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Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro

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Second Time Around

Second Time Around

Colin Budds rediscovers his love of autogyros

Tom Wright 201/01/2012 22:32:59
3908 forum posts
297 photos
HI to all.
The availability of economical gyrocopter kits and plans to suit modelers who want to have a go for the first time is very limited.
So if anyone out there would like to build one that should fly first time I would be happy to post a detailed build blog .Plans will not be needed as things will be kept very simple and economical.
I need at least four peeps to post their interest otherwise it will not be worth the time and effort,so come on turn up to the field with something different have a go,just post a yes below.
Pat (rActive) Harbord01/01/2012 22:58:04
634 forum posts
49 photos
Tom, I'd love to have a go
Assume I can scale to suite power available to me?
David Hodgson02/01/2012 07:38:59
79 forum posts
Me too
Frank Skilbeck02/01/2012 08:18:33
4736 forum posts
101 photos
Me too, I had the Boddo twin rotor (until a mid air) and have been struggling with a friends single rotor, but keen to have a go myself.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 02/01/2012 08:18:51

TonyS02/01/2012 11:31:53
1145 forum posts
323 photos
Plans will not be neede…! Sounds interesting. Provided I can source the necessary bits with relative ease and fly electric I'd be very happy to have a pop.
GMcGivern02/01/2012 11:42:59
16 forum posts

I’m interested

Back in the 80s I build the MicroMold gyrocopter, unfortunately only lasted about 3 flights then I totalled it
Richard Harris02/01/2012 12:14:52
2168 forum posts
2013 photos
Excellent idea mate, I hope that it drives some interest
I tried the same thing a couple of years ago and put a huge effort into development,a build log, free plans and videos. But despite it being dirt cheap to make and very strong there probably has only ever been 20 built that I know to. Still it converted one or two to have a go.
Watching with great interest.
Tom Wright 202/01/2012 14:56:40
3908 forum posts
297 photos
Well that's a better response than expected and in such a short time ,thanks chaps for the interest.
The model I had in mind is no contender for a concours d' elegance competition so if its not to your taste please say so I will not be offended ....well not a lot.
I would be fair to say that the easiest autogyo requires a little adjustment to the normal fixed wing mind set,and a pilot who is relaxed flying a model with neutral roll stability,all these aspects will be discussed within the thread.
If you only fly three channel that's ok ,or if your hot in the pattern then add a rudder as this extends the control versatility,but the proposed design performs perfectly well without.
We have the option of using C/F ,but to minimise cost and keep cutting tools sharp I propose the principle components should be balsa and spruce with some very inexpensive 1.5mm c/f from Bob.
If that has not put you off well here comes the photo,sorry its not a good one ,but if your still interested then it looks like we have a build thread to do.

