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Hitec Optic 6 2.4

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Steve Houghton 101/03/2012 10:17:21
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I'm wanting more functionality for flying gliders than my Spektrum DX6i can give me, and until now I've been considering such systems as the Multiplex Cockpit and Hitec Aurora 9 at around the £300 mark but, my car just cost me £265 to repair and something always seems to be cropping up forcing me to use those savings for something else.

I have today come across the Hitec Optic 6 with 7ch RX at £120, scanned briefly over the user manual and read a good review on rcgroups, and it seems like it has all the functionality I'm looking for:

Flap travel, flapperon, aileron differential, camber, Crow/Butterfly, elevator/flap mixing, elevon etc etc

So what do other users think of it? Is it as good with gliders with 2 x aileron servo's and 2 x flap servo's as it sounds? And can it be used with other brands of receiver?

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FlyinBrian01/03/2012 10:20:26
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Cant comment re suitability for glider use but it wont be compatible with your existing receivers

Bob Cotsford01/03/2012 10:23:32
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If it's 2.4, then it's only compatible with HiTec 2.4 GHz receivers, if 35MHz then it will work with most 35MHz receivers.

I had a 35MHz Optic, it is good and has all the functions you list, but it is still a 6 channel set so has limited mixing abilities compared to the Aurora, FF8/10 etc.  It managed the crow on my Cularis' 4 servo wing but I can't remember how well it could do things like variable camber


Edited By Bob Cotsford on 01/03/2012 10:29:00

Steve Houghton 101/03/2012 10:28:53
1929 forum posts
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Posted by FlyinBrian on 01/03/2012 10:20:26:

Cant comment re suitability for glider use but it wont be compatible with your existing receivers

Thats ok FB, my plan, for the time being anyway, is to continue to use the DX6i for my foamie wings and the Hitec for mouldies. This is where I need the additional functionality.

Harry Wilson01/03/2012 20:25:05
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I am returning to the hobby after a break of about 5 years and things have certainly changed on the radio front. Having sold up my 35MHz gear I'm looking at buying a Hitec Optic 6 2.4 GHz combo but as I work in both Germany and France am wondering where to buy it. If I buy from the UK will the kit have some sort of hardware or software switch to make it possible for me to use the kit in France. My understanding is using an English product in Germany won't be an issue. Anyone know?

Edited By Harry Wilson on 01/03/2012 20:30:07

Broken Prop01/03/2012 21:40:20
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I bought an Optic 6 back in the days of 35MHz. It had a synth transmitter module, which I later changed to a 2.4GHz module made by Jeti, specifically for this transmitter. As a result it was only compatible with Jeti receivers and so I cannot comment of the Hitec versions.

However the transmitter was a lovely piece of kit. Fairly light to hold and very comfortable. The sticks were light as well. Programming was easy, but you needed to scroll up and down a long menu list for the various operations. It has camber, crow, ADIF, landing function and elevator-flap mixing + two programmable mixers. 8 model memories.

I liked it a lot and thought it was excellent value for money.

Not sure if it can be used on a buddy lead with other makes of transmitter. Perhaps others can help here. (When I was using it on 35 MHz it was compatible with older Futaba transmitters, but some of the functions were reversed).

Good luck


Harry Wilson01/03/2012 22:17:54
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Thanks Pete.

Sounds like the Optic 6 is going to fit my needs well. Interesting that there are non-Hitec compatible modules that can be plugged into the basic Tx. For me there is no real issue though in just sticking to Hitec gear, if I go down this road, as right now I have nothing else to hand; having sold up pretty much totally 5 years of so ago to move abroad.


Edited By Harry Wilson on 01/03/2012 22:19:04

Steve Houghton 102/03/2012 00:40:35
1929 forum posts
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It does sound good and terrific value for the money. You certainly get more than the equivilant Spektrum, but after doing some serious thinking today, I'm going to try and raise the extra funds to go for the Hitec Aurora 9, which should be all I'll ever need in a TX.

Broken Prop02/03/2012 08:53:32
625 forum posts
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Harry, I am sure that you will not be disappointed. The Optic was my first transmitter and I still fly a couple of models on it. I particularly like the fact that the aileron rates and elevator rates are on different switches so you can play about with the settings as you fly. (Not sure about other transmitters in this respect but I can't do that on my Multiplex without a lot of programming) embarrassed

The sliders on the sides have quite stiff ratchets so you can control the amount of movment easily.

Hitec gear was not promoted much by the distributor and so (in my opinion) the Optic 6 never really got the attention it deserved. Now that J Perkins have taken over the distribution and it has gone over to 2.4 GHz it seems to be getting more press.

