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Oh dear, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?

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Seamus O'Leprosy06/11/2011 18:16:22
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Maidened this, this weekend. no winfd no clouds unbeliveable

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Devon Flyer06/11/2011 18:23:24
622 forum posts
3 hours on the slope yesterday; 3 hours electric on the flat field today......................must get more flying in!

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David Ashby - Moderator06/11/2011 18:42:41
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Well winter seems to be well and truly on the way and we've had a pretty poor weekend of weather down here in the South East but I'm glad it's been better north of Watford, jealous too
David Ashby - Moderator06/11/2011 18:47:47
11058 forum posts
1740 photos
619 articles
Did that Tiger go well Seamus?
Seamus O'Leprosy06/11/2011 19:09:14
842 forum posts
115 photos
Posted by David Ashby - RCME Admin on 06/11/2011 18:47:47:
Did that Tiger go well Seamus?

Really well, thanks David, but needed lots of left thumb in the turns.

ken anderson.06/11/2011 19:13:34
8741 forum posts
808 photos
up here in gods country(northumberland) we have had a nice weekend....sunshine and no wind! ...what no gazooks i hear you all say..... the only flying i got done was...flying around on grandad/dad duties...... never mind all for a good cause..... did manage a visit to our club site to say hello to the lad's.....
ken anderson ne..1 ... dad dept...
Allan Bowker06/11/2011 19:14:50
1640 forum posts
228 photos
Ran out of time to get to the club today, so the old 'Wild Hawk' got chucked over the local fields instead.
Looked really nice in the sunset too, wish I had taken the camera.

Ben B06/11/2011 19:29:02
1451 forum posts
4 photos
I was at the field in Cloudy London from the crack of dawn yesterday. There for about four hours. I did take refuge at one point in the car whilst charging up some Lipos (both my field batteries were flat by that stage). Very very windy.
Terry Walters06/11/2011 19:37:33
1829 forum posts
1068 photos
Taking advantage of a lull in the rain and a corresponding respite
in the high winds we've been having I took the last minute decision to
head for the club strip mid afternoon. Had the piste to myself and
managed to fly!!
Had a pleasant starter course- ST Cessna 185 - just lovely to fly in calmer air.
Main course- Phoenix Rainbow - hadn't flown it for about 6 weeks - great.
- fun with the new Fun Cub - 2 batteries worth - just seem to be able
to do anything with it and did my first ever outside loops!
Cheese course - Rainbow again just because I like it so much.
at 5.15pm (our time!) and put the lights on on the way home -
batteries charging by the log fire (well to the side of it), glass of
dry sherry and a roast dinner just eaten - priceless!
Wingman06/11/2011 19:52:02
1149 forum posts
405 photos
Cracking day here in Aberdeenshire - blue sky and very light breeze. Got 3 flights with the Camel and 2 with the wing and just a slightly bent wheel to fix. By 3 o'clock it was too cold to fly but a great day had by all - suspect there won't be many more in the next few months.

Edited By Wingman on 06/11/2011 19:53:13

Turbycat06/11/2011 20:13:48
594 forum posts
55 photos
Been too busy at work combined with the lousy weather when I'm off has lead to a bit of building. First up was a Mini E Panic from Avicraft

Then I aquired this box......

which got finished off at work last night (nights aren't too busy)
Then I cleared up the garage a bit

Now back at work with 2 models waiting for a break in the weather to have their maidens!
Solid Snake06/11/2011 20:35:38
215 forum posts
49 photos
Don't think I've flown since the beginning of October
Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator06/11/2011 21:08:00
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
The answer to the question in the thread title is - at least as far as the last two weekends are concerned - a lot more than I got over the so called summer! .
Bit breezy yesterday, but not at all bad. Quite nice here today - sunny but cool - a bit like myself!
Vecchio Austriaco06/11/2011 21:18:50
1515 forum posts
728 photos
gust from the north - not the right direction for the NOMAC field - was alone there (the others did know). Had two flights with the E-flite Extra - on the second flight I had a rather hard touch and go - this was the end of the day - I packed up as I didn't want to ruin the second extra as well.
Only minor damage - one of the wheelspats needs repair and this is done just now.
trev06/11/2011 21:22:29
54 forum posts
Just bought a Nine Eagles Sky 500 indoor foamie, since maidening my E scale phoenix last week and flying again for the first time in 30 years or so, bug well and truly bitten again. So figure that the Sky 500 will at least keep my hand in and I just happen to have a warehouse available to fly it in too.... Going to give it a go tomorrow. If anyone has a nine eagles small fixed wing or small H/C, look in hints and tips about re charging the flight packs. Cheers all.

