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Ask 18 1/4 scale glider from Cliff Charlesworth plans

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Stuart Eggerton08/10/2011 09:48:56
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Hi everyone, I am going to be building the 1/4 scale ASK 18 scale glider form the Cliff Charlesworth plans. It's a relly nice looking model. I have had the plans for a few years now but never got the impetus to start building it up until now. There seem to be quite a few parts to cut out and there is a supplier called
Stefan Hafner08/10/2011 10:02:34
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missing text here??
Barrie Dav 208/10/2011 13:06:59
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Stuart, I've built one of these and enjoyed the job. Because the main spar divides the ribs I took the trouble to cut a foam bed which profiled the underside of the wing and then having marked out all the rib positions etc built the wing upon this. It ensured that the angles of the ribs to the main spar were accurate. If you study the plan you will see what I mean. Maybe it was not necessary to take this step but I felt that it made for a true wing.
Barrie Dav 208/10/2011 13:09:05
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Incidentally Stuart - there are not quite a few parts to cut out - there are a hell of a lot.
Former Member08/10/2011 19:29:28
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[This posting has been removed]

Barrie Dav 209/10/2011 13:12:37
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Stuart, Here's a snap of the cockpit of my Ka18

Edited By Barrie Dav 2 on 09/10/2011 13:14:21

Stuart Eggerton10/10/2011 20:02:58
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Hi Barrie and Tom, thanks for your replies, been having trouble posting so switched to Firefox!. Lovely cockpit. Yeah I was trying to say that Key Publishing Ltd do a K18 cut parts set for 130 pounds, plus 9.50 p and p, which seems alot, but wood is getting more expensive these days! Have spent 100 pounds on wood for my 10 ft Zogling!
I emailed the company to see what the parts list consisted of and got the following response:
Please find a reply from the company that supply the cut parts.

As a general description, all Parts Set include only the laser cut balsa and
plywood parts and no plan or stripwood/covering.

For example, the ASK 18 Parts Set includes, fuselage keel parts, bulkheads,
formers, cockpit frames, plus smaller items such as gussets. It includes
wing ribs, tip shapes for fin and rudder, fin and tailplane ribs, tailplane
spars, rudder post, air-brakes (in some cases). All these parts are shaped
and therefore the parts sets save modelers a lot of time. All the other
parts, such as stripwood and covering are items bought off the shelf at
model shops.

Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 10/10/2011 20:03:13

Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 10/10/2011 20:03:48

Barrie Dav 211/10/2011 08:48:40
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Well, Stuart if you have the time, cut the parts yourself - much cheaper - but if time is money................
You will use quite a fair bit of 1/64th ply for covering parts of the fuz., wings, fin etc That is expensive stuff and will not be included in the parts set anyway. I personally buy my wood from SLEC. There is a choice of grade and their quality is first class, although you probably know this already. The '18' will cost a bit but you will find that the finished model will be worth the time and expense.
Do your plans include diagrams for the airbrakes ( in my set these were separate) ?
Stuart Eggerton11/10/2011 21:18:48
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Yeah in studying the plans there is lots of wood required!. I checked out the SLEC site, and it is very good and has some sizes that the balsa cabin don't have but does seem to be a bit more expensive?. My plans do have a simple diagram for the airbrakes in plan view. It shows the dimensions (250 mm long, top and bottom) but no section shown. See pic below of plan.
Barrie Dav 212/10/2011 08:52:39
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Stuart, if you PM me with your address I'll send you a photocopy of my diagram for the A/Brakes.
Stuart Eggerton22/10/2011 22:05:04
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Hi Barrie, many thanks for sending me a copy of the airbrake details for the K18. I am looking at my plan and there is some text missing from the left hand side , it says, aluminium dihedral plates and then 15 inches, but I can't read the remainder of the text as it looks like there was a problem when the plans were copied. Does anyone know the full instruction? Pic is below.

Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 22/10/2011 22:06:32

Barrie Dav 223/10/2011 08:51:59
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I'll have a look at my plans today and let you know what it should be reading.
Stuart Eggerton24/10/2011 20:41:08
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Well, I have been a prize pillock!! My plans were drawn by an M Charlesworth and not by Cliff Charlesworth, by Nexus Plans Service. I just saw the name Charlesworth on my plans and assumed it was Cliff but they are not!.
Stuart Eggerton01/11/2011 23:57:15
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I have contacted the people I got the plan from to see if they can shed any light on the missing text! I ordered a set of ply parts for the K18 by Cliff Charlesworth and didn't realise my plan was from M Charlesworth, but all the ply parts seem to tally with my plan, so I am happy about that!. Barrie Dav's plans (i.e original Cliff Charlesworth plans) do differ from mine a bit but a K18 is a K18!.
I have a 1/4 scale pilot on order and have also received a nice canopy!
I am cracking on with the 10ft wingspan Zogling for a bit and will dip into doing some stuff for the K18 soon. There seem to be too many projects and too little time lol, it's time to retire I think!
Stuart Eggerton04/11/2011 19:03:40
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302 photos
I have received the ply and balsa parts from Key publishing for the K18 1/4 scale glider by Cliff Charlesworth.
Ply fuz parts below
Wing centre section ply parts below

Fuz ply parts below
Ply wing and airbrake parts below

Rib noses, triangular balsa gussets and ply fuz keel below

pre-cut fin / tailplane balsa templates below

pre-cut balsa wing rib parts below

Saves a lot of cutting out lol!
Steve Sheppard19/03/2012 18:00:59
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I have the Cliff Charlesworth plan which shows the wings built around a full depth spar box(two piece ribs) ,in your photo they look like one piece which would create more work.Are they balsa or ply?

Stuart Eggerton20/03/2012 18:03:22
352 forum posts
302 photos

Hi Steve, yes that's right the model does use a full depth spar so I will have to cut out of each rib an equivalent amount of wood equal to the width of the spar, which will be tricky.

I will end up with each rib in two piecies, in front of and behind the spar so must label them as I go.!

Alternatively, some people have simply notched the ribs and put a spar top and bottom and added the side of the spar by putting shear webbing in effect between the ribs.

I would like to build complete the spar in one section as shown on the plan. You either do this and have to cut all the ribs in to two, or you notch the ribs and have to cut all the shear webbing between the ribs which you wouldn't have to do with option 1, it's a catch 22.

It would have been nice if the parts kit I purchased had the ribs cut into the correct sections but hey ho! smiley

Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 20/03/2012 18:06:43

Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 20/03/2012 18:09:39

Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 20/03/2012 18:10:54

Stuart Eggerton20/03/2012 18:12:51
352 forum posts
302 photos

Oh forgot to mention, most I of the ribs are balsa, I think the three root ribs are ply.

Stuart Eggerton30/03/2012 22:12:30
352 forum posts
302 photos

I have been doing some work on the ASK-18 glider. Step 1 was to make the female formers for the male formers to fit into. These were made from 1/8th lite ply.

Typical female former is shown above.

Above is shown a set of female and male formers.

I then made a jig by marking former positions from the plan onto a plywood base. Making sure these positions are 90 degrees to the fusulage centre line.

Then glued the female formers to the base of the jig, ensuring they are square in both axes.

You can see the female formers in the above photo, and I used triangular gussets to ensure verticality of the female formers. The male formers were dry fitted in place, as were the centre section parts. I needed to adjust one of the female formers as it was slightly out.


Above photos shows the bottom keel and the top keel strips (both spruce)

The formers are 1/8th spruce.

Front keel top and bottom added and butt up to the wheel pant and rear keel parts.


Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 30/03/2012 22:24:12

Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 30/03/2012 22:28:15

Stuart Eggerton30/03/2012 22:22:58
352 forum posts
302 photos

Picture above shows the bottom stringers have been added after steaming to shape smiley

Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 30/03/2012 22:29:40

Edited By Stuart Eggerton on 30/03/2012 22:30:16

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