BTW your still there each blade is 18" long ,and fold back for easy transport.
Reno Racer02/01/2012 15:26:19
1138 forum posts
168 photos
Very interested. Amazingly, I was trying to find info last night before I found this thread.Extremely interested in any info, help and even plans to get me started
I've just caught the bug for making planes from bits of DIY stuff and the bits I have left in the hobby room. At the minute I have a pair of wings from a Aerowerks 60 size Extra 260 (sadly crashed by a club member), a 52 sized 2 stroke and all manner of bits. I was thinking of making either; a fuse from a piece of square section drainpipe (a bit like the duraplane) and making it look something like a WOT4 or even a twin boom vampire style, or just making a profile fuse from Lite PLy???
I do like your pipe lagging models on here; following with interest.
Mowerman02/01/2012 15:28:51
1552 forum posts
105 photos
Watching with interest.
Tom Wright 202/01/2012 21:15:55
3908 forum posts
297 photos
Thanks to all that have responded so far lets see if a few more join us before making a start.
Doug Ireland02/01/2012 21:49:37
2088 forum posts
42 photos
Yep, I'd like to have a go!
Tom Wright 202/01/2012 23:17:39
3908 forum posts
297 photos
It would help if the model had a name the only one I can think of is "Crane Fly "
The model in the photo is a prototype but to make it easier to replicate the "Crane Fly"will have differences to accommodate most makes of servos etc so the photo should not be used as a build reference.
simon burch03/01/2012 00:04:17
754 forum posts
19 photos
I have a few of Richard's plans and an autogyro I bought off BMFA which turned out to be a bit rough and I can't be bothered to fix her up even though its never flown. Before I build my PT profile, this might be a quick and relatively inexpensive way off getting in the air and getting some practice.
I'm in, will be watching with interest.
Olly P03/01/2012 08:50:49
3215 forum posts
181 photos
Interesting. I'd love to see it - might never get one built (at least not for a while), but very interested to see how these go together...
Tom Wright 203/01/2012 19:21:07
3908 forum posts
297 photos
Hi Guys
As its been mentioned ,Rich is IMO an accomplished designer and pilot but if he does not mind me saying ,his autogyro designs are generaly more suited to experienced pilots that have already mastered autogyro flying.
So if your up for the challenge you could be building and flying one of his designs sooner than you think.
I had no autogyro experiance whatsoever six months ago ,so I learned the hard way ,and while its all fresh in my mind I will do my best to get anyone who wants to have a go airbourn at minimum cost .Just like to say a big thanks to Rich as he was the chap who got me and many others started on this fascinating branch of our hobby.
Even though the "Crane fly " is a bit "orrible "to look at designing such contraptions taught me a lot and got me flying successfully and at the end of the day the investment is so low that if it all goes bits up not much is lost.
If anyone lives within acceptable driving distance of North Notts I would be happy to give some auto gyro flying tuition and test fly new builds if needed, but most should stand a fair chance of first time success. Getting through the first attempt and the correct adjustments is the first obstacle to overcome in combination with a little easy knowledge and know how.
You could buy one of those little autogyro kits they are quite good but ,to me, they can be a little fast and hard to see in the air for a first time experiance, also the dedicated spare parts are not cheap by comparison to balsa and spruce from your bits box.
So unless there are some general questions I hope to get the build started within the next few days .
Tom Wright 203/01/2012 23:48:37
3908 forum posts
297 photos
Crane Fly Autogyro
Basic fuselage material list
Qty one...1/2" x 1/4" x 30" spruce (fus boom)
Qty one...1/4" x 1/4" x 10" spruce (mast)
Qty one...1/4" x 1/4" x 14" spruce (mast back stay)
Qty one...16" x 2 1/4" lite ply (floor)
Qty six...2 1/4" x 2 1/2" lite ply (formers)
Qty two...2 1/2" x 9" light ply (sides)
Qty one...standard length 3mm piano wire (undercarriage)
Qty two...sponge wheels 70mm or nearest diameter.
Med cyno...The GC stuff works well and is good value.Can use PVA instead but if your ok with cyno it makes the build much quicker .
Various scraps of balsa from your bits box.
Tom Wright 204/01/2012 02:09:10
3908 forum posts
297 photos
Crane Fly Autogyro
Light ply floor 16"x 2 1/4"
Check all edges are square mark a center line, then mark lines 1/8" each side of centre.
Measure 5" from one end draw a line across using a set square draw lines as shown to produce a taper .
NOTE Ignore the shallow v mark .I was short of lite ply so had to scarf two pieces to get the length.

Click pic for more detail.

Edited By Tom Wright 2 on 04/01/2012 02:10:41

Tom Wright 204/01/2012 02:31:02
3908 forum posts
297 photos
Crane Fly Autogyro.
Cut the floor taper .
Cut 1/2 x 1/4 spruce boom to 30" length and carefully check for true.
Glue boom in place as shown taking care to get it central.

Tom Wright 204/01/2012 02:52:25
3908 forum posts
297 photos
Crane Fly Autogyro
Cut out three identical liteply formers 2 1/4" x 2 1/2".
Cut 1/2 x 1/4" slots to accept boom profile.

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