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Have you ever had a mid-air?

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Q: Have you ever had a mid-air collision?



Y-2 in air  


Y-3 in air  


Y-4 in air  


Y-5 in air  




(832 votes)

David Ashby - Moderator06/10/2011 17:04:50
10951 forum posts
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Just a little fun poll and at Mog's suggestion thought it would be interesting to see whether the old maxim of a mid-air being more likely to happen when there's usually just 2 models in the sky is true.

Edited By David Ashby - RCME Administrator on 06/10/2011 17:20:39

Tom T06/10/2011 17:26:04
743 forum posts
31 photos
I've never seen one but would like to, LOL. Apparently it has happened before at FMFC but I wasn't there. This i a video of one...

Tom T06/10/2011 17:26:45
743 forum posts
31 photos
Did that appear? If not here it is....HERE
Phil May06/10/2011 17:28:56
1520 forum posts
154 photos
Do we include foamie combat on the slope
David Ashby - Moderator06/10/2011 17:39:48
10951 forum posts
1681 photos
614 articles
Tim Mackey06/10/2011 17:54:05
20920 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
Doh, thats my score seriously depleted then
I think from memory, I have only had 5 mid airs ( non combat ), and 2 of those were at the slope, one at Greenacres when a big bipe exploded my little foamy Sabre, the other two were over several years flying at different sites. And before anyone says 5 is a lot, remember its directly proportional to how much flying one actually does !
Pete B - Moderator06/10/2011 17:57:51
7625 forum posts
733 photos
Yes, just the two of us - and here's the evidence

Olly Giles06/10/2011 18:47:03
248 forum posts
14 photos
yes! my maganatilla had a head on with my clubmate's foamy corsair. the maggie had a dent on the cowl where the corsair's domed nut hit but the corsair exploded in a shower of foam when it went through the prop. It was fairly spectacular to watch
John Privett06/10/2011 20:01:44
6034 forum posts
239 photos
Never had one myself, but all the ones I've seen (3 or 4?) have been with a small number of planes flying.
Alan Cantwell06/10/2011 20:06:36
3039 forum posts
yup, been there, got the T shirt, only one would i question, i was sloping, with my superb ridge racer cs, i shouted to the assembled guys, comeing through, right to left for a pass, one idiot came through the opposite way with a big T tailed scale jobby, went right through me, i--errm--wasnt pleased, never seemed to see him again, seen a few more though, funniest was 2 of the same kit in the air, both met nose to nose, no other planes present
FlyinBrian06/10/2011 20:45:06
542 forum posts
I have had three mid airs over a period of 38 years. First one there was three planes in the sky the other two there was only my plane and one other. On only one out of three was my model repairable.
Tom T06/10/2011 20:49:14
743 forum posts
31 photos
Posted by John Privett on 06/10/2011 20:01:44:
Never had one myself, but all the ones I've seen (3 or 4?) have been with a small number of planes flying.

A few people I was talking to said that the more planes you have the less chance of a mid-air. Hmm...... I thought there would be a higher chance but apparently more is more visible and makes the pilots more aware of other planes.Confusing but logical..


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Tim Hooper06/10/2011 21:09:31
2870 forum posts
2363 photos
Just me and Netty flying - she with her 56" trainer and me flying all 13oz of Pix-E Major.
We collided at around 90° to each other, with pne of her mainwheels going straight through the cabin of the Pix-E.
Trainer - 1
Pix -E - 0
No damage at all to trainer. Several days on the bench for the Pix - E......
Alan Cantwell06/10/2011 21:12:04
3039 forum posts
I can well remember our early days combat sloping, umpteen models zipping around, not a touch in site!!!
Malcolm Fisher06/10/2011 21:16:58
629 forum posts
7 photos
I had one on the slope many years ago.
From memory there were five or six other people flying.
I had a Kamco Kloudrider and another fellow had an Impala. The Impala zipped across my nose removing the canopy and a fair amount of nosewheight but I managfed to get it down with no further damage. There was no evidence of the impact on the Impala.
The other models were at considerably greater height than the two of us so in theory there were only two planes in the same bit of air space.
PatMc06/10/2011 22:46:28
4320 forum posts
524 photos
I must be a hooligan!
Not including combat I can probably tick every category except the first.
Most have been slope soaring but I think that's mainly because slopers tend to gravitate (pun intended) to a common altitude much of the time.
Had one during man on man slope pylon racing, two whilst I was in the middle of my loops stage in comps at Primrose Valley, once when I was practising consecutive loops away from the crowd at PV, a few others during sport flying sessions at PV & several at local slopes.
Had two during thermal comps. Once when being towed up, the other when sharing a thermal with several models all circling one way only to be joined by a birk who circled t'other way.
Two with power models, the first when my Magnattila was clobbered by a Wot 4 (Maggie came of worse but not fatal) & the other when messing about with my Jnr60 & a Piper Cub chasing each other. The Jnr clipped one of the Cubs working struts. No damage to Jnr but the Cub folded a wing & needed extensive re-constructive surgery following a heavy mono-wing landing.
Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator06/10/2011 23:55:09
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
Only one - but what I one! There was only the two of us in the sky.
I was flying a WOT4 on finals right to left. I was a bit "hot" so decided to go round again. Called "Overshoot" and started to climb out. As I did my mate was coming down out of a stall turn about to go left to right - yup, head on! B ANG!
Both models just seemed to explode in mid-air. The WOTTY's veneered foam wing was trurned into confetti! I'm not joking when we went to the crash site it was spread over about 100metres! You could have put the biggest piece in your pocket! Repairable? I couldn't even find most of it!
When it happened there was a stunned silence for a moment and we both burst out laughing I think on the philosophy that you've got to laugh or you'd cry!
John Privett07/10/2011 00:48:40
6034 forum posts
239 photos
Tom, it is fairly logical really.
With 4 or 5 other planes in the sky you're very much aware of them and tend to keep an eye open for the others and be aware of where they are. You also tend to all fly more predictable manoeuvres.
But with only 1 other plane up you're less likely to pay attention to the other model - after all, what are the chances of hitting it?
And Pat! I had no idea you were such a hooligan - you've always seemed so calm and sensible when we've met!
David Davis07/10/2011 08:10:50
3580 forum posts
652 photos
Well I've had two.
The first was my own fault. I put my Citabria into a vertical climb right in front of a Flair Piper Cub which I thought was further away than it was. It wasn't. His model removed my tail surfaces as neatly as you like then carried on flying with only his banded-on wing slightly displaced by the collision. The Citabria was of course wrecked and yes you've guessed it, there were only two models in the air at the time!
One the second occasion my Irvine 46 powered model took off the tail surfaces of a colleague's brand new electric ARTF Extra when we were both flying in more or less the same direction. The name of my model was highly appropriate. It was a Hooligan!
This time there were quite a few models airborne and mine glided to a forced landing with no damage at all.

Edited By David Davis Telemaster Sales UK on 07/10/2011 08:13:10

David Ashby - Moderator07/10/2011 08:15:57
10951 forum posts
1681 photos
614 articles
Posted by Tim Mackey on 06/10/2011 17:54:05:
"one at Greenacres when a big bipe exploded my little foamy Sabre'
..... that was memorable

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