Edited By trev on 06/11/2011 21:23:23

Pete B - Moderator06/11/2011 22:21:31
7674 forum posts
734 photos
Despite the forecast of a 90% chance of rain, it stayed sunny and calm down here today, so it was out, for the first time in a while, with the Ripmax Akrobat. Spent the whole flight wondering why it seemed so twitchy and after landing, realised I'd had it set on high rates throughout............
The moral: engage brain before switching anything on!
Flew the E-Flite Sea Fury but it seems to eat batteries now, so it was a quick circuit or two and down. Needs some investigation, I think.......
As it was such a nice afternoon, I finished up with the Phoenix Tiggie and thoroughly enjoyed some lazy circuits and loops etc
As it rolled to a stop after landing, I lost the radio link.....zilch, nothing

Investigation revealed a slack Deans connection between battery and ESC! Phew, a very lucky escape - so I'll carry on converting them to XT60's then........

Erfolg07/11/2011 15:22:06
11799 forum posts
1346 photos
Coor, we must have had the best of the weather, up north. All the Parkin and Pigs Trotters were eaten the night before, the residual dust particles, from the fireworks and the Bon fires leaving a thin fog.
The night before, leaving Yorkshire after fireworks and Fat Rascals (purchased from the world famous Betties Coffee house at Ilkley), there was a visual excess of fireworks, fires to cause total awe, as we descended from the heights of Burnley to the Cheshire flat lands. Oh and the excitement of dodging the fireworks thrown at oncoming cars around Bury?Heywood. No wonder the fog.
Back to flying. The Sun soon burnt of the fog, leaving a crystal clear light blue sky. Not a breath of wind. The air temperature rising towards a good summers day.
We had two potential members join us. In addition to the usual crowd and those member's only seen "once a blue moon". So all in all, a good turn out.
As for the flying! Well that was really enjoyable. In my case three models flown several times. One, my Nobler facsimile flew for the second time, and flew really, really well, as on rails, very positive handling. I will now continue with flight development.

The second model is also new, in some respects not quite as good as I had hoped, yet positive enough to continue development. It does not roll as well as hoped.
Enough of my gloating, it is of to the building room, to immerse myself into my next dream model.
Turbycat07/11/2011 20:38:15
594 forum posts
55 photos
Hopefully going to get these airborne soon.
Black Horse matrix

Mini E Panic
Please, please, please can I have some nice weather...........................
flytilbroke07/11/2011 21:05:38
2083 forum posts
5 photos
Went through from Fort William to Elgin. Bright blue sky Saturday and Sunday, from calm to a bit wind and not too much of it. Can hardly believe the thashing through the air I gave my PANIC at the Dallachy club. Just as it was getting dark on the way back there was ice on the small off road wet bits. More of this weather, pretty please.
Erfolg08/11/2011 12:07:34
11799 forum posts
1346 photos
Looking out this morning I was greeted by a mat steel grey day. I was considering what progress on my latest model I would make. I suspected not much, as I think it is a little two small, which has lead to a lack of enthusiasm. The previous model stares at me in the model room, needing RC gear and motor etc. Although obtaining a satisfactory CG, proving to be problematical, without excessive weight increase, has killed it for me.
Then again looking out of the window, not a leaf shimmered, not a blade of grass moved.
Again there was a plus side, all the school kids were back at school, HOORAY!!!!
So I grabbed my indoor/parkflyer, and walked into the park, empty, great.
I launched the model, when all hell broke loose, as a Jack Russel appeared from nowhere, leaping into the air, barking rabidly. Then its attention turned to me, it raced across the park, to sink its teeth into my trouser turn up, I was given a shaking like an errant rat. At that point the dogs custodian turned up. Oh he does love playing, you naughty, naughty little boy. I thought she was talking to the dog. Now stop that, she said. Again i thought it was the dog, but no, it was me. If you stop flying that thing, he will stop and I can safely get him. I turned the motor off as commanded and the dog rushed off to its new plaything. I applied power and climbed away, as I envisaged a dead model. The dog and owner now disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.
I now was free to do circuits for 10 or so minutes. This is so enjoyable I thought. The park has a large number of trees, so the circuit is quite restrictive. As My confidence grew, I became ever bolder, flying the model ever closer and lower, until, I let the model pass to the back of me and pulled up, to clear gain height, above my head, heading for a largish clear area, to turn, into the next curcuit.
Suddenly I was showered by leaves, not even the soft hum of the motor was to be heard. Yes I had managed to fly into the tree that was the rear edge of the circuit, I had positioned myself at this very spot, to ensure that I would not hit the tree. After all, we all know, we never fly behind our flight line.
So off home, get a 10-9 foot 1.5 * 1.5" piece of wood and a 6 foot carbon boom (fishing rod blank) and a roll of masking tape.
On returning, I could not immediately see the model, but soon found it. Assembled my retrieval pole. It was only just long enough, but long enough. It was as expected just on the edges of the branches. So it should come down easily, should it not? That assumption was so wrong. After about 4 minutes it came down, rather battered by my administrations.
The tailplane is at this minute sticking together.
I am sure there is a moral to the events, although I do not know what.

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