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300 extra seagulls in a tree yesterday

My lucky day....a short-ish story

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Tim Mackey11/11/2011 16:49:21
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I should have known not to go. All the signs were there. Overcast weather, increasing clouds, only remembered the Tx after driving 1 mile and had to turn back, fuel warning light came on the car and I hadn't got my bank card with me, unexplained traffic queue on expressway extended my 20 minute trip to the field by another 20 minutes, combination lock on the gate refused to budge until struck with a rock etc etc. You get the picture .
Still, Im here now, so it would be daft not to fly eh
No -one else at the field, so I spend 10 minutes isolating and removing the electric fence and the 50 odd posts.
By now, the gentle breeze has become a cold 15MPH cross-strip wind.
I connect up the battery to my recently completed Seagull Extra 300, (flown about half a dozen times max) and do a quick ground check for roll and pitch coupling mixes etc..... ( Im trying to improve my knife edge circuits you see ).
All seems fine, so open the tap and she's up and away in very short order. Fly a right hand half circuit, and roll her left over into knife edge for a canopy-in pass from the right. The wind challenges the tracking, and a good degree of down elevator is needed to keep her tracking straight...ish. I do a few more of the same, and after a couple more minutes, decide to try the distinctly harder wheels-in approach - and just because Im a masochist, a left to righter too!
It all went a bit pete tong just as I got close to the treeline. The 'plane started sinking, so I upped the power - but the battery must have been getting a little tired, and the extra speed I craved to keep her flying on her side just didnt happen. That, coupled with a bit of brain/thumb mismatch saw me try to climb and roll her back to straight and level, but the speed then obviously dropped even more, and she "flopped" slowly and quite gently straight into the top branches of a 40 foot willow.
Grrr I mutters, ( heavily modded phrase ) as I contemplate the next hours activity.
Part two of this woeful tale to follow.

Edited By Tim Mackey on 11/11/2011 16:53:55

iawnski11/11/2011 16:57:50
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bet u wish u went slopeing up the rock eh,NO TREES
Tim Mackey11/11/2011 17:34:04
20920 forum posts
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15 articles
At least my walk of shame was not accompanied by the extra embarrassment that comes from your "mates" who are normally assembled in the pits shouting "advice" as you shuffle past on your way to the field entrance, where you then have to exit, walk alongside a busy B road for a few yards, and climb the gate to the neighbouring field, wherein said trees live. A few hundred yards parallel walk, another gate scaling exercise, and you reach the incident site.
If it wasn't for the 8 foot wide stormwater drain ditch right alongside the treeline that separates our field from the neighbours - one could simply "hop" over the fence.
So, I put the electric fence back up, connect it all up, secure the car, and do the hike to the crash site. Gawd knows what I think I am going to be able to do when I get there, but I have to at least investigate the situation right ? She's dangling somewhat ungainly by one leg - actually a wheel spat - firmly lodged in a forked branch around 25 - 30 feet skywards. Of course, just to make things more interesting - she's suspended "ditchside" of the tree, on the other side of the hedge/fence line. The first 6-8 feet of trunk is bare, and looks awfully slippery to boot - certainly this overweight 60 yr old ain't gonna try any monkey business
I break up a few fallen dead branches into missile sized lumps, and begin hurtling them skywards, in the vain hope that a well aimed hit will send the model falling into a nice glide, landing right by the car.
Ha. In reality, I can see exactly what will likely ensue.
1) The log smashes through the delicate airframe - which looks fine currently
2) It dislodges, and wedges even tighter in the lower branches.
3) It dislodges, and lands in the water
4) I fail to hit it at all, and collapse wheezing with exertion.
I get two direct hits out of the 20+ attempts, and guess what.......
5) It doesn't budge a bloomin' inch .
I trundle off back to the car, in the decreasing light...cursing and questioning this stupid hobby - why didn't I just stay at home and do some more work on one or more of the many outstanding jobs sititng around the house / workshop?
Grrrr again - or similar heavily censored words

