forum posts
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I've just picked one up from Hurricane Models for £136ish including postage. figured it was a no-brainer.

Simon B15/03/2013 16:52:07
1936 forum posts
284 photos

Does anyone have any experience of fitting any non-Eflite electric retracts like the HobbyKing ones?

Simon B21/03/2013 21:58:58
1936 forum posts
284 photos

Flew it today for the first time. Accidentally had it set to full rates on the first flight, which was a bit of a handful. Fortunately got it down in one piece after a close call and flicked back to low. Nice, fast and no bad tendencies. Needs a lot of space! Looking forward to trying it on a calmer day though!

One problem though: The steerable nose wheel on the stock undercarriage is a bit flawed. The horn on the leg is too long and causes it to bind. Myself and my dad spent a while sorting out a few things and shortened this and now it's much better.

Dean B21/03/2013 22:38:38
131 forum posts
32 photos

Hi Simon,

I too had a problem with the control throws on my Scimitar and a call to Horizon Hobby shed no light on the matter. In fact it is the first time i have called them and they have not been able to help.

I took the matter into my own hands, I set the low rate setting in the manual as the high rate on the radio. Then halved it again for low rates on the radio. with the expo set at 40% this made the model easy to control and is now a joy to fly. The full rates as described in the manual are just outrageous. 44mm up and 36mm down on cant be right surely.

Another mod I made was to lock of the scary vected thrust (usless anyway) with the plastic attachment and I used the channel to allow the rudders to be used as air brakes. eg both surfaces move in or out using the flaps button on my DX7s normal flight setting is in the centre position. I did this on my stryker and it made it so much easier to land. It doesnt need the full movement on the rudder, about 50% is enough to create an almost vertical landing with the power off. I need to do some more experimenting with this one but its getting there and it certainly doesnt need the whole field to land as it did before.

Edited By Dean B on 21/03/2013 22:39:52

Simon B22/03/2013 20:40:39
1936 forum posts
284 photos

Yeah, i have it on 50% throw and it's manageable. As with you i've not used the vectored thrust yet. Brief experimentation has shown the rudders on their own to be more than enough, so I think i'm leaving it alone. Love the suggestion about airbrakes, as I need something to slow it on the landing approach!

Dean B22/03/2013 22:49:00
131 forum posts
32 photos

I found the vectored thrust just made the model tumble uncontrolably. The air brakes work too well and I need some more air time on them to find an optimum setting. At the moment I have 50% of the movment on the brakes and this is still too much as when the throttle is shut off for landing the thing just about goes vertically down. Silly weather at the moment hampering testing.

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