Steve, I am sure that you too will not be disappointed. the Aurora 9 is also a great piece of kit!

As you can probably tell, I am something of a Hitec fan.......nerd

A.T.18/03/2012 04:10:22
83 forum posts

The following page will assist all those considering an Optic 6 or Optic 6 Sport

Hitec Optic 6 & Optic 6 Sport - Manuals, Tutorial, Comparison Charts, Updates & FAQ

and one for the Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro

Hitec Eclipse - All Manuals, Addenda, Quick Setup, CCPM and Additional Programming FAQ

more relating to both series available under
"Radio Systems, Accessories, Alterations and FAQ." at:
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links

Alan T.


Edited By A.T. on 18/03/2012 04:11:11

Harry Wilson18/03/2012 06:50:36
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Well I bought an Optic 6 Combo in the end over here in Germany and am currently setting it up with a powered glider (Juki ASW 17). I'm very happy with it so far and am sure it will suit my purposes very well. Great value for money at 124 Euros including postage.

I did have a moment of concern over the 2nd timer as the instructions tell you it can be programmed just like the first one but I figured out it was automatic and only works when the trottle is activated! Good idea really as I'll be able to use it to see how many minutes of power I get out of my Lipo.

This 2nd timer issue is covered in A.T's post so I guess this is a case of the documentation not following enhancements to the software.

Thanks for all the comments guys...I'm going back to the challenge of getting all the bits to fit under the ASW17 hatch.

Harry Wilson

Chuck Plains20/11/2014 17:19:24
1096 forum posts
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They're still available at £120 incl 7ch receiver! I got one for £119 from Wireless Madness thumbs up

But now I'm struggling with trying to get crow and flap functions to go in the same direction. Ailerons worked on all four servos from the start, but crow makes one flap go up and the other down. DOH!

Steve Houghton 120/11/2014 17:50:34
1929 forum posts
129 photos

I went for the Eclipse 7 Pro and didn't have any problems getting CROW to work with that. I have since upgraded again and bought a used Aurora 9, which I'm loving.

You must be able to adjust the flaps to the amount of down you want, so just alter the up flap to go down in the same way?


Chuck Plains21/11/2014 21:49:35
1096 forum posts
244 photos

Hmm, as this is a motor glider the flaps are on a 'y' lead, so it seems I need to reverse one and perhaps see if I can dial out the flaps from the aileron/flap function to zero to just leave the ailerons operating. Heh, thanx for making me think about it Steve. thumbs up

Chuck Plains02/01/2015 01:17:46
1096 forum posts
244 photos

I'm trying again, and if I get crow working then I get one flap moving the wrong way when I move the ailerons. So it's the same problem as before but in reverse. AArgh! Why can't I NOT have full width ailerons and just have the flaps working as flaps? dont know

Chuck Plains02/01/2015 11:39:34
1096 forum posts
244 photos

AH!! face 23

Found the problem. Flaperons were activated as well as crow. I don't think I did that, but can't be certain. Now I have proper crow/butterfly with the flaps and ailerons and correct aileron control.

So I might just get a maiden flight in this PM. Or maybe Sunday as it's raining tomorrow.

robert chamberlain03/08/2019 05:56:33
160 forum posts

Hello ALL---Maybe someone can explain an issue with my Optic 6 Sport? I could not get Hitec on the phone today, will try again Monday. The instructions say to never have the trans on when connected to the wall charger. My on/off switch is rather loose and easy to move either way. When taking it off charge , I accidently turned it on while still plugged into the charger for a few seconds. Is the problem with heat build up if leaving thus connected ( as when setting up a new model), or an over voltage to the circuits and thus damaging the trans? I'll try again with Hitec Monday, but would like to fly this weekend and am worried if I melted something. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.---Bob C in KS

iqon03/08/2019 12:05:40
1496 forum posts
239 photos

Dont know about damage, but it would be quicker to charge a battery if its not in use, try charging a rx battery with plane turned on, it just wont.

robert chamberlain18/01/2020 00:26:16
160 forum posts

Hello, I just dug out a Hitec 6 Sport that I bought several years ago. I put it aside then because I just could not figure out the instructions. Yes , I am new to "computer" radios and then concentrated on building. Are other radios just the same, or is it me? I took pages and pages of notes and tried to rewrite the manual which smoothed things out a bit.

Very discouraging. Are the higher end Hitec easier to understand? Or are many imports the same?-------

Bob in Kansas

Brian Hammond18/01/2020 11:52:05
357 forum posts

Hi Bob,there is a very easy answer to this,find a teenager!

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