Stay tuned for thrilling 3rd episode ( can you tell I'm bored today )

Edited By Tim Mackey on 12/11/2011 08:45:29

Tim Mackey11/11/2011 17:35:24
20920 forum posts
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Posted by iawnski on 11/11/2011 16:57:50:
bet u wish u went slopeing up the rock eh,NO TREES
Oh I would have Kev - except that it was totally closed for the Welsh rally !
iawnski11/11/2011 17:39:02
1076 forum posts
28 photos
oh my god thats so inconsiderate of they rally wallers ,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Pete B - Moderator11/11/2011 17:46:42
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If it's any help, I believe Myron has a chainsaw........

Tom T11/11/2011 17:47:14
743 forum posts
31 photos
Tim, I've gotta say you've got me on the edge of my seat (thats not sarcastic!!) I'm looking forward to part 3!
Tim Mackey11/11/2011 18:03:54
20920 forum posts
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15 articles
Poor quality from the keyfob camera stills - but "you get the picture".... groan

Oh, and while Im in a moaning mood - why is the jpeg peformnace so poor on these things compared to the excellent video

Right, back to the story. The drive home gives me plenty of time for contemplation - and - more importantly - time to try and figure out how the heck Im going to get my model back!

I get home, scowl at the wife, she knows that look instantly - and scurries off to hide in the sanctuary of the kitchen. I unpack the unflown rippy spitfire from the boot, along with the Tx case, flask, coat, hat, batteries, charger, leisure battery, sandwich, kit kat, and other assorted unused and useless items that I took, and then chucked the filthy stinking cow muck clogged boots and trousers out the back door in disgust.
Action stations....lets get a posting up on the club website first - people can check as they drive past whether the wheel spat has finally let go, and phone me so that I can drive back over there and fish the bits out of the ditch
Or, maybe someone has a nice big fishing pole ( 10 metres minimum ) that I can attach a loop to and go vertical fishing with. Besides, even if none of the above applies, my clubmates can all have a larf at my expense - bound to brighten someones day
I open another browser window and simultaneously peruse fleabay for someone selling a big CHEAP carbon fibre pole.
I rehearse my lines.
"it'll come in handy for lots of things dear, honest "
"just think how useful it will be in the future - money well spent I assure you..." Etc.
I know that none of them will wash - just like my poor old trouser leg bottoms, which I also note have been ripped in a couple of places by my cross country expedition and gate clambering exploits.
By the marvels of modern technology, I get notification of a response to my posting - steadying myself for the public humiliation by my mates- I gingerly open the thread
"Sounds like a job for Charlies big pole" is the succinct reply.
Resisting the obvious schoolboy humour response, I request Charlies phone number, in order that said pole can be pressed into action first thing the morning - assuming of course that the forecasted torrential rain leaves something behind actually worth rescuing.
Due to various cock ups ( no surprise there then on this particular day ) Charlies number never materializes - BUT, within the next few minutes, Mr Firefox informs me that a new PM is waiting in my inbox.
What can it be - Charlies number?
I eagerly open the message.
Mrs Timbo calls me for you will have to wait for the thrilling climax to this tale.
No stupid, thats not what the message was - this is real time
David Gilder11/11/2011 18:18:49
1860 forum posts
674 photos
Typical Tim.
Forget the tea.. You have a microwave right!!!!
Priorities now....
I'm dealing with 999 calls and writing this!!!
Come on Tim.......
David Gilder11/11/2011 18:25:49
1860 forum posts
674 photos
What you should have done was get shaun the sheep from the neigbouring field to get it for you.
Always see him with his friends stacked up in a pyramid... No sweat!!
Tom T11/11/2011 18:25:54
743 forum posts
31 photos
Oh my gosh, this is getting good, i've now fallen off the seat and am now on the floor... Journalism is your true skill Tim! *I get home, scowl at the wife, she knows that look instantly - and scurries off to hide in the sanctuary of the kitchen.*
I had to laugh at this :P haha
Tim Mackey11/11/2011 18:39:51
20920 forum posts
304 photos
15 articles
Always was a fast eater - must chew more Im told

"You have a new personal message" - and it reads....

From Neil To Tim, Today at 4:09 pm

Hiya Tim - Ive got ya plane down, done my monkey thing , I live in Llandudno and trying to get ya number, mine is XXXXXXXXX, it looks in good shape.
Whoohooo ! I ring the number and Neil answers - hes actually still at the field, and had seen the 'plane as he drove on some 15 minutes after I had left ! Being a young and fit sort, he had shimmied up the tree, and somehow, and somewhat precariously managed to dislodge it, let it fall into the next lower branches, and repeated until he was able to actually grasp it and get back down to terra-softer.
He had then logged onto the club website using his raspberry smart-arse phone or whatever, and spotted my posting, so sent me the message
We arranged a meet up ( luckily he had to pass my place on his way home ! ) and exchanged a six pack of premium beers for my undamaged Extra 300.
The model had suffered a broken spat where it had lodged in the tree, and a small 2mm puncture to the covering film just below the canopy - a small sticker covered that up in seconds, and I removed both spats which were pretty useless anyway, and were destined for the chop.
Deep joy at last.

Now, anyone want to buy a 10 metre carbon fibre carp pole - one careless owner

Edited By Tim Mackey on 11/11/2011 18:41:13

David Gilder11/11/2011 18:50:46
1860 forum posts
674 photos
Glad you got the plane back in 1 piece and at a very small cost of a few tinnies!!
Would have offered to buy the pole but other halfs dad ownes a fishing shop and so if I was ever as unlucky as this, I would only need to give him a call!!
Great story though!!
Stephen Grigg11/11/2011 18:52:22
8691 forum posts
1128 photos
Yeah well see our club has loads of poles on site. cos we are all very good at landing in trees. Anyway we are adept with poles anyway cos we can destroy a model quicker than you using them to poke them into submission,and the bits land in the strrem and than we get the club wellies to retrive the remains of the model and halfway down the stream realise they leak like a sieve.So we stop and climb out of the stream getting the wellies stuck in the mud ,finally crawling out on our knees to empty the water out the wellies just so we can get back in and continue our nice paddle in the freezing water just ask me how I know ,Rest in peace Harmon RocketI said earlier today you werent having much luck Tim waiting for Part 3
ken anderson.11/11/2011 18:59:11
8741 forum posts
808 photos
well done tim your tale of woe(tail)....has me laughing...its the way you write them....
ken anderson ne..1... tale of woe dept....
Braddock, VC11/11/2011 19:11:10
1657 forum posts
82 photos
When I saw the title I thought this was a new verse for the xmas favourite - 12 days of xmas!
Glad you got it back though.
Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator11/11/2011 19:12:24
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
You know Tim I don't think you've quite got the hang of this Christmas tree decoration thing have you?
Oh haven't we all been there - I know its been said many times - but so have lots of things that are true - the damn things are magnetic!
David Ashby - Moderator11/11/2011 19:31:17
11058 forum posts
1740 photos
619 articles
Well done Tim and a happy ending. A few more feet to the left and you would another tree
Stephen Grigg11/11/2011 19:34:14
8691 forum posts
1128 photos
Congratulations Tim glad it was pretty well unscathed.We have an elder statesman at the club who never ever walks runs everywher .I have never ever seen someone go up a tree like it faster than a scolded cat .Then hangs out at the top whilst I go into palpatations on the ground.
kc11/11/2011 19:57:39
6636 forum posts
173 photos
There has been a pole gadget advertised for about 30 pounds in RCME recently which seems to be the thing for this situation. Anybody tried